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  1. As someone else said, people on last year’s transatlantic were saying it wasn’t high speed, too. That’s unfortunate.
  2. Wow, that was impressive service! I especially liked that the care team member was right there with the wife because that would be so scary being “alone” in a foreign country with your loved one in the hospital. Way to go, Celebrity! Very happy your friend is ok!
  3. This has been a growing trend on other cruise lines, too. Real soap and water hand washing is still most effective for getting rid of germs. The problem is as you saw, most people either don’t notice the sinks or just don’t care, and skip past! DH and I were some of the verrrrrrry few to use them on our cruise. Thankfully Princess still left the hand sanitizer dispensers at the start of the buffet, so people could choose that instead. Since it was faster and more noticeable, more people used that.
  4. I’m pretty sure the company he recommended is the one we used as a shared shuttle service from the ship to the airport. If so, they were wonderful...clean, comfy, newer minivan, accepted CCs upon arrival at destination, on time, and professional service.
  5. Alaska is an absolutely gorgeous cruise to take. I haven’t been to Dubai, but my rule of thumb is that it’s better to do the further away cruises when you’re able to physically and financially. If you’re American, Alaska is easier to reach. That said, I would say that Alaska is more exciting to explore. Maybe book both refundable and see how the price of airfare plays out?
  6. I’ve always been very put off by employees of any business asking for the highest score. It’s not at all professional and actually hurts their score in my mind. If someone truly delivers “10” service, it’s a pleasure to score him/her a “10”!
  7. This was a frustrating glitch last year. I can’t remember if the flights ended up being available or not. It would show an awesome price but then not work to book. Good luck!
  8. One of my cruise highlights is the Unlimited Soda and More package; there are so many fun drinks! The old coffee cards where literal cards, and you could buy as many at a time as you wished and use them in any order by anyone during the cruise. Now, the coffee card is electronically loaded onto your cruise card. I’m not sure if you can buy more than one at a time, or if they would have you use one first. You and your travel companion could certainly each buy one, though.
  9. I saved your NCL thread to read right before this one. I opened this one with the plan to read it later today but just couldn’t put it down! Such a fun read; thank you!
  10. I personally very much associate A320s with short haul flights, so I can’t imagine crossing the Atlantic in one. I wonder what Economy will be like.
  11. I have found it go both ways; best to book the first month fares are out, and best to book in September-ish. I don’t like to take a lot of risks with Christmas flights because it’s a high demand time, so if I were you, I’d book now.
  12. I’m so happy the change wasn’t a bad one! Enjoy your cruise!
  13. I think you did the right thing declining. When you’re talking about giving up an extra special stateroom, the pot would have to be reallllllly sweetened to entice. Maybe they’ll call back with a better offer. If not, enjoy your suite!
  14. There are some, but despite always having had our request honored either in advance or with the Maitr’D for a 2 person table, the Pacific was the only time our request was not honored. The Maitr’D was nice about it, but we were 2 of like 400 Elites onboard, and he couldn’t accommodate every request. We just switched to the buffet and ended up having romantic, quiet dinners the rest of the cruise!
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