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  1. I’ve done both cruises and loved both. Either would be very relaxing and fun at the same time. If you guys love sea days, the Hawaii cruise is magnificent, but if you prefer port days, I recommend you go with the Caribbean cruise because you can get antsy on a Hawaii cruise if you struggle with sea days.
  2. That really sucks. I’m sorry you had to cancel. I hope your new vacation plans will be awesome though!
  3. I think that makes it abundantly clear that Asia cruises will be some of the last to restart.
  4. You did truly get an upgrade because the Caribe deck balconies are bigger.
  5. I recommend pricing out The rest of you doing a seven day cruise followed by all of you doing the 14 day cruise. That would be the safest bet that could possibly save you some money over you guys booking the 21 day cruise and him having to book the 14 day cruise in a separate cabin. I do think it’s too risky for him to book the 21 day cruise and show up a week late. It was already risky before the pandemic, and now with the pandemic, it seems entirely too risky.
  6. It’s kind of odd for them to choose the deck with the convenient aft deck access rather than an ordinary deck like Baja. Caribe and Dolphin have the bigger balconies and Mini Suites. I hope you enjoy the convenience of Lido deck; we have when we’ve stayed on it.
  7. I told myself I just had to jump in when we flew to HI because I knew I needed the vaca. As soon as we landed in HI, my anxiety dissipated. Once you’re onboard the ship, it’ll probably all melt away. Have a fun, healthy, safe cruise!!
  8. I absolutely love the idea of a world cruise actually being almost a year long instead of a few months. I also like that it includes Christmas and New Year’s. The pricing does seem to be in line with the shorter world cruises. The only thing that I believe is messed up is the non-refundable requirement. To think that one would need to go non-refundable on a cruise 2 years from now while we are amidst a pandemic is unbelievable. With how commonly world cruises sell out anyway, there really isn’t a good reason to require it to be non-refundable so early.
  9. On another cruise lines message board, it was announced that the government there said they are re-opening Grand Turk in November if I remember correctly. The cruise lines are supporting their reopening. Im so glad because Grand Turk is soooooo beautiful and fun and relaxing for a port day, IMO.
  10. It’s concerning how you have two different passenger experiences with Norwegian within approximately a month but at two different ports, and they varied drastically, from being well taken care of to basically being dumped off. They’ve got to get things straight and consistent; otherwise it’s too risky for pax.
  11. This often seems to be the case with pre-cruise hotels. There is value in booking through them though, because they include transfers from the airport and then transfers to the port; plus there is usually a representative at the hotel for questions if you have any. Some people prefer to be escorted semi along the way, and that serves as some extra value. If that doesn’t matter to you, you can definitely save a lot of money booking independently.
  12. Normally, I would recommend the northbound followed by the southbound, but since Holland America actually offers a 14 day that goes to some unusual ports, including our main city of Anchorage, I would recommend that one. You get to see some areas that other cruise ships don’t.
  13. Bingo is one of my favorite cruise activities, and I am not of the older age bracket at all. Deal or No Deal would be really fun, too, but as an addition, not a replacement. I do remember that celebrity used the wooden cards on our 2017 cruise so not compatible with Covid. Maybe they will switch to disposable paper.
  14. I was wondering about the holiday sailings. Flights are so hard to get and expensive typically around the holidays; it would be difficult to have to cancel and find an alternative at the last minute.
  15. It’s honorable that you cared about the crew and wanted to make sure you truly didn’t have it. I’m glad you were able to get it rescheduled with minimal disruption to your adventure. Have a fun, healthy blast!
  16. OK, it is definitely odd that it doesn’t seem to be all ships and that it seems to be people with more than two in the state room. Are they trying to create a section for potentially unvaccinated, like children?
  17. That was very responsible and considerate of you to report to medical to be safe. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and hope you get to enjoy the rest of your cruises.
  18. That’s very considerate of that passenger to want to make others aware and order to help protect. I hope that it is an isolated case.
  19. I do feel bad for those who really loved their specific stateroom and handpicked it, BUT I think this was a very wise precaution! Ventilation and proximity are 2 of the biggies for Covid prevention, so it only makes sense to me to go every other cabin. It’s not foolproof but adds another layer of protection, and to me, it actually enhances the cruise because everyone gets more privacy, no loud neighbors! I’m frankly surprised cruise lines are already doing this.
  20. Awww how exciting!! Thank you for taking us aboard; I had really hoped to be on this sailing.
  21. I do consider the features of the Medallion to be optional. I can sit at a physical slot machine and play or play on my phone. I can show up at the dining room in person to request to be seated, or I can make my wishes known on the app. Yeah, some of the functions have to be used for check-in, Muster, dinging on and off the ship, and paying for things, but the last 2 tasks I mentioned already required the cruise card, so this doesn’t add anything as it’s a replacement for the cruise card. To me, the Medallion simply is an enhancement of an otherwise still awesome cruise experience. My last cruise pre-pandemic was aboard the sweet little Pacific Princess, and I still had an amazing cruise without the Medallion. I sure prefer having it, though!
  22. I can see from a business standpoint why they would choose the person who developed their “way of the future” technology to run the company. At the same time, I do hope he keeps Princess on course with its tried and true experience that makes us feel like we’re coming home when we step aboard and maintains a feeling of being at sea. In other words, I hope Princess stays Princess with just some enhancements. I know that the Medallion has not been perfected, and many are frustrated with it; my own husband had some frustrating experiences with it pre-pandemic. In concept though, it’s an outstanding innovation, and someday it will be mastered. When it is, it will majorly enhance my vacation experience onboard. I for one am super excited to order food and have it delivered to me on my lounger by the pool; handling issues from my lounger rather than trekking to Pax Services will be really convenient. I have played slots from bed while my hubby naps. A drink was successfully delivered to me in Princess Live during a game show. I can see the benefits; we just have to hang in there while they are hopefully working hard at perfecting it.
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