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  1. Agree. The LA and staff could close off part or all of (depending on the numbers of the upper three tier levels onboard) the Spectrum to host the C&A HH. Or set up a temporary bar for drinks and snacks in the conference rooms/center for the C&A HH. The Captains Club host and staff on Celebrity reserves the Sky Lounge (M&S class ships) and the Club (E class ships) for the two hour evening CC HH as Celebrity doesn't have a dedicated lounge for elite and elite plus. Zenith are also welcome but they also have access (depending on the ship class) Michales Club or the Retreat.
  2. We have no choice but we would still fly into San Diego the day before even from the Bay Area. Personal preference. There's always something great about starting the cruise after a nice relaxing pre cruise stay.
  3. You may also consider joining your Roll Call for your cruise. I'm sure there will be a lot of veteran Celebrity cruisers on your cruise that can also help with your first Celebrity cruise.
  4. Unlimited drinks in most of the bars on the ship. What ship are you going to be on?
  5. No the Captain Club HH drinks are unlimited during the CC HH in the Sky Lounge (on the M&S class ships and in the Club on the E class ships) and the CC HH drinks loaded on your Sea Pass cards from 5 to 7 PM.
  6. You will be elite with "0" Captain Club points. Call the Captains Club at 1-800-760-0654 to verify your status is documented. No welcome amity gift in your stateroom. No you will get elite perks on Celebrity not diamond perks. Welcome aboard flute of sparkling wine during embarkation (everyone gets that). No inside smoking including the casino or on balconies, no rock climbing walls, no flow rider, no ice skating rink, no QUEST. No 24 hour dedicated CC HH lounge for elite and elite plus. CC HH is from 5 PM to 7 PM in the Sky Lounge except the evening of embarkation. Unlimited CC HH drinks loaded on your Seapass card (except for the first evening) to enjoy at the bars except at the World Class Bar. CC HH drinks are not served in the dining venues. No buffet set up (like on RC) during CC HH in the Sky Lounge but servers serve snacks along with taking drink orders. Like RC you will receive in your stateroom a full list of all elite perks for your cruise. We enjoy cruising with both Celebrity and RC. We like the similarities and differences between the two cruise lines.
  7. Select Dining (SD). We use to do the same when we did Traditional Dining (TD). The best time to set it up is early on embarkation. The key to it is have early reservations for the same time every evening. Our personal preference is we'd rather sit close to another two top than sit shoulder to shoulder sharing a larger table. There are other reason also.
  8. The on/off toggle switch is located in "account settings" and then "signature".
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