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  1. Interesting. I just booked a B2B on the Enchantment, for January 6 (a 4-5 run). Since Enchantment was doing a 5-5-4 sequence, it catches up every two weeks. If Royal eliminates the 4-day run, what would they replace it with to keep on a repeating schedule? Steve
  2. I just got off the Liberty. Adventure was in Ft. Lauderdale, I was looking at its 8-night itinerary. Instead, I booked a 4-5 B2B on the Enchantment out of Galveston in January. Steve
  3. Coral Princess. It will go where other ships cannot. The mega ships cannot get close to the glaciers in Glacier Bay. Do Princess, and if possible add a land portion first. Then Whittier to Vancouver. Steve
  4. I just got off the Liberty. There are plenty of slots with adjustable play ranging from 1 cent to 10 cents, many 25 cent slots, and a few dollar slots. The dollar slots are in the minority. Steve
  5. I'm in 1264 on the Liberty of the Seas. It's also under the hot tubs. No noise, but the balcony is slightly larger than the others around it. Steve
  6. I' m on the ship wondering the same thing. Steve
  7. When I was in Alaska last July, Sprint did not have their own network. They do have a roaming agreement with a local service (you'll have to look it up), but it worked fine but has a data cap (which my wife reached but I didn't). Steve
  8. We were second-time cruisers when this happened to us in November on the Wonder. We went to Guest Relations immediately after boarding, and they had additional tastings offered that we signed up for. Steve
  9. I don't think the larger ships can go through the Panama Canal, so they don't stop at Galveston. The Wonder does Alaska and the Pacific coast, so stopping in Galveston in November makes sense. I think it then moves on to Puerto Rico in early January. Steve
  10. I was on the Island Princess in July 2018, and they had one craps table. It was always open every time I was in there. Steve
  11. Don't give up so quickly. Disney is sailing the Wonder out of San Diego in 2019. There are some cruises in April and others in September-October. These aren't priced at the higher tiers one sees from Florida, maybe $3K-$5K for a family of four. They are also sailing the Wonder out of Galveston in November-December at a similar price point. I'm on the November 23 2018 sailing. Steve S
  12. We were in a suite on the Island Princess in July. The Club Class breakfast was open, but in the lower dining room. The Elite waiting area was in the Wheelhouse Lounge in the front of the ship, where they had muffins and tea. As for disembarking, they had someone with a radio who was listening to the traffic in the luggage pick-up area and would announce when she heard the call for the next group. Also, because we were in the front of the ship, we had our own ramp off the ship, separate from everybody else. Steve S
  13. Count me in for tour first, then cruise. I found it more enjoyable to do the "hard" part first, with changing lodges twice, bus and train rides, etc. Then, spend the week luxuriating on the ship. Steve S
  14. My last cruise was on the Island Princess on July 4 from Whittier Alaska (my first Princess cruise). We loved it, as we paired a 4-day land package before the cruise. We sailed on the Disney Wonder in 2015 from Galveston, and we just booked the Wonder again for the day after Thanksgiving, again from Galveston. Disney has been running the Wonder out of Galveston from late November through early January at about half the price they normally charge. My wife and I have a verandah balcony stateroom for a 7-night Caribbean cruise to Key West, Nassau, and Castaway Key for about $4,000. I'm not sure for how much longer Disney will continue to do this. Steve
  15. Not Royal, but I sailed on a Princess cruise in July to Alaska, with a 4-day land portion preceding the cruise. My wife lost her Bose noise-canceling headphones, which we didn't notice until we packed up on disembarkation day. When I got home, I entered it into their online lost and found system, and called every hotel/lodge we stayed at to speak to their lost and found people. For two weeks, I kept getting "we're still working on it" messages, and then one day they sent a picture of it to me to verify. I was shocked that they found it. I guess it had to go from the ship/lodge/train in Alaska to Princess Headquarters in southern California before they alerted me that they found it, so I could pay for shipping it back to me. I never did find out where, exactly, they found it. Steve S
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