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  1. Is that a week away after visiting your parents or a week away to recover after visiting Stoke on Trent? I am a Stokie so I am allowed to say that! Have a fab time!! 😎
  2. Lol I hope not! We want to do Iona but not to the Fjords, would like to go to the Canaries on her. I still don't see how they can fill her week in week out just to the Fjords.
  3. Just ignore them! By repeatedly responding to their comments we are playing right into their hands which is what they want for attention. I know who I believe and that is someone who is onboard (diaB). Good riddance Jossie 1960!!
  4. Try scrolling to the bottom of the page in dark blue and click on manage booking. It worked for me doing it this way.
  5. It depends on which coach service you are using. We always travel with Eavesway now as they leave earlier than Cruise Connect which is the service P&O use if you have chosen the free coach. We go from Keele, with Eavesway the pick up time is 8.45 when we went with Cruise Connect the time was 10.30!
  6. Our daughter always boards with us, we have a suite and she has the cabin next door, we have never had any problems. The only difference is that we travel down by coach so never make it there in time for the early boarding. That said when we do arrive we are straight through checkin, no waiting about. She also eats breakfast with us, arranged by the butler but that is purely at the restaurant managers discretion. No harm in trying! Have a fab time 😊
  7. Oia is absolutely breathtaking, it has the most photographed church on the island in the main square. It is very hilly so not suitable for anyone with mobility issues. We did not have linch included but if you want to do your own thing I don’t think you will have a problem Fira will be very crowded with three ships in one your day, we were the only ship and that was busy enough. Be prepared to queue for the return cable car back down but the views are worth it.
  8. How can you say this when you have not sailed on her? Ok it is just your opinion but if you have not tried how do you know.
  9. Sailed on both ships. Britannia is our personal favourite but we also liked Ventura. Go with the flow and book it, it's nice to experience different ships. Enjoy!
  10. Our daughter always has a separate cabin adjacent to our suite, she has never had a problem joining us for breakfast, the butler arranges it with the restaurant manager. Maybe because she is a single person travelling with parents but it is at the managers discretion in the end.
  11. I echo your post dai. We have never had the butler unpack or pack for us, no chance why would you? Everything else we asked for was carried out with efficiency and a genuine smile and will do attitude. I think fastnloose had a one off unfortunate experience.
  12. I am also in the fortunate position of having cruised on many ships etc. If having no prom deck is the be all and end all then that is just sad, you have plenty of outside space. If it's the small balconies that bother you then book one of her large suites!
  13. That is your choice but if you never do then you won't know what you are missing!!
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