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  1. Haven't done a Medallion cruise yet...... wish it had been a cruise WITH the medallion but.....maybe next time!
  2. I gave them a call....it's a "keepsake medallion" for completing the course about medallions.
  3. I'm a Commodore as well. I haven't seen anything about winning anything and can't find anything on the website. I didn't attend the webinar either. I did do Medallion training but it's been several months......;
  4. It has my name and "Princess Academy Winner." (I'm a travel agent and Princess Academy is the online training they provide.) I didn't notice that at first-I have no idea what it means either. I've contacted my agency to see if any of the other agents have ever heard anything about it and nothing. I found nothing on their website either. Maybe we get a medallion since we've done the training but for the life of me, I can't understand why they would send out a medallion.
  5. I wish!! That's exactly what I thought. I went in to the personalizer just to make sure I hadn't somehow booked a cruise by mistake or booked one and forgot.......haven't EVER done that but it made me a little concerned. There's nothing in there.....two cruises booked with the first is Jan. 2020 and last one in Feb. 2021. I checked the box carefully and there was only one in there. I wonder if there is someone out there waiting for their medallion that was accidentally sent to me.
  6. Daniel Johnson's Monkey & Sloth Hangout. We took my 90 year old MIL there last summer-the staff placed the monkey on her arm. There were other monkeys who jumped on shoulders and heads but they can place them where ever you feel comfortable having them. You can also hold one of the resident sloths.
  7. We're sailing on our next cruise in January....it is on Sky Princess, our first Medallion trip. I received my medallion this week. My husband hasn't received anything. I was surprised I received it this far in advance......I thought it was a month or so at most. Are they sending them out earlier now? I haven't even made final payment yet. Hopefully, I won't lose it before we sail.
  8. We had to supply Passport information for our guide/driver in Athens. I was told it was so they could get into the port (they have to supply that to the port authorities, I assumed.)
  9. Check with a tour provider. I personally wouldn't wait and hope to get whatever they release that day.
  10. They can. Our guides went to the windows designated for guides to get the tickets faster and get us in quicker. In most cases, we did it that day. The exception was the Colosseum tour. Our guide got those in advance for us.
  11. We just spent a day and a half in Rome pre-cruise and used "Tours by Locals" for three different tours. We booked with the same guide for all three tours and were very happy (7 people in our group-3 young adults and two upper 50s/early 60s couples. ) We did a Catacombs/Crypts tour, Rome by Night tour and a Colosseum/Forum Tour with Dino. He's become our gold standard for tour guides. He provided not only the historical facts but stories to help flesh out the places we visited. He had great reviews on the site which was why we contacted him. He was very personable and could relate to both age groups. Plus, he had a driver for the first two tours, which was a bonus for our group.
  12. We stayed at the Hotel Forum pre-cruise. Very close to the Forum so great location in the historic area. Rooftop bar/breakfast room with great views and reasonably priced.
  13. I took a Nikon D5100 with a Tamron 18-400mm, Sigma 150-600, Tokina wide angle and Nikon 18-300 to Alaska with us last May. I've since upgraded cameras to the D7500 (which I love.) I used the Tamron the most on excursions just because the 150-600 is so heavy and I really needed a tripod to shoot with it. (I also ended up breaking the Tamron after slipping on a wet rock, so be warned. ) The Sigma 150-600 takes beautiful pictures and is my favorite lens. I can get great wildlife pictures with it. I replaced the broken Tamron with a Sigma 100-400 and the pictures are good but not as good as the longer lens. The attached pictures were taken with the 150-600 and Tamron 18-400.
  14. Last summer, we sailed on Caribbean Princess the week before it went over to the medallion with the new internet. This summer, we sail on Emerald the week before it switches to MedallioNet......we have three young adult kids who, I'm afraid, are going to be very disappointed with the internet service (they have the middle level, unlimited access.) Maybe they will put the phones down and look around a bit!
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