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  1. Another observation I made...On the Regal, the new phones the crew carry did become an issue. I often saw them on their phones, appearing to be in their own world. This of course never used to happen and does impact customer service. I don’t know what they have access to on there, but it became a common occurrence. On the Royal however, I never saw any crew misusing their new phones. I found that very interesting. I don’t know if the Regal crew have more access on their phones, if the Royal crew doesn’t realize all they can do on there, if it’s a difference in management, or some other reason. It was a very noticeable difference, though.
  2. I believe they made Whittier night Anytime dining for everyone due to the Muster Drill because everything shuts down for Muster. At least one of the dining rooms is a Muster station.
  3. My favorite ships are the Royal, Regal, and Emerald. I love all the amenities of the big ships. My hubby, on the other hand, is all about the ports, so he picked a Pacific Princess Caribbean cruise for us a few years ago. I was in shock day 1 about how miniature everything was, but then I got used to it. I was flat on my back sea sick the first 2 days, which never happens to me on big ships, but then I got my sea legs (and wore the sea bands) the rest of the cruise. We are going back on this ship because of the itinerary. For a Hawaii cruise, it really wouldn’t be my pick due to the number of sea days, but if it’s the right itinerary for you, don’t worry. It’ll be fine.
  4. We just did that cruise. Copenhagen is where the majority of pax board and disembark, so that’s treated as the main day for embarkation. That’s the day the special debuted in the spa, the spa raffle happened, and the sailaway party occurred. The other boarding days were ordinary except that those boarding needed to attend a muster drill.
  5. I’m sorry you were disappointed. I was on this cruise and had a fantastic time. I never heard any passengers complaining, and I was out and about a lot on Friday. Friday’s day at sea was smooth. I’ve sailed the Inside Passage, too, and though it is pretty, I don’t feel like we really missed out.
  6. Every crew member now carries a phone, and every station now has a tablet. On the screen, any pax in close proximity have their photo displayed on the screen. The photo is the one you pick for your fun, onboard display photo, not your security one. The crew can then greet you by name. Sometimes it wouldn’t work properly, and they’d still need to ask for your room #, but most of the time they’d know who you are. It was pretty cool.
  7. It was a fabulous week aboard the Royal! The crew was one of the warmest crews I’ve experienced the last few years! I was telling my hubby today about how talented the comedian, party band, jazz band, string quartet, and vocalist were, and then I reminded myself, “it’s Ron Goodman; of course it’s all gonna be top quality!” He’s truly the best. I had an amazing cruise aboard the Regal to the Baltic and an awesome cruise aboard the Royal to Alaska! Both had some areas in which to improve, but Princess continues to be absolutely tops in my book. If you’re going on either cruise, you’re in for a spectacular cruise experience! Already missing that wake view...
  8. Crown Grill was flawless! Our waiter was awesome at ensuring I’d be done in time for the Captain’s Circle Party. The Platinum/Elite Captain’s Circle Party was fun as always. The Most Traveled Passengers on this cruise all had way more days than the winners on our Baltic cruise. Typically Europe cruises have a lot more repeat passengers. The Marriage Match Game Show was hilarious, and the balloon drop party was super fun. Excite is one of the best Princess bands. DJ Anthony did a good job playing to the crowd at Club 6. Ketchikan is gorgeous, warm, and sunny today! Tonight is the special Alaska menu in the dining room that includes Alaskan crab legs! My mother-in-law is excited! Though the internet continues to inch along, the new Ocean Now App does function well. We’ve been able to easily order drinks and have them delivered wherever we are. On the Regal, I received my drink, but the poor guy couldn’t find me at first because the app showed me on the opposite side of the ship. My hubby had the same issue on the Regal with me appearing on the opposite side from where I actually was.
