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  1. Done B2B's several times and have one 'pending' In our experience you leave the ship at the very last moment having met up with all the other B2B'ers and head into the terminal ( I may add we've only done this in Fort Lauderdale ) and sit down for 5/10 mins whilst they give out your new SPC. The only issue I've ever seen with this is a woman who wanted to keep her old SPC from the cruise that had ended. You obviously take your passport with you etc, but leave your stuff in your cabin as if you were in port somewhere midcruise. Then pretty much 1st back on board, and this next bit can some times be the 'benefit' of doing a B2B - they take you for a free lunch! The last 2 have been Giovanni's and Jamie's Italian. Having either a drinks package and a free drinks status means I don't bother with bringing wine onboard - my guess, it's effectively 2 separate cruises so don't risk a trip to the 'naughty room' to go get your bags on day 1 ha ha Hope that helps?
  2. I see you're using Monzo - I've just posted about my perceived benefits on the 'Cash Account' thread!
  3. It's by no means up to date, but it's fairly accurate! http://www.cruise-ships.com/royal-caribbean-international/
  4. B003 is in the Royal Theatre https://images.app.goo.gl/tXNHUUxAMavmcAjJA I've no idea what 'Choice' means on your SSP - sorry!
  5. On Lady H last August they 'mistakenly' printed the drinks card on the cruise compass around day 2/3 iirc. Every bar we asked passed us onto another bar at what effectively was the furthest bar from that bar we were at! Doesn't take a genius to work out what they were trying to do, so got hold of the relevant bar officer and he reluctantly allowed to us to purchase them. I got the impression that whoever 'cut n paste' the offer from the last cruise or whenever, was in a fair bit of trouble ha ha ha
  6. Here's maybe a solution (for Brits only I think) that may help people who are kinda sitting on the fence so to speak! There's obviously pro's n con's to both sides ... so here goes! There's a new style of 'app' based bank accounts available that simply work via your bank account. You simply deposit a said amount of cash into the account via the app on your phone/tablet and then use the card to pay your bill at the end of the cruise. For example you could simply add onto the card at the end of every day and leave the card with nothing more than the expected balance when you pay up on the last night! An added benefit is not only the supposedly better rate the card issuer gets than say a travel money company, but if there's zero on the card after you've paid your bill the card cannot be cloned! Well it could be, but useless without the ability to charge anything to it until you 'top' it up! I guess the downside is you need regular internet access - most do nowadays, but i understand people 'switch off' when they go away. I've linked both accounts I use to let people have a read up and see if it suits them. It may or may not help, but it may help those that maybe don't want to take out an excessive amount of dollars, yet want the advantage of a cash account and the safety of the flexible spend that a card gives? An added bonus of the card to us Brits is the zero charges when withdrawing cash and paying for stuff abroad if for instance you had a land based holiday or pre cruise stay or port days in different countries to the $ based ship you're on! When you use it to withdraw cash etc, you get a notification pretty much immediately too! https://www.starlingbank.com/ https://monzo.com/ hope this is of some help to somebody? I've converted several people I know to these accounts
  7. are those cabins a typo? or did you mean 6578 & 6580 and the same on deck 9? they're 5 cabins apart if not according to the deckplans
  8. This pretty much mirrors my cruise history! If you don't ask, you don't get - it's that simple As far as the packages go, the robes are brand new, a million times better and more importantly you get to keep them! I still have ours ( 2 x sets - can't remember why) to this day!
  9. We used UBER frequently on our recent pre cruise stay. We flew into MIA and used it to get to our FL beach hotel - so if the Miami Uber drivers are happy then i can't see a problem with the reverse fixture?
  10. A lot of factors, some present here and others not, mean this kind of thing is going to happen on a more regular basis i think! Rccl is actively targeting young people, albeit ones with families, so tie that in with several factors including 3/4 day cruises that are prime for hen/stag parties! The whole drink package debate now comes into play in a number of ways - price/getting monies worth, all adults need apply etc etc in my opinion will sometimes have passengers looking for alternative ways to get their booze - and a lounge is one of those ways! The staff will never get 'involved' with passengers for several reasons - they don't get paid enough/their manager should be doing it and they're tip/review driven, so getting on the wrong side of a passenger can cost them in numerous ways! On the Harmony recently they used the lounge and the attic for a lounge and had staff on the door as well as the concierge at her desk pretty much all of the time! The lounge is also controlled by a keycard door entry yet people still tried to get in - hence additional staff outside! They set rules about drinks/numbers/non sharing etc yet these are rarely enforced resulting in people taking advantage! I'll go one step further and throw the ' dress codes' subject into the mix too ... as there isn't one any more - it means people will have no qualms about going into a lounge dressed like a tramp! (Again on Lady H on 'formal' - don't make me laugh! - nights there was a no shorts blah blah blah rule in the lounge! Laughable rule that was never enforced as much as it wasn't in the MDR etc) There will always be people in the world who can't or won't comply! They earn their money, pay said money for their cruise and WILL conduct themselves as they feel fit! It's unfortunately the way that cruise ships are nowadays! Have your own fun Look afteryourselves and ignore the idiots!
  11. Just done a B2B (August/Sept) on Lady H and it would seem the drinks cards are soon to be a thing of the past! They offered one on day 5 of the 1st week and then only because they'd mistakenly advertised it in the cruise compass that day. They were obviously forced to honour this, but you could only get one from the Pool Bar, everywhere else we asked they either acted dumb or said they didn't have any to sell. We got told at the PB by a manager/officer that they were reluctant to sell them and when i asked if i could buy more than 1 (use into 2nd week) i was told they won't be available next week or anytime soon! As much as I'm not saying on other ships they're not or won't be made available - i wouldn't plan/budget on their availability!
  12. Very much so! But as most do, we booked again (Italy/Sicily/Malta and Greece) on the Jewel so the countdown clock is running! Have fun!
  13. Great review! .. i simply don't have the patience to sit down long enough to compose one ha ha It was lovely to meet n chat with you on the beach at Labadee! Best Wishes The Honeymooners
  14. Just done a B2B on her and found nothing of any issue that you can't find on any other ship of her class, or for that matter- any class! The pool decks are always going to be busy (there's seperate threads for chair hogs lol) so we just go a deck above and it's only a few steps to the pools - that said the pools themselves can get busy! Food wise, the MDR is always gonna change! Set dining from what i could see (50% of 1 of 3 floors) is in a minority, but on MTD i simply turned up on day 1, requested a table and sat at it each n every night! Food quality - same ol same ol (i personally can see a day when MDR's won't exist and your only inclusive choice will be the windjammer or you cough up for spec dining! Effectively as you do on most vacations - pay for whatever, whenever!) Shows had lines for those who hadn't pre booked, but always got in to see what they wanted to see due to size/capacity of venues Elevators - yeah, can be a pain at times! I think what happens is .. if someone selects 'up' it sends the next available one that's reached it's destination! That may not be the nearest one as it could be on deck 2 whereas after that point one finishes on deck 6 let's say! .. the latter one hasn't been told to stop at your floor so goes straight past - adds to the frustration, but yours turns up full! But because the system has sent one, you have to start all over!!! Winds me up no end! So if you're near the top and want to go down, select both - if an 'up' arrives, go up that floor then select your floor when it's empty! Works for me!!! Imho, Oasis class are the least congested ships of all classes due to their inherent size! You'll have fun .. even if it's just playing the elevator game ha ha
  15. I recognise you off the pictures! .. don't forget to mention the bungalow at labadee and the free moet champagne ha ha
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