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  1. I had the same experience with the desserts. They looked glorious but tasted quite bland. 😏 I just stuck with ice cream and jelly beans and enjoyed those.
  2. I’d do it and fly in the day before for sure. Make sure you check daily for when you’re ticketed, so you can make sure you’re all sitting together.
  3. Though I haven’t done the last cruise of a region’s season, I have done a repo cruise right after, and there was no difference in service and food aside from a palpable excitement from crew to move on to a new region. Alaska is known for its amazing seafood, so it would seem unlikely they’d skimp on the last sailing. Anything left over like souvenirs and regional specialties can just be finished off and put on sale on subsequent sailings.
  4. Definitely port side for Venice. Barcelona is a very large port and doesn’t merit choosing a particular side to view IMO.
  5. Giving pax a straight switch to one of their other ships for no additional fee makes the most sense to me. Hopefully they’ll now do that going forward instead of offering a mere discount on another ship.
  6. Such an informative and fun review; thank you! Did you blog your Namibia trip? Was it a family vacation, too?
  7. It’s really unfortunate you weren’t able to tour the Church of the Spilled Blood. We went 3 weeks after you and were able to (on a different cruise line and using TJ Tours). There was some scaffolding outside, but all was normal inside.
  8. Congrats on the free cruise!! Yes, Princess will store your luggage for you at the airport. They’ll take you to the Egan Center downtown to explore during the day, and you pick the shuttle time you want to take to the airport, keeping in mind hat the last shuttle usually leaves at 5 or 6 PM. You then pick up your luggage at the airport, close to where you’re dropped off. Easy peasy. 👍 Some recommenced ideas for your day in Anchorage...lunch at Glacier Brewhouse or a Tia’s reindeer dog at her stand on 4th Ave, take a one hour trolley tour around several areas of Anchorage, take the free shuttle to the zoo to see some Alaskan animals, take the free shuttle to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, shop at the multitude of gift shops, or tour the Museum downtown. Have fun!
  9. That sucks you lost your bonus credits, but I’m glad you at least received your regular credits and were able to rebook.
  10. The Baltic’s have been consistently sold out and offering moveovers this summer. We received one for our June cruise but didn’t take it because we were eager to take the cruise and could see that no other sailings that would work for us had any balconies remaining. That’s wonderful you at least got a move down and almost free cruise!
  11. Hope you get an awesome upgrade, and like you said, worst case, you end up with your chosen category!
  12. It’s just like a regular cruise, full of fun, just packed into less than 24 hours. There are a few less options like sometimes the Casino is closed, one time the comedian didn’t show up, the Elite benefits are inconsistent, and the drink packages are not usually offered. It can be a fun getaway between regular, longer cruises.
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