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  1. But this thread is only concerning the evening of embarkation.
  2. Kick and scream all you want, but the Maitre D isn't going to entertain your complaint on the first evening. I have to believe you realize that. We've been on cruises and have seen the MD stop those wearing shorts trying to enter the MDR on the following evenings and turn them around. Kudos to the staff. We had a lady on the second leg of our 2018 Eclipse cruise advise () my wife and I (while we were waiting to enter the MDR on casual evening) that we didn't have to be dresses formally as it was casual evening. I said, no you don't say!! And I then advised her Celebrity no longer has formal evenings. We walked away shaking our heads. We had our reasons why we elected to dress formally that evening.
  3. Because sandals are ok to wear in the MDR in the evening any evening.
  4. Agree. Good way to ensure there isn't any post cruise blues.
  5. The parents wouldn't hear the phone like they don't hear their bawling, screaming brats!🤬
  6. You have the option of showing up when you are ready to eat for SD or make reservations in your CP for SD for the days and times you would like to eat.
  7. I always board the ship wearing shorts and a polo/golf style shirt and that's what I wear the first evening in the MDR. We always have our luggage and unpacked before dinner. We also eat early. Bon Voyage. 🥂
  8. Doesn't matter what it was called in the past. What I posted is directly from Celebrity's website and is the current suggested dress guidelines for the MDR in the evening. Agree, to each their own.
  9. No structural changes to existing staterooms. Jut new ugly furniture and colors.
  10. Noticed that also today. I decided to delete all my countdown clocks. Possibly the wait time will go by more quickly now.
  11. Swing and a miss. Your interpretation is not the same as Celebrity's published definition of evening chic.
  12. Glad you decided to join in. Others are posting to follow on questions by other posters.
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