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  1. Sorry! Just needed an answer! Truly didn't mean to start a war of words but had seen conflicting statements. We don't usually visit specialty dining but are on this trip. Thanks to all for the comments!! Backing away slowly....... 🙂
  2. Is the gratuity for specialty dining included in the upcharge? I saw on here that it was but I think I saw on the Princess site that it was not. So....yes or no?
  3. Agree. I've used them many times in the Caribbean and elsewhere with good results. Usually competitive in price and generally (not always) have smaller groups.
  4. That's what I thought as well. The FB ranter was adamant...they replaced the second production show with a comedian and other performers. She was highly irate. I can't find the post now so maybe it was pulled. Seems like if it were true there would be posting on it on here.
  5. I saw a post on the Sky FB page that said they were only doing Rock Opera now; that something happened and the two lead singers for Skies had to leave the ship. Replacements were coming but it would be ~ 4 weeks before they would be ready. Can anyone confirm this? Just curious.....definitely won't make a difference in our enjoyment of our upcoming cruise.
  6. Call again. Keep asking. It may not help and you may be stuck but cancellations happen until the day of sailing.
  7. Call immediately and ask to be sent to whatever location you want in your original category. No guarantees but they will do their best to get you to where you want. It happened with my aunt and they moved them back to their original location. Do it NOW, though.
  8. Totally agree with the OP on this review. We've been to the Hangout twice on two separate cruises and have been very impressed with the small facility and truly impressed with the staff and their concern/care of these abandoned animals. Our first tour was with Daniel as our guide and he explained how this all got started and how it has grown. It began as a way to fill a need-taking care of animals that needed help. On our last trip, my 90 y/o MIL was with us and has problems with long distance walking. She had no problems getting from the ship to where we met our guide.
  9. We've done two private tours with Daniel's group on two separate trips to Roatan. One was the island tour and sloth hangout, the other island tour, beach and sloth. With the last tour (which included the beach) we opted not to do the beach but return to the ship. The guide we had was very open to what we wanted to do. Email them with specific questions-they are very easy to work with. We love the Sloth & Monkey Hangout. It was the first choice of our adult kids for something to do in Roatan on our second trip.
  10. Even though we've been to almost all of these ports, I'd love it if they did these again. We love sailing out of San Juan and the southern Caribbean routes are our favorite.
  11. No, only European cruise so far has been Med. Cruise (on Princess.) I'd like to do the other two legs of the journey .....we did Rome to Athens. There's Athens to Barcelona and Barcelona to Rome. There are a few repeat ports, but I'd be okay with any of those as well as SOME of the routes from Southampton depending on route. Not sure I want to do Norway, etc.....husband and I really don't have much interest in this area. Russia doesn't do much for either of us either. Canary Islands, Morocco would be okay but we've done land tours on the British Isles and not really interested in doing a cruise there. For us, at this point in our life, we are limited to a 10 day cruise at most and that is pushing it. We usually do a week some time during the dark of winter where we can see sunshine and have warm weather; then a family vacation with our adult kids during the summer when those still in school have a break. The Caribbean is relatively close for the winter break....but we've done both Eastern (Princess Cays, St. Thomas, St. Maarten) and Western (Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan-repeating this one in January and have been to all of the ports multiple times.) These are the two main routes Princess does and they repeat them over and over (at least for the last 3 years.) I have looked at other lines and we will be sampling some to see how they compare. I'm just not one who likes change....I LIKE Princess; it is comfortable and fits our personalities at this point, however, they just don't offer much in the way of variety for a short winter break. Thanks for the input.
  12. Haven't sailed HAL yet but that timeline would make me a nervous wreck. Flight delays (the plane will have to ARRIVE at your airport before you can leave) traffic (10 minutes can stretch to an hour if something major happens)......too many what ifs. Not sure of the specific HAL guidelines regarding sailing but do you have to be onboard by a specific time prior to the ship sailing? There's no way I would do that flight! You might make it but.... Good luck!
  13. You're correct. I misinterpreted what I was told. My nephew's issue was that the volcano was at 2 and that this particular volcano has a history of a type of eruptions that are very difficult to predict. The history of the volcano's eruption type, its unpredictable nature and the increased activity prompting the increase to level 2 should have, in his opinion, warranted keeping people away. Again, looking at it in hindsight and at this point, makes no difference in the outcome.
  14. Totally agree.......there are many places to visit. Time constraints/schedules limit those at this point. The Caribbean is a quick, easy trip and we love to cruise so it works well at this point in our lives.
  15. Exactly the problem. Hindsight is easy. I was completely unaware that there wasn't a standard used for rating volcanoes......My nephew (again, a different viewpoint, different training, different experience than whomever gave it the "2" ratings) stated in his opinion, it should never have been rated that low. For someone without any expertise in volcanoes, we are at the mercy of those who make these decisions.
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