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  1. This is one of my guesses about what ship might start cruising first. 3 and 4 nighter and they could limit the port(s) to Coco Cay. I would guess RCI would keep Mariner homeported in Port Canaveral.
  2. And Astra Zeneca is showing good results. Johnson and Johnson applied for the FDA Emergency Review a day or so ago.
  3. We're booked on August 22, 2021 on Allure. Please let me know if you hear anything else. I booked a room for the night before online.
  4. I will probably stack my FCCs when RCI first opens up for booking or before they expire. We have cruises booked for July, August, October and December. Hope the odds are with me. I don't have as many FCCs as some folks do (or in large amounts) as we mostly cancelled under Cruise with Confidence and I have FCCs for the deposits (usually the $200 Book on Board deposit.)
  5. typo -- mbayley@rccl.com is correct. Bailey seems like a default in my mind. 🤤
  6. Is Michael Bayley's email still mbailey@rccl.com even though the company is now the Royal Caribbean Group instead of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines?
  7. Reading July as a guess for restarting cruises. And with a slow restart. Allure and Explorer coming into Port Canaveral to load materials and bring crew onboard could be a good sign -- especially if some of the loaded material is comply with the CDC Conditional Sail Order. I read a few times that Allure had called back Casino Crew for June, which would please my husband and probably the RCI bean counters if lots of passengers gambled. Crew boarding (especially) if a more general call-back) in June would give them time to learn the new protocols
  8. And we have JSs booked for the same reason -- pre-COVID I always spent most of my time on the balcony so I'll do it post-COVID.
  9. Thanks for posting -- looks like they're getting similar supplies to what Allure got earlier in the week. Hard to tell if normal cruise supplies and/or supplies to comply with the CDC's Conditional Sail Order.
  10. The Cruise Lines are now operating under the Conditional Sail Order that lays out the benchmarks that the ships must meet as discussed above such as -- improved ventilation, improved cleaning, no self serve buffets, expanded medical centers, quarantine cabin area, test cruises. The last No Sail Order lapsed in the September or October of 2020 to be replaced by the Conditional Sail Order.
  11. Thanks for your kind words about the job I've been doing with the list. I will scour social media and check with my contacts to get new information.
  12. Do you know how many FCCs can be stacked on a cruise? Is there a limit. Thanks
  13. Nancy and Bob -- Sounds like we'll be with you on 10-31-2021 on Allure. We seem to be disembarking Allure from the ship for our 7-11 and 8-22 cruises on your embarkation days -- 7-18 & 8-29. We are getting close to Pinnacle and if we sail all of 2021 cruises, we will become P after our January 15, 2022 Harmony cruise. It looks like the cancellations have set back both of our marches to Pinnacle.
  14. That's fabulous. We can't wait to see you. Bath remodels are stressful. Chuck wants to have the jetted garden tub made into a big shower but I don't think he could handle the commotion. And we have other projects -- need to clean the office so we can put vinyl in here but having trouble with motivation. We are 120 points away from Pinnacle. Lost 70 points from the 5 cruises cancelled so far. Double points will help. That would be 4 points per night -- JS. We are booked on Allure for July, August and October. If these and December 5 holds, we will be Pinnacle after our Jan
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