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    When are Move Up offers sent out?

    I was the recipient of a MoveUP offer that was successful on the August 6th Eclipse cruise. Some data points: 1. I received the original email about 3 weeks pre-cruise. I made offers in all suite categories (Sky Suite, Celebrity Suite, Royal Suite), but none of the non-suite categories. I was booked in a a "hump" balcony cabin. My offers were on the weak side. No inventory was showing in any of the suite categories. 2. About 12 days pre-cruise, a single Sky Suite appeared in inventory for sale. It was an aft corner. I revisited my offers, and pushed up the Sky Suite bid to the middle of the range, more or less. The available Sky Suite disappeared from online inventory about 8 or 9 days out. 3. Seven days before the cruise, my Celebrity and Royal Suite offers were declined by email. About an hour later, I was notified by my credit card company that I had been billed for the amount I had bid for the Sky Suite upgrade. An hour or so after that, I was advised by email that my Sky Suite offer was accepted, and I was assigned the same Suite that had been available in inventory until a few days prior. I believe it was a cancellation, because when we boarded there was a single piece of "mail" for a person under another name. 4. It took about two hours online before the new cabin showed up in our reservation. A bit OT, I have to say that the suite experience was amazing, and made the cruise for us. It took it to a whole new level. We decided we would rather cruise a little less often with this level of comfort and service.
  2. brian310

    Casino MLife

    On Eclipse last week, they had this at various times for both slots and table games. Up to three offers ($1500) per seapass card. The special chips (and especially the bonuses) are a bit of a pain to play with, but worth it for the 15% discount.
  3. brian310

    Crystal vs Carnival

    This... is exactly right. We sailed Crystal in the Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale last Thanksgiving, and Carnival for Spring break this year. The Carnival ship is in our home port, so it was just a 30 minute drive from home. We had a large suite on Carnival, a regular window stateroom on Crystal. There was nothing "wrong" with Carnival, but we still talk about Crystal all the time. The ship, the crew, the food, the food, and of course... the food. Unforgettable. Carnival was a fun trip on a fun ship, but it's two months later and we are still talking about Crystal last year.
  4. brian310

    Outlets on Carnival Splendor

    There is an outlet in the dressing area, and to the left of the desk. We were able to get a triple plug block into that one with some wiggling. I did not check around the TV. This was in an Ocean Suite a couple of weeks ago.
  5. This was a great review of a lot of things rarely mentioned, and will help us on our Splendor cruise at the end of the month. Thank you!
  6. brian310

    Taking a Poll on Tendering

    We were there last month, and made it in, but it was definitely a bit more exciting than really preferable.
  7. brian310

    Bus Crash In Mexico Involving Equinox Passengers

    So very, very sorry. We will pray that you and your family find peace and healing.
  8. I raved about the Thanksgiving Turkey served on our trip aboard Serenity last month. I just noticed that the recipe was posted in the Crystal Insider. http://blog.crystalcruises.com/taste-of-crystal-thanksgiving-recipes/ I'll be making this during the Christmas Holidays.
  9. brian310

    Inane Satisfaction Survey

    On any question where you give a response indicating less than satisfactory, a window opens below offering free form room to describe the problem. The survey also asks at many places if you would like to help them improve aspects of the cruise, and then offers free form text windows for each of them. These so-called "verbatims" are part of most surveys, and I did find them to be in place here. My experience is that the numbers are viewed statistically for trends and defect areas, but the verbatims are taken very seriously, distributed to the departments involved, a nd if permission is granted, there is a response for follow up.
  10. Hi Keith, We are back already. Please add us to: 12/15/18 (8227) Symphony New Orleans RT - Brian310 (Leigh, Brian, & Daughter)
  11. I hope you post a review of that cruise. I am interested in MSC's Yacht Club too.
  12. She absolutely loved the cruise, and can't wait to return. I already booked another cruise in 2018. She always found plenty to do, even if it was just going to some corner of the ship with a book to read, or borrowing a video from the (extensive) library. She loved the dining, and I mean really loved it. We went to Silk Road twice, and it just was a tremendous experience for her each time. She loved the shows and we went most nights. One of the great parts of Crystal, in comparison to other lines, is how comfortable and cozy the Galaxy Theater is, and if you show up half an hour early, you can be up in front. Compared to Princess and Disney, it is a night and day difference. The staff could not get enough of her, and the servers, cabin attendant, cruise director and assorted others doted on her. There are a lot (!) of grandparent aged people on board, and they were always making conversation with her. And a few of the kids club things, notably when the Magic Castle magician came to perform, were a big hit. They could easily do a to more of this kind of thing, and the older kids would be wild for it. At her age, it's all about feeling more mature and being given some breathing room to feel grown up. This is a great environment for that. She just reports in every 15 minutes and is not allowed to go outside (deck 7 or 13) by herself. The general feeling of being less crowded for everything really made a big impression. I'm sure your daughter will have a great time. Load up a kindle, maybe a few movies on an iPad. She will always have something to do.
  13. Thank you very much for the good wishes, and the same to you and yours.
  14. I thought I had this... the full Thanksgiving night menu. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk