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  1. There is a 12 night Boston, Maine, Canada Summit cruise for 4 October 2021 showing.
  2. BTW, I thought your thread title was very clever. 😀
  3. Agree and is exactly how we approach all of of cruises.
  4. The OP has cruised Celebrity before. Just looking for similar stateroom comparisons between RC and Celebrity.
  5. I prefer my daily yeast intake in liquid form. 😎🍻
  6. Once you open the link, click on "view all benefits". https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits
  7. Just outta curiosity, have your friends cruised before? Maybe one of the kids could stay with you. 😲 Just kidding.
  8. We fill out the form for the different items (socks and underwear) and quantities we are sending to be washed. If the bag is paper we write "LOYALTY" on the bag as directed in the elite letter. On our Summit September 2019 cruise we were given cloth wash and fold bags and wrote "LOYALTY" on the laundry slip.
  9. We were on the Summit for a 14 night New England/Canada cruise September 2019. We were impressed with the her new look.
  10. I have no idea. I've never heard of the wash and fold laundry being returned in a basket and specifically a straw basket until you brought it up. Your post was the first. See how that little bit of forgotten detail cleared it up the mystery basket dilemma. I wasn't doubting what you experienced. If you claim something then provide a little detail so we all know what you experienced. Possibly it was unique to just your cruise, or just the Reflection, or just for S1 sky suites. You sure do tip over easy. Didn't know we weren't good.
  11. You're welcome. Just the correct facts for accuracy and clarification.😜
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