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  1. Our last sailing, the last "group" for disembarking was at 09:00, so we sat in the buffet until then and made our own way off. As a courtesy, we let our cabin steward know, as he was really busy that evening, and was keeping track of how many more bags he'd have to remove.
  2. A couple of things from our experience: - there is not a completely distinct vegetarian menu, there's some cross over with the normal menu options. We found that the vegetarian options on the normal menu were always better than the vegetarian menu specific options - they can modify some of the dishes. One day I got a carbonara without the bacon, for example.
  3. Wife (28) and I (33) were on Summit first week of December last year, and had a brilliant time! We find the idea of climbing walls really manufactured, and would much rather be somewhere more chilled with good food and drinks. We didn't really do much of the entertainment, we went to see a comedian, and we were about 30 years too young, but enjoyed some of the musicians around the ship, and otherwise just spoke to each other, staff or guests nearby (of all ages). We tended to go to the pool late, once a lot of people had left to get ready for the early dinner sittings, and then just ate late, have a couple of drinks after dinner and go to bed relatively early to enjoy the next port day.
  4. I know P&O cancelled all its cruises in the region this year due to security concerns. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/4324/ I don't know if Celebrity have changed their schedule directly due to security or indirectly due to lack of bookings due to security concerns, but I suspect its related.
  5. This is what we found. It would only allow uploads on Facebook (including Messenger) . It wouldn't allow uploads on Instagram or WhatsApp.
  6. Club soda is definitely included in the classic package. As a fellow Brit, it confused us the first time we cruised, as we never heard the term "Club Soda" before, but its what I would call soda water. Annoyingly we could never get 500ml bottles on board, either 330ml bottles or cans (depending on the bar), but we never felt the need to pay for Pellegrino.
  7. I'm also based in the UK and also use a large US based Cruise Travel Agency. One thing we like about our agency is that they have a with a UK toll free (0800) number, so although we do most things over email, I don't like email my credit card details, so phone my agent up to make a payment. It works really well. I suspect with that information using google and a bit of clicking you'll be able to find it... One other piece of advise is that I have an internet account which holds USD, whenever I have spare money and the exchange rate looks good I transfer some money over to reduce the risk.
  8. We were on Summit a couple of weeks ago, always left a laptop, ipad and wedding ring (my wife doesn't like taking it to the beach) on the desk, and nothing went missing. Whichever you'll choose, it will be fine.
  9. Hello, We just got back home from the Summit today (left the ship yesterday with a trans-atlantic flight in between), and we used the app to check in, although it was leaving San Juan I can explain the procedure. - Check in: Using the app was simple, only thing worth noting was that we had to take a picture using our phone, we couldn't upload a picture, so might be trickier if you don't live with your travel companion. - Luggage drop: Same lines for everyone - Hand Luggage check: There was 2 lines, with sign indicating one line for expedited check in and another line for everyone else. This wasn't in operation (maybe because it wasn't not busy), with the security guard just pointing people to smallest line. We had 4 people in front of us. - Check in: We were directed to expedited check in, our phones were scanned and we could go directly to the ship without having to speak to an agent or having another picture taken. Our room cards were waiting on our door. It was faster getting on the ship using the app, as we skipped 1 step of the process, but I would say we saved maybe 5 minutes total (there was a line of maybe 6 groups waiting for check in counters when we walked past). In terms of more generally, on-board we used the app to book dinners and the messaging service, both of which work without having the internet package. We tested trying to get into the room with the app, but we had our cards with us at all times so didn't use. For checking the schedule we still tended to use the paper dailies. Let me know if I you have any further questions.
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