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  1. 30 minutes or less, disagree. 30 minutes or longer, agree. Post #3.
  2. I'm up early every morning to walk the track. I get a birds eye view of the chair hogs on sea days marking their territory. You would add to my walking enjoyment.
  3. We all have a right to our opinions. Glad Celebrity recognizes that also.
  4. Allowing those that aren't in the top 3 tier levels from having limited benefits/perks extended to them just because they are staying in the same stateroom with someone that is.
  5. We use our own rating system for the cruise lines and ships we sail on.
  6. I do our online check in as soon as the window opens to do so. But I don't scan/upload pictures or passports.
  7. This is something Celebrity needs to change. On our September 2019 Summit cruise the CC hostess agreed but above her pay grade.
  8. Is there still access to the change room/showers to use?
  9. Thanks for starting this thread.
  10. We like to see all the Celebrity production shows replaced with all guest entertainers. I did make mention of that on our last PCS from our September 2019 Summit cruise.
  11. That's a lot bigger bummer than the AO downsizing.
  12. Enjoy and don't spend it all in one place. 😉
  13. You must have a t-shirt that says, "I hate everyone"!
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