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  1. I met my wife when she was in a community theater performance of Anything Goes! Now, anything goes Cruising!!! Steve
  2. I guess I'm more in the camp of family-friendly shows that appeal to the most people. The only show I saw was Saturday Night Fever on the Liberty, and they were constantly warning us about the "adult themes" in the show. I'd suggest something that's more of a revue style, like Smokey Joe's Café or Fosse. Steve
  3. We're doing our first B2B in January on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston. It's a 4/5 Galveston-Cozumel-Galveston-Progreso-Cozumel-Galveston. When we booked it, we were going to Costa Maya, but the Enchantment is having chronic propulsion problems, so Royal swapped Progreso for Costa Maya. We're doing it for suite points. After our cruise on the Liberty in August, we moved up to Emerald. This B2B will put us in Diamond. Unfortunately, we will have to move about 3 doors down on the second leg. Steve
  4. If they get rid of the pepper grinders, I'm gone! 🙄 Steve
  5. I was on the Disney Wonder last Christmas. Free poolside food included pizza, burgers/hot dogs/chicken tenders, and even a gyro station. Steve
  6. Same with me, but we're doing it for points. After our B2B, we will be Diamond. We just did a 7-day on Liberty that went to Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. This B2B would have been 2 stops at Cozumel and a stop at Costa Maya (now Progreso). We may just stay on the ship and enjoy the pool most of the time. Steve
  7. I was on the Liberty for the August 4 sailing, and we had the same issue with divers delaying the departure. The scheduled departure was 11:00pm, but we didn't actually leave until after 2:00am the next morning. Note that the shops and casino will be closed while the ship is in port. Steve
  8. We were on the Liberty in August. My wife told an officer at the MDR lunch salad bar a story about a bad waiter experience we had on MSC. On the Poesia, a waiter told my wife that they were out of pistachio ice cream, but she saw waiter after waiter bringing out pistachio ice cream to the other tables. When she called the waiter on it, he then said he only said that because the ice cream was frozen and it hurt his hands to scoop it. He then brought her the ice cream. The Liberty officer was shocked to hear that. Soon after, my wife wanted mushrooms for her salad, but surprisingly, the only mushrooms were at the pasta station. When she asked the officer about mushrooms for the salad, the officer joked that "they were out of mushrooms" and then got her some mushrooms. She also asked my wife what our stateroom number was. That night, the Headwaiter mentioned that my wife liked mushrooms, and he had a bowl of sautéed mushrooms brought to our table every night for the rest of the cruise. Steve
  9. I was on the Liberty for the August 4 sailing. I had the Surf + Stream package. I had an emergency with my dog back home and was able to do several wifi calls to my vet while on the ship during the first of the two sea days back to Galveston after visiting Cozumel. Note that on the second sea day back, there was a ship-wide internet outage (on-board equipment issues) that took 24 hours to resolve. We finally got internet back on disembarkation day. Otherwise, we had no issues with the internet. Steve
  10. I was on the August 4 sailing of the Liberty. The ship was late departing, and didn't leave Galveston until 2:00am the next morning. Reports were that divers were involved. Steve
  11. Don't worry... I booked a B2B on the Enchantment for January just to make Diamond level. 😀 Thanks for the review. Steve
  12. He actually implied it earlier, in posts #9 and #12. Steve
  13. And again, it was the reason OP stated for having the credits in the first place that were redeemed. Given that he used credits that were a reward for loyalty (he says), he feels that the make-good for canceling the cruise was less for a loyal (frequent) cruiser than it was for a cash-paying cruiser (loyalty frequency unknown), the implication being that using an RCI credit voucher puts one at more risk of a diminished make-good payout than one who ignores the credits and goes cash no matter what. OP says use the Royal credits at your own risk. Of course, this is balanced by one's estimate of how frequently RCI cancels cruises, and the odds that one's canceled cruise was one that was paid in part by credits. If you're still confused, go back and look at the Chipotle example to see the cash flow. Steve
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