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  1. Ga Gavin did that on our cruise last January.
  2. We liked Jazz better than the DL. Bar servers better Hors D'oeurves fresher etc.
  3. I read that Allure is not be amped -- wonder if the DL may stay on Deck 11.
  4. I hope that RCCL allows waivers of liability.
  5. I agree -- I hope this virus will be under control and that the doctor's letter will not be required.
  6. I'm hoping that once coronavirus is no longer an issue that a letter won't be required or will be modified in a way that does not eliminate at least 25% - 40% of their customer base (don't have a handle on how many customers are over 70 but anecdotally it must be a lot.
  7. Didn't mean to quote twice but I think this is a good idea.
  8. I have 8 cruises booked and I hope I can apply the FCC that I will receive from cancelling our 4-19-2020 HM cruise can be applied to any of these cruises that sail through 2021.
  9. From your mouth to God's ear. My husband is mad that I didn't sell but I've rode the dips down and the prices skyrocketing.
  10. Well the State Department's advisory is already having a drastic effect on the Cruise Industry's (particularly RCCL) stock. Rode the stock down to around $5 in 2009 and figure it will come back after the panicking is done.
  11. I would give yourself a few grace days before the 48 hour deadline for your cruise. I think it is Thursday before a Sunday cruise at 11:59 PM to cancel but I have it marked for the Monday before my cruise.
  12. I totally agree -- the State Department warning was different than the CDC warning. You're right -- Alert was probably issued by a a panicking State Dept. Bureaucrat.
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