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  1. We've got a B2B cruise booked for March 2021 with RC and another September 2021 cruise booked with Celebrity. Or at least I hope we do. 🤞
  2. We also have a Celebrity cruise booked for September. Hopefully it's ago. We'll just wait and let Celebrity decide for us whether or not we are going. If they Cancel the cruise we'll take the refund again.
  3. Yes. When Celebrity cancelled our 28 March and 4 April cruises on 13 March (well after finial payment) they offered us 125% FCC or 100% refund. We took the 100% refund for both cruises.
  4. Disagree. Use a napkin if you don't want to touch the serving utensils.
  5. Two days ago...https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/politics/airlines-canceled-flights-refunds/index.html
  6. And jump in the hot tub or pool with a gaggle of your new friends.
  7. Yeah, but it's more reliable then any WAGs.
  8. I'll post on 14 April (I requested cash refunds for our 28 March and 4 April cruises on 13 March) if I've received both my cash refunds credited back to my CC. 😎🤞 I'll also post if I did not receive my cash refunds on 14 April.
  9. We had an earthquake on 18 March. Registered a 5.7. We are 65 miles northwest of the epicenter. No damage at our location but those at the epicenter had substantial damage. Small business there were already hurting do to CV-19.
  10. My Magic 8 Ball says, cannot predict now". 🎱
  11. Sure that would be nice. It would also have been nice if Celebrity would have at least sent acknowledgment of the request for our cash refunds. I removed my rose colored glasses. I was told by the Captains Club rep. that cash refunds would take at least 30 days to be credited back to my credit card.
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