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  1. My wife and I did an overnight in Venice on the Brilliance of the Seas eight years ago.
  2. And I'm sure I can get the neighbor's kids to serve them to us because their parents will be in the pool with us!
  3. DW and I are at the point of taking our cruise budget for the next few years and building a pool in our backyard instead. Now if I can just convince her to make hors d'oeuvres every afternoon between 5:00pm and 8:00pm... 🙄
  4. DW and I used to dress up because of the pictures, but we hardly ever looked at them and don't "do" onboard pictures anymore. I rented a tuxedo twice: once on DW's 50th birthday Med cruise, and once on our 20th anniversary Alaska cruise. Otherwise, it's suit and tie for me. Steve
  5. Obviously, it worked out that the tally didn't rise in Japan due to the Diamond Princess passengers. That was the point of your comment, right, mocking the statement as if it was unique in some way to the United States? Seriously, though, the majority of passengers on the Diamond Princess were Japanese; there were less than 100 Americans on board. Japanese medical authorities quarantined the ship for 14 days because they didn't know what else to do so early in the crisis, but half-way through they relented and offered people the choice to stay on the ship or move to an isolated facility in Japan. However, the choice was to stay on the ship with free internet, a daily variety of food choices, and ship-provided entertainment, or move to a Japanese facility with only Japanese meals, non-English speaking staff, and no outside contact. It was only with a few days left in the quarantine that Japanese medical officials allowed the United States to transfer its citizens back to the United States. While I'm sure that public health safety was their major concern, it's also true that being "charged" with the headcount from the ship was also a factor. I can suppose that if one were trying to study initial clusters of outbreaks in order to isolate early causes, having 3,000 people already with the virus (contracted elsewhere) inserted into the population might skew the global statistics. At some point, those numbers might not matter anymore, but this was the early days when people were still trying to figure it out. With the ship off of San Francisco, it's possibly the same thing. Our government is trying to identify clusters of outbreaks, and having an already-contracted population inserted into those statistics might compromise the numbers, and potentially increase anxiety levels and unhelpful media reporting. We've already seen high fatality numbers being breathlessly reported from Washington state as some kind of proof of a pandemic reaching the United States, but a deeper look shows they were the most elderly residents of a single nursing home. We were just beginning to see a few incidents of cases in California when the governor declared a state of emergency, and that's when the Grand Princess passengers were going to be added to the California numbers.
  6. Enchantment does NOT have a Giovanni, only Chops. Steve
  7. I had a lunchtime burger in the MDR on Enchantment in January, and it looked like the waiter ran up to the Windjammer to assemble it. Steve
  8. I was on a B2B two weeks ago in a suite with access to the CL. The concierge told me that it costs RCI $10,000 to fix a broken coffee machine. They have to have the vendor come out to fix the machines, and the only certified vendor repair techs are in Miami. RCI has to pay for their transportation, house them on the ship, and pay the service fees to repair the machines. I'd think it's one thing for the concierge or hotel wait staff to unclog or unjam something, but if the machine is seriously broken it costs a lot for RCI to have it fixed. It's not like your home Keurig or office coffee machine.
  9. I did see a 16-night repositioning to Barcelona, but I'll have to take a look at a shorter Caribbean cruise. Thanks, Steve
  10. I understand the feeling, and have had this conversation with Next Cruise staff, the Concierge, and even the Hotel Director on the Enchantment. My wife and I just turned Diamond after our B2B last week on Enchantment. For us, we love the convenience of sailing out of Galveston. This limits our ships and itineraries, so it comes down to a trade-off between not having to fly or traveling to take other ships/itineraries. We did both Liberty routes, and now the Enchantment routes. Occasionally, the Adventure comes to Galveston to do the Coco Cay/Bahamas run (which we basically did on the Disney Wonder twice). I never thought I'd try the Oasis class mega-ships, but I will when the Allure replaces the Liberty next year, despite it taking over the same two routes. Personally, I'd like to see some 9-12 night itineraries from Galveston to Aruba or the Panama Canal. I don't understand why they can't restock along the way, like in Cozumel. I know it's not a fuel capacity issue. However, I do understand that the weekly runs are more accommodating for families and working cruisers, so the odd routes would mess up regular scheduling. Oh, well. Steve
  11. I took this picture in Cozumel a few weeks ago. It's the Symphony (Oasis class) next to the Enchantment (Vision class). I was sailing on the Enchantment. Steve
  12. See the related thread at this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2725232-port-of-galveston-closed-due-to-fog-collision-1-15-2020/ Steve
  13. Thanks for keeping the thread going. What did they do about your dinner.? Royal moved our initial departure up an hour early due to "propulsion issues," to get an extra hour of sailing time. I hope youcan still make your ports on time. Steve
  14. The concierge told me they are turning around tonight, no matter how late. We will be leaving the ship in a few minutes. Steve
  15. We are just now pulling up to the dock. Probably won't begin disembarking until 5:00pm. Steve
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