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  1. davekathy

    Change Booking?

    Was it through a TA? Possibly a TA charge they pocket.
  2. davekathy

    Opinions on Equinox

    IMO what you experienced on the Summit isn't going to be that much different on the Eclipse. We have no complaints no matter the Celebrity or RC ships we elect to cruise on.
  3. davekathy

    Beverage package & Suitcase Under Bed?

    You're welcome. Enjoy your first Celebrity cruise. Bon Voyage.🥂
  4. davekathy

    Beverage package & Suitcase Under Bed?

    We travel with 3 large soft sided suitcases. All three fit under the bed. We always have the CBP and all the drinks (brands and types) we have are covered by it. Why not wait and see for yourself. You can always upgrade to the PBP when your onboard if your favorite brands aren't included in the CBP. If you upgrade front CBP to PBP the difference will be $10.00 + 18% gratuity ($11.80) per day, per person .
  5. Do you think they would allow both of us on the same ship.
  6. Love your cruising style. Many Bon Voyages to you and Bucky. 🥂🍷🍷
  7. Setsail passes and luggage tags printed. We're ready.
  8. Glad you posted. Now I feel much better knowing that we have 41 days to go.
  9. davekathy

    Balcony vs Inside?

    He might have a future with the circus.
  10. davekathy

    Balcony vs Inside?

    And then there is the other morons comments: However, the man who recorded Naydev’s jump told Yahoo! that he’s disappointed in how Royal Caribbean handled the incident, though he seems not to get the point. He’s jumped from those kind of heights before, and we didn’t really care about the consequences with the cruise company,” he explained. “We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral.”
  11. davekathy

    Celebrity Reflection Gym

    Welcome to CC. The fitness center/gym is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Lockers, showers, towels, body wash and shampoo are available. I always use the showers in the changing area.
  12. davekathy

    Can I take it onboard? Oranges.

    Injecting vodka in the oranges. Never thought of smuggling vodka on the ship that way. Peel and eat. A healthy party snack.