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  1. Is there an easy way to find out if a special organized group has booked a large contingent on a particular cruise?
  2. Please help me to understand why some would tip the maitre de. What have I been missing out on?? On 3 MSC YC cruises, our maitre des have introduced themselves, seated us and chatted very briefly. I don’t mind tipping for good or extra services, but what are maitre des doing for others that we’re missing out on? ( We really are good tippers when we believe it is warranted.)
  3. I've booked a cruise for my wife, our two college-age sons and myself over Christmas 2019. We'll be staying in one of the YC family suites and hoping for the most pleasant experience! But we're curious: What is Christmas Day on the Divina like? Is it a super-special day, or just the regular special day on a cruise ship? We've been on ships around Christmas and appreciate the tasteful decorations. But we've never been on a ship on Christmas Day. I appreciate in advance whatever information you can provide to help us prepare. Steve
  4. Sorry for the looonnng delay in responding. I’ve been preoccupied with unexpected work-related travel lately. In the end, things didn’t go like I had expected or planned; they went better! My wife let it slip to our cabin attendant when we got on the ship that we’d be celebrating our anniversary during this cruise. I didn’t think much of it because we had already decided we’d celebrate with a special lunch in one of the port towns. On the evening of our anniversary, our waiter and table captain surprised us with a song and a special desert. When we got to our cabin, we found that our butler and cabin attendant had decorated very smartly while we were out. My wife was very pleased with everything (even the singing!). All in all, it was a splendid celebration and a wonderful cruise!
  5. Been there, done that. On our first MSC cruise, we had about $500 of pre-paid OBC left. I waited 2 months for the check, which never came. When I called MSC, the person I spoke with saw the balance on my account. I let him talk me into applying this to a future cruise we had already booked. But, instead of applying it as a payment, he showed a reduced fare. This meant that we would have gotten a reduced insurance payment if we'd had to cancel the cruise (since it's based on the cost of the cruise) and would have lost the money. We just sailed on the Seaside in October and had about $200 in prepaid OBC left. On the last evening, I went to the Concierge and received that amount in cash. Apparently, that's the way MSC prefers to do it. On a past Princess cruise, the check just showed up in the mail one day.
  6. My wife has decided that we will be sailing in a YC2 family suite on the Divina. (My preference would be to simply book two YC1 cabins, even though that's quite expensive.) She and I have only sailed in YC1 cabins on a couple of MSC cruises. Before I make the booking, I need to know which is a better choice--cabin 12002 or cabin 12004. I realize that both have forward-looking windows and no balcony, that 12004 is nearly 125 sq ft larger than 12002, and that the two cabins are connected. Is the pull-out sleeper big enough for 2 teenage sons, or will we need a cot? How bad is it being part of the YC, but not in the YC? Is there anything else that I need to consider in the decision? As always, thanks very much in advance for your sage and valued responses. -- Steve --
  7. Thank you for your prompt responses and the great information you provided. It's good to know that it is a two-room suite and the dimensions. I hadn't given much thought to the usability of the balcony while underway, but now that is something to take into consideration. The limitation on US outlets is disappointing, but not a deal breaker. Thanks again!!
  8. I'm looking at possibilities for a future family cruise on the Divina. Aurea cabin 10007 comes up as being available, but MSC is quite vague in its description of the cabin--some of the bullets from their cabin description: Size approx. 226 to 505 sq.ft. (some with balcony and some with panoramic sealed windows). Surface: 116.25 Square feet (Really????) Stateroom connected with: 16024 (A cabin on Deck 10 is somehow connected to a cabin on Deck 16) Can anyone provide me with information on this particular cabin? I really need to know if it is indeed a two-room suite (bedroom separated from living area) and if it has a balcony. Thanks very much in advance!
  9. We just sailed in Cabin 16005 and were very pleased with it. No noise from moving deck chairs around on the YC Pool Deck (as we heard from above when dining in the YC Restaurant) and rather centrally located with minimal corridor traffic. (Actually, I doubt there's an undesirable room anywhere in the Yacht Club!)
  10. I've been searching for these products, too. They weren't available in the onboard MSC Shop and I can't find the line anywhere, only the manufacturer's website (where it isn't for sale). Everytime I shower, that scent makes me feel like I'm back in the YC!!!
  11. Thank you very much for the great ideas and recommendations! I'll figure out which ones I'm going to do and will let you know at the end of the cruise what worked well. Thanks again!
  12. My wife and I will celebrate out 24th anniversary on October 22nd, part-way through a Seaside cruise that begins on October 20th. We'll be in the Yacht Club, our second sailing there. She is a fine woman and I'd like to make this a special anniversary for her. But I'm analytical, not creative. She doesn't like public attention. Can y'all please help me with some cruise-themed ideas that will make this memorable and show her how much she means to me? Expensive jewelry doesn't cut it; we've already done all of that. She'd be more impressed with something that shows I've put time and thought into it. Perhaps some will say I'm cheating by asking others for help, but I see this request as simply involving sage resources (y'all!!) available to me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. I reset my password and gained access. Unfortunately, the new password requirements are 10-20 digits long, one letter, one number, one upper case letter, one symbol. Oh, and my booking for an October 20th cruise has vanished. :-) Thank goodness I printed tickets over the weekend!!
  14. Safe77

    Purchase OBC?

    LizzGo, American Express treats this like any other purchase and not like a cash advance. I can't speak for other credit card companies. In the past, we have purchased on board credits (OBCs) ahead of our cruise, primarily so we could feel like the entire vacation was paid for before we departed and we could "live a little". It's more of a psychological thing for us. We have purchased minimal OBCs for our upcoming Seaside cruise, just enough to cover gratuities and some incidental expenses. Our experience has been that, unlike other cruises where excess refundable OBCs are automatically refunded a month or so after the cruise, we've had to call MSC and request the refund. Our MSC PVP asks if we don't want to apply the remainder for a future cruise. Bad idea! They don't show the future cruise at the actual price paid and then subtract the credit. Instead, the invoice/confirmation reduces the total fare by the amount of the credit. This makes it appear that you've paid less than you actually did and could cause problems if you have to cancel or rebook the cruise. Presumably, you would lose the credit you applied. Safe77
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