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  1. Interesting. I wish someone had insider info like that about other cruise lines, too.
  2. I’m an Alaskan still waiting to hear from Princess about our May AK cruise. I can tell you that Juneau and Ketchikan both have Coronavirus cases, and they’re small towns. Our cases across the state are increasing every day; it hit here later than many states. Tourism businesses are concerned.
  3. Oh thank goodness; I didn’t realize they were trying to stick it to mileage redeemers.
  4. Just a month ago, it was “well, at least we have our bucket list Christmas cruise to look forward to” after our 2 summer cruises went down the tubes. Now the Christmas cruise seems a bit of an unrealistic dream. I’m hopeful but trying to be realistic that we may have to wait til 2021 to cruise again. When some cruises run smoothly and healthily, I’ll feel confident to get back onboard.
  5. I am still 100% devoted to my love of cruising, BUT my germaphobe side has me super nervous to cruise shortly after this all ends, whenever that is. I’d want to see some cruises sail healthily and then I’d feel comfortable again. Once I set foot back onboard, my cruise smile will return, and I’ll have a blast! I just don’t know if it’ll be 2020 or 2021.
  6. Fun thread...I’m teaching from home now. I’ve maintained my normal morning routine of taking a shower, getting ready, and having breakfast before work. The difference is I get to wear casual clothes. I then “go to work”. It’s great being able to make hot food for lunch. We’ve been trying to recreate our favorite restaurant meals at home and doing pretty well with it. I do try to stay away from my personal computer, though, because it reminds me of the glory days of researching our cruises! 😢 My in-laws pulled into our driveway to visit their furry grand-pup (and us). We chatted through the window. Better days to come, but for now, we are maintaining a pretty calm new norm. Wishing you all good health!
  7. Fabulous journey depiction; thank you! I’m happy for you all that your voyage ended before the major craziness occurred around the world.
  8. They should definitely be reimbursing you for your flight costs. I can’t believe the customer relations’ response. I’d see on your Roll Call if anyone else is in your same situation, and you can all contact NCL together.
  9. It’s so fun to hear of so many upgrades!! It’s a wonderful way to reward those who are remaining “onboard” with cruising!
  10. Even though that’s a long time to wait to land, I think this is the safest bet at this point! Save travels home!
  11. So wonderful they can get some benefits from this crisis time!
  12. I’m so excited to finally be part of the shareholder OBC club!! 🥳 $8.59 per share!!
  13. Goodness; it’d be faster to just sail you guys to Florida!
  14. James was saying the exact same thing this week. It’s worth it for the peace of mind.
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