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  1. The German govt did bail them out but only for the next 6 months. They’re currently looking for buyers/investors. We would be flying them next summer after the bailout money dried up.
  2. When you call, I’d tell them that if they’re going to fly you into a city 45 minutes away, you expect them to come your transfers. If they won’t, then ask for a flight into Miami instead. You shouldn’t have to pay more for transfers if they fly you into a further place.
  3. I recommend sticking with Princess. We wandered over to Celebrity for a unique itinerary and were very underwhelmed. The food was mediocre, there was a definite class system aboard, and some of the crew was not very professional. We did the Royal to the British Isles, and it was absolutely fabulous! Also, I saw you mention having a daughter who loves the kids’ club. Celebrity does NOT cater to children.
  4. I love the decor, nothing beats the Royal class buffet, and the aft deck outside Horizon Court provides idyllic views.
  5. I’m thrilled for the free dinner and wine we added, but our fare stayed the same for Alaska. Just depends on the sailing.
  6. Oh my goodness, Kim! I can’t believe what you have been and are going through!! Im praying for you. To go from the high of the cruise to this is just awful, though I guess writing the blog may have at least provided a distraction in recovery. I sincerely hope you will be healed in time to take a MUCH needed cruise this winter or spring! Thank you for sharing your updates, and please continue. As others have said, you have so many of us fans around the world caring about you and rooting for you. Take care, and good luck in PT!
  7. I should clarify...I do know that, but the “best” starting APR listed on their site is even high, so I was wondering if they ever offer a lower one than advertised.
  8. Thank you, FlyerTalker for taking time to carefully and thoroughly answer my questions. I was hoping I’d hear from you. I did forget to mention that we had thought our backup would be to pay to redeposit our miles if we needed to, since that’s the most minimal cost risk we could take, but I had not considered the possibility of being unable to if Condor went out of business. We will give this us a lot more research and thought.
  9. Aviation experts, I could really use your expertise, please. DH and I love Condor because we can fly nonstop to Europe up and over, whereas other airlines would add at least one stop and 3 hours extra flying time. We planned on using Condor again next summer, but then the Thomas Cook thing happened, and now there are some concerns. Condor was bailed out til around March of 2020 when it believes it can sustain itself, but I also read it’s hoping to be bought out. Buying nonrefundable airfare on an airline that may go bankrupt to catch a cruise seems highly risky to us both, however if we did it, we would immediately purchase travel insurance. I have a few questions. 1) If we use Alaska Airlines FF miles to book Condor, would Alaska have to put as on an alternative airline if Condor went out of business? Or would they just refund our miles and cancel the ticket? 2) Would travel insurance protect us if Condor went out of business? Some policies seem like they do, and others seem questionable. 3) Condor applied for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Would that help us? If so, how? 4) Opinion question...Would you feel comfortable booking Condor in its current state? Thank you in advance!
  10. There are occasional glitches with EZ-Air, and it usually takes trying to go through the booking process and receiving an error to let you know it isn’t a real fare.
  11. Good to know many are having positive experiences.
  12. Wow, I feel sorry for whoever paid for the cruise and doesn’t realize he/she isn’t gonna have a reservation because it’s booked in your name! I’d definitely report it to Norwegian to ensure the poor people who paid will get their cruise. Would have been awesome if you won the free cruise, though!
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