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  1. 18 minutes ago, Menocchio said:

    I think the biggest threat to HAL is that CCL also owns Cunard. But maybe it's the other way around, and HAL will end up eating Cunard. I just imagine them looking over and thinking "do we really need both of these?"


    But I think they could keep them both. They perhaps just need to distinguish them a little better, and also apart from Princess. If it were up for me, Princess would be "modern luxury", Cunard "tradition and class", and HAL "world-traveling adventure". Not in the sense of rock climbing walls, but in the sense that they have longer voyages, better and unique itineraries, and put effort into helping the guests really connect with the ports. I think this works well with HAL's notable presence in Alaska.

    I agree with your designations.  I look forward to trying Cunard perhaps as early as next spring.  Princess has become too “lively” for me but mainly I sail HAL almost exclusively on their longer itineraries 

  2. 6 minutes ago, lovecruisingrn said:

    Hi, I love your whole review. I am sailing for my 70th out of Boston on the Volendam, and is the one thing I wanted for my birthday! 
    I plan to read your entire post, word for word! 
    Do you remember where the ship docks in Quebec City? I have an excursion on the lower city, and wonder if it is walkable. 
    Thank you, and hope to see you in Boston, your CT neighbor.

    The lower city is an easy walk from the ship.  Is that your meet up point, if so they usually meet you a block or so away from the port area.  Most tours meet there then take the funicular to the upper city. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, BadgerRedux said:

    Thanks for the validation; husband and I both try to keep our perspective about risk, but if there isn't a plan B, then even unlikely things become a concern.


    For our airline (United), looks like we're on the 2nd of 8 flights for the initial leg; the 1st of 8 leaves an hour earlier but just has a longer layover with the same final leg so not sure it would buy us much.

    The final leg is out of Chicago O'Hare (ORD) and we're on the 1st of 2 flights, with the later flight departing almost 7 hours later than ours.  So, if we miss our connection in ORD, hopefully there would be room for us on that later flight.  


    And that would be satisfactory for me.  Once they miss getting you there it is on the airline to get you there.  Be sure if you are running late on the first flight you inform the flight crew you have a tight connection because of the delay.   I have seen airlines get connecting passengers off first 

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  4. You are right, he is wrong - another dear wife married to a man who “it only takes 5 minutes” to get anywhere on earth.😉


    seriously though, I always consider if I am on the final flight of the day for either the initial flight or the connecting flight.  If you are on the first flight you will likely be fine.  Can you not switch to an earlier flight on that same day even if it is a few bucks more? for the second flight Alaska is a few time zones over so you need to think in terms of their time not yours

  5. 7 minutes ago, Petronillus said:

    The newly wed, the nearly dead, and the overfed.

    I disagree and agree with @Roz   I have been sailing HAL since my early 40s and am a very fit active senior who thinks hiking is the pinnacle of life. I like HAL’s quiet, traditional style. Nobody hawking constantly, no music blaring though that has appeared on some sailings and decent conversations .  It is, I suppose, the American version of Cunard 

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  6. 6 hours ago, pghflyer said:

    We did 14-nights on Noordam in Australia / NZ last year, and while they had daily trivia somewhere most days, they didn't have progressive (team points add up over the cruise to name an overall list of winners for the cruise) trivia. 


    Does HAL ever do progressive trivia or not really a thing?

    HAL has tried to reduce the hyper competitiveness that can occur with trivia.  On my last cruise they had self grading and no prizes except for small give aways which were given freely, first to the team who claimed to have won then if left overs to anyone who wanted one.   

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  7. 1 minute ago, SoloAlaska said:

    Yep I’m the one who loves the train to transfer. The adventure especially in Europe is something I look forward to. I’m a solo traveller and the idea of sitting for 2 hours in the back of a car alone is not my ideal start to a vacation.

    Completely understand but it never takes 2 hours to get from the airport to the hotel unless I request a city overview tour to get my bearings. 

  8. 1 hour ago, DarrenM said:

    Another thing I find very peculiar is those wanting to hire Cabanas at extortionate prices.


    Its a cruise ship right? We are all living in luxury for however many days we are on board.


    Its just beyond me.





    People have different desires.  None of this is a need nor is any of cruising an exercise in frugal behaviors.   I only object to items when they impose a hindrance to me. And that is why I like the fee for service or menu of options - those that others want they can pay for  and though my fare may subsidize their choices I am not forced to pay for it in full.  

