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  1. Battery policy is up to the whims of the gate staff IMO. I've used both gel cells and AGM (Lets leave lithium out of this for the moment.) and generally I get to leave the gel cells in place, while AGM is a crapshoot. Some gate staff consider them spill proof and ok, but I've had a few times where they've disconnected the batteries and put them in a separate spill-proof box. I've come to rely on notifying shuttle companies in advance to provide a lift, although on a couple of occasions the driver simply muscled it into the shuttle bus. On a previous trip I tried to use a service called 'Uber Assist' which is supposed to be for special needs transit and the round-trip was bad both ways...with trouble getting into the full-size van from the airport (driver did lift my full-size scooter in the rear) and the return trip was a little old lady with an SUV who wouldn't even touch the scooter, leaving it to my wife. (Who luckily still has the muscles for such things.)
  2. A trans-pacific B2B - West coast to Hawaii, Hawaii to Oz and everything in between.
  3. Having been a long-time user of my own local ADA service (Too long if you ask me. 😀 ), I'm aware of most of the idiosyncrasies of ADA transit. The only question is both distance from the port and the drop off/pick up return. Either way has to be better than the regular Maui bus though? (The regular bus stop appears to be a good half-mile from the highway entrance of the tropical plantation, let alone getting up to it.) I haven't totally ruled out Robert's on this one yet though. My wife LOVES shopping 😵 and I could see her spending a good hour or more in the shop, but taking a Maui highlights tour and seeing other stuff does have its appeal as well.
  4. Poster(s) above said they were notified that their handicap rooms may change in the near future. Until the update in Feb, these cabins have doors that open facing the sides of lifeboats, or if lucky, between lifeboats. There are bars across the opening to discourage stepping out. Carnival has been changing these to full-height windows incapable of being opened as each of the Spirit class go through dry-dock.
  5. On the Feb 2021 Hawaii cruise and did not get a notice for 4207 (FAC-SSA 4k) when booked. 🤔
  6. I made this exact same note in my review from a wheelchair last year when it was the Triumph. (Review linked in my signature.)
  7. We do YTD and have seen the shows on elegant nights and the final night. Either we are out before it starts the rest of the time or they skip it. It is something we enjoy but we're not hanging around just for it.
  8. There are a few other threads on the Miracle. Most anticipate Guys and Blue Iguana, but the lido movies are a crapshoot. One thing you can expect is the elimination of the 'French Doors' for full-height windows.
  9. Miracle goes for a 2 week refurb next Feb so the current condition may be irrelevant.
  10. Although my trip is in the distant future, my own 'legwork' 😉 on ADA transportation did turn up a couple of things of use. Robert's Hawaii does have accessible tour buses, but there is a minimum number of paid passengers. If you hold an ADA card from your own local transit agency, these are good in most areas as a visitor for a limited time. Per their advice, about 2 weeks before my travel date of my plans, I'm arranging for 'The Bus' ADA service known as 'TheHandi-Van' in Oahu to go to and from the PCC and Maui Bus ADA to go to the Tropical Plantation. These aren't tour busses, but they'll get us to places for the day.
  11. "The Bus" is/was an option, but I was hoping for something a little less time consuming. ADA service, while still considered "shared ride", in my experience rarely handles more than 3 passenger groups at a time (often just me). They also don't make the frequent stops. When I started my planning, I didn't realize that my local ADA service card was valid nationwide during short-term visits. Having already touched base and confirming the participation, when I get closer to the travel date, I just have to contact the agencies I need and let them know of my desired trips.
  12. No one there has a lift-equipped vehicle. Current plans are now to take advantage of "The Bus" ADA service on a visitor pass to spend the day just at the PCC.
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