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  1. I'll wait for Celebrity or RCG to advise me. 🙄
  2. Good morning/afternoon. I did notice your absents and then reappearance. Glad to have you back. The information you share is of value to all of us. Hope you guys are staying safe, healthy and warm. We are staying healthy and we are doing great.
  3. Agree with post #175 from Pat. The last I heard anything was in November 2020 and the talk on the streets at that time was Key West voted top to ban large cruise ships from docking and limiting cruise visitors to 1,500 per day. Big cruise ships will no longer welcome. So the Radiance would fall in the 'you're no longer welcome" category. Haven't heard anymore rumbling about so far this year.
  4. My Magic 8 Ball says, "cannot predict now". 🎱 We've got a September 2021US/Canada cruise booked on Celebrity. 🤞To stay on topic, it's not a B2B cruise. 😉
  5. Just like all the other tier levels, when it happens it happens. Just enjoying the ride along the way. 🍻
  6. Now I get why others have been staring at my butt. And all this time I thought...😊
  7. I didn't say we lost our tier level. Just no longer diamond. 🤔
  8. Diamond doesn't get the free wash and fold service.
  9. I'm not sure Celebrity will agree with you. 😷😉
  10. We've been lucky as only one of our cruises we had balcony smokers next to us that I had to rat out for smoking on their balcony. Luckily it did get resolved after the initial call. Those in aft balconies can't do anything about the occasional soot issues from the ship. That counts for staying on topic, right? 😉
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