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  1. Ed definitely heard and understood Jim Morrison when the Doors played, "Light My Fire". 😁
  2. I don't eat fish (shellfish yes, but nothing fresh here) but I can think of other dishes it would be good on. While I'm there I'll also look for Buckys Green Dragon Hot sauce.
  3. PUPs are included in your total Captain Club points. Keep track of your CC points so you know when they have been updated after doing the PUP offers.
  4. Currently we are very confident that our March 2022 RC B2B Caribbean cruise will be a go.
  5. JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand
  6. Glad we didn't get our CV-19 vaccination cards laminated.
  7. A different social media site where TA recommendations are allowed. Also the internet (you may get lucky) or a local TA. Good luck.
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