  9. I need to qualify my opinion of Lexi, the cruise director. There’s nothing wrong with her; she’s fine and chooses fun activities. She just lacks personality when she hosts events. She’s glamorous and professional; I just wish she put more spirit out there. I saw her break free with her thoroughly entertaining commentary at the Do You Wanna Dance event! I wish she was like that all the time. Do You Wanna Dance was soooo fun and funny! I’ve been trying to go each cruise and keep missing it, so I’m glad I finally made it. The Royal is so cold inside, and I’m an Alaskan who would usually be toasty warm on AK cruises due to how warm they’d keep the inside of the ship. I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but they had Horse Races on the sea day, which is one of our fave activities onboard! It was wildly popular, to the point that they had to cut off bets, there was such a long line. The Regal sadly didn’t offer it. I’m really missing my daily shrimp from the Regal! I even had shrimp every day on the Royal last year in the British Isles, so I’m wondering if it’s maybe a Europe thing to have it nightly in Horizon Court. Ohhhh was it delicious...sautéed, wok’d, fried, chili peppered, etc, sooooo yummy!! Puppies in the Piazza was so cute!! Princess really does that well. People lined up to play with a puppy that was on a dog bed. The pups were spread out so multiple groups could go at once. There was a reallllllllly long line, so line up early if you wanna do this! Italian night was perfecto! Let’s talk Swirls, one of my fave venues. It’s always tasty, but it’s crazy how widely it varies in creaminess. One day it’s perfect, and the next day it’s icy. I don’t know why it’s not consistently creamy. I’ve experienced this across the fleet. I’m super excited about the Marriage Match Game Show tonight! It’s always a highlight for me, and I was very disappointed they didn’t have it on our Baltic cruise! The Royal’s crew is wonderfully Princess in their service! 🌟
  10. The Internet has been equally slow on both ships. The Royal has had an odd glitch where you’ll use a certain number of minutes, and then it’ll say you used a different number. My mother-in-law’s minutes have jumped all over the place. The Royal continues to have part of Horizon Court closed each port lunch. I haven’t encountered that in the past. I was disappointed we didn’t have any comedians on the Regal and am pleased to say the Royal had AJ, a hilarious comedian last night. We have had awesome room stewards on both ships. The bar service has been consistent.
  11. Bingo has higher payouts on the Royal, likely because of the significantly higher turnout than on the Regal. The new Fortuna Luck persona was a novelty the first session but is kinda annoying after you experience it once. All kinds of sea day activities happening today, all the same as the Regal, except for one of our favs, the horse races! So excited the Royal is doing them! The Alaska cruise demographic is a lot younger, and it feels like everyone is out and about participating in activities. In other words, crowd is the name of this game! Both ships have discontinued the Treasure Hunt, which I was really disappointed about, butttttt I’m now OK with it because the various departments now do giveaways throughout the cruise instead.
  12. The beds on the Regal and Royal are both fabulously comfortable, so fluffy and cushy!
  13. First observations: The Royal has gotten rid of the Elite/Suite vs. regular line delineation at Pax Services! 😱 They have one measly sign to the side indicating the side of Elite/Suite, but it doesn’t mean anything when everyone’s standing crowding the whole area. It’s totally unclear now where to stand without appearing like you’re cutting. Then the agent didn’t know who to help next because everyone was just kind of spread out. I was skipped over a few times. Then she told me they always help Elites first, despite me being skipped by her and her colleague. They really need to bring back the roped off lines. The Royal did not have part of Horizon Court open for lunch, at least when we were there. 🤨 The Regal always had the full buffet open. We had Medallion glitches on the Regal where we couldn’t get in our stateroom with the Medallion for a while. Pax Services was inundated with people having the same issue. I’m pleased to report we got right in on the Royal. I caved on getting the new Classic Soda Package (formerly known as the USM, which was formerly known as the UKP). I’m not happy with the new price, but I love my mocktails. The new tumbler is cute. The crew have all been warm and friendly! I was thrilled to see Ron Goldman is still the ED on here! He’s the best best best!! Unfortunately boring Lexi is the CD. My mother-in-law is treating me to Oceanview pedicures tomorrow! The cruise is off to a fantastic start, and we haven’t even sailed away yet!
  14. Our weather was so unusual and amazing on that cruise! I wore sundresses, and my husband wore shorts most days. Our internet never did get fast, unfortunately. We were using our free Elite minutes, and part of me wonders if those using free minutes don’t get the bandwidth that those using the unlimited get.
  15. I remain steadfastly loyal to Princess, but I have to admit that I have seen some sad changes like copying whatever other cruise lines are doing, which results in a weaker product and higher prices. Many of the crew no longer follow the customer service guidelines of yesteryear, which has resulted in a dramatic drop in the level of service. Like others have said, the little things have started to add up. My DH was becoming more and more lukewarm to Princess over the first half of our Baltic cruise last week due to numerous little issues that added up. Thank goodness for one amazing, true Princess staff member who turned it all around for him. I’ve finally convinced my mother-in-law to try Princess again after her losing loyalty a few years ago due to so many cutbacks and disappointments. We board in a few hours. 🤞🤞🤞
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