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  1. I'll let the cruise lines deal with it. Way above my pay grade. We're just along for the ride and enjoy.
  2. Yes. We always select our dining times in our CP when we first book our cruises to ensure we get our preferred dining time for SD.
  3. We always do Select Dining and have never pre paid our gratuities. Gratuities for all disciplines have always been charged daily. But we are from the good ole' USA.
  4. You have made that clear and have never waivered from your opinion. Now, if I were ever to have a mixed drink in the DL made with NA I would be thinking of you (M8). 😉
  5. Exactly! Like they say, one persons ceiling is another persons floor. 🍷
  6. I'm also waiting to read something official from the RCG or even Celebrity.
  7. Nope. Cruise points are not reciprocal, only tier level up to elite and diamond. Diamond, diamond + (DS) and pinnacle will be elite on Celebrity.
  8. We would like to see QUEST on Celebrity. One persons ceiling is another persons floor. We've always had fun and a lot of laughs. Your son in law forgetting his camera and someone picking it up and keeping it had nothing to do with QUEST or RCs security.
  9. It'll be around longer than I'm expected to live. 😉 Hopefully we'll be sitting in the DL on the Rhapsody this March. 🍷🤞
  10. Sounds good to me. Kinda like Celebritys liars club. IMO, anything that is funny with passenger participation and engages the audience is a good idea. We really enjoy RCs QUEST.
  11. Yep, been to many of them. Scripted answers from the majority of the participants based on the same questions asked. But our choice to go and having a few good laughs before calling it a night. But one persons floor is another persons ceiling.
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