    As examples:  One I object to is the “included shore excursions “. I have taken those and they are generally 2 hour bus tours of little value except as a shuttle, Uber would have been cheaper. Another example is included alcohol, if you don’t drink that has no value yet it is included in the fare.


    On the other hand I do pay for a few extravagances like private transfers, I would never haul my luggage through a train station yet others find adventure in that and even brag about it. 🤷‍♀️

  9. On 6/11/2024 at 6:37 PM, klfrodo said:

    If I've learned anything on my 20+ years on this board, it doesn't take long for people to jump on and poopoo new innovations or creative ideas. 


    My wife on the other hand, loves having hard copies. I usually have everything digital and she has the hard copies. Yes, we've bailed each other out a few times.

    I am Mrs. Digital and he is Mr. Analog.   I checked out the video and my next flight is Delta so I will be signing up.  Thanks for the info 

  10. A lot of changes made were likely a long time coming and the startup provided cover to make the changes.  Of course some people are rattled by change so it is hard to rely on  reviews anymore.  The biggest issue I had was the unseasoned crew but that is working out as the new hires are gaining experience.

    The lines used the time also to try to redefine themselves.  And that isn’t over.   

    Finally the consumer is being a bit exuberant about travel.  

    I think it is too early to say who is doing it well.  

    For the consumer it is a good time to investigate other options outside of your normal favorites.  


  11. 8 hours ago, AKJonesy said:

    I won't book any staterooms on the Pinnacle ships on deck 4 forward.  We did that once and we could hear the bass (boom, boom, boom) until 1 am every night.  

    Same here. I thought being two floors up was enough - it was not.  I will only sail 5 and up on the Pinnacle class though I am trying one on 1 this fall which does not get noise complaints.  Some one said a while back that noise on these ships travels up not down, I hope that is true 

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  12. 1 hour ago, sparks1093 said:

    According to Google the median income for Carnival cruise passengers is $99k per year. The median income for Windstar cruise passengers is $175k. I expect that the median income for Oceania's passengers is much more than $99k per year. This, more than anything else, probably plays the biggest role in people's choice of cruise.

    I would think also, correct me if I am wrong, the Carnival demographic is younger attracting more families and even more grandparents with grandchildren.  That means triple and quadruple occupancy which is more expensive and more available.  I would not consider Oceania or Windstar suitable for a family with young children.  Yes of course I know some of you do go on adult cruises with children but it is the exception and not comparable to Carnival and RCCL child passenger numbers 

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  13. 20 minutes ago, CruisingAlong4Now said:

    Many of the walking tours now use headphones so the guide can speak softly, but the participants can hear them clearly through the headphones.


    Interlopers wouldn't be able to hear the guide well enough to stay with the tour.

    That is a better experience for everyone 

  14. 41 minutes ago, ontheweb said:

    Is that really true? I've been reading that the fares for the humongous new RCCL ship, the Oasis, are sky high.

    Fares are always higher on new ships but what people are probably remarking about some of the upper “neighborhoods “. They have refined the tiered neighborhood concept.   

  15. 1 hour ago, wcook said:

    This forum has posters who enjoy the smaller ships. But if you look at the general public, they are clearly voting with their wallet for bigger and bigger ships. 

    There are basically two models and they are very different.  One is people seeking a resort at sea, a destination itself. Gamblers and family vacationers could be lumped into this group but some may also drift into the second group.  The second group are travelers seeking a mode of transportation. There are different levels of experiences for each type though the resort at sea  ships seem to have settled on one ship, different levels of experience. 

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  16. If it is going where I plan to travel it is on my list to consider.  The only major consideration I have is financial solvency as I would like the ship I am on to have fuel and food.  The major lines are all financially stable, perhaps in debt but stable and well financed.  

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  17. 7 hours ago, K32682 said:

    If the tour is in a public place there is little anyone can do about it. In Sofia a few years ago, I came upon a walking tour and listened in for a few minutes. I did not follow when they moved on but certainly could have. 


    It's up to the guide to decide how to manage "interlopers." In the situation described in the original post I wouldn't have cared unless the interlopers decided to start asking the guide questions or otherwise occupy his or her time. 

    Then I have been places where there are so many walking tours in progress you can’t avoid being with one for part of the day.      

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