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  1. Just curious...some of carnivals old ships are undergoing massive refurbishments. Does anyone know when these ships undergo a big refurbishment do they upgrade the ship engines/mechanics (sorry don't know what the terminology would be)? Basically I don't want to risk sailing a renamed/refurbished ship and being "stuck" like what happened to one of the carnival ships a few years ago (can't remember which one). I believe they called it a "poop" cruise. I know it was started by a fire but I remember reading there was more to it then just a fire.
  2. Hi we live in Texas and sail out of Galveston and other ports (miami, fort lauderdale, etc) often. My biggest advice with sailing from Galveston is plan on spending one night in Houston after the cruise. We always fly in the night before and fly out the day of disembarking. In Galveston we are lucky because we can drive home. Its happened to us twice now...the port was closed due to fog and we couldn't pull in. One time we couldn't get on the ship until 8 or 9pm....i remember it being dark before we even got on the ship. Luckily my sister lives in Houston so we stayed with her...but we did spend some time waiting at the port as well. I felt so bad for all those passengers that were flying out. If this was a one time occurrence then I wouldn't recommend this...but its not.
  3. Been on LOS twice now. I like her size. I am excited and anxious to find out which ship will be here. I've been holding out on booking one of the oasis class ships to avoid airfare. Love it when companies rotate ships around!
  4. LOL! Exactly what my husband says! I'll be alright....I love cruising...there is nothing better!
  5. I tend to notice these things as I'm a germ freak....plus when you have sailed multiple lines you start to notice the differences between all of them. We also sail twice a year so we remember things. They all have their good and bad. I have fun on all cruise lines. The first time I sailed Carnival Breeze it was spotless and was in great condition....the second time I sailed it was right before refurbishment and it was pretty dirty.
  6. They used to have a cruise terminal out of Houston. NCL and Princess were both operating out of this terminal. This terminal has been closed for a few years....I think they stopped operating cruises from there in 2015 or 2016.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses. I booked a suite on deck 7 with an interior right across. I was hesitant to book the family harbour suites because of all the noise complaints I had read. I'm not sure where all the old threads went....maybe cruise critic does a periodic clean out but I had saved the cabin numbers to avoid in my notes. The idea sounded nice with lounge access in the family harbour suite area but so does sleep 😉 I'm really excited to see what the Vista has to offer. Spring break airfare tends to be high and its just so nice to drive to port. I really hope I'm not disappointed. We have done RC Liberty of the seas now 2 times and I was ready for a change from Galveston. I wish cruise lines would move ships around more frequently. I'm excited that Galveston port is expanding in the next couple of years.....it will be nice to have more options from here. Its too bad the port of Houston did not work out and NCL and Princess pulled out. Maybe they will make a return once the port expands.
  8. We are in our mid 40s but LOVE cruising and have done so for a many years. Cruising used to be so different years ago but as the ships have become larger things have definitely changed. I understand when "older" folks expect a certain level of service and cleanliness. We are pretty laid back folks and understand the change in the industry. The service is by no means bad...its all relative. People who are new to cruising might not have experienced what we and "older" cruisers have experienced. Having said that....I like "clean" I really do want to sail carnival vista but am so hesitant at the same time. We live in Texas and its so much more convenient. I haven't read great reviews....but I try to keep an open mind because those who enjoyed tend not to post as much. If the ship is clean....I'm all in! It sounds like it is clean...so maybe I will go ahead and book. I'm thinking two rooms a suite and interior right across. Any tips on which level and room?
  9. Yes terminology does matter....when i ask worn and dirty....I mean both worn and dirty.
  10. I guess I should be more specific in what I mean by "tired and worn". I'm referring to cleanliness mostly but also worn chairs/public areas. I'm still grossed out by that window from Carnival Breeze...dirt, grime, hair....all by taco bar near the pool. We recently sailed Celebrity Equinox right before refurbishment.....what a difference in the condition of the ship compared to Breeze right before refurbishment. I know less kids/people and smaller ship on celebrity but still....it was spotless. Nothing looked worn and other then being "dated" there was no grime in the grout...bathroom was perfect. I'm a bit of a germ freak so yeah I look at these things.
  11. I know the ship is only 3 years old but these ships can get worn and tired looking with so many passengers. Just curious of her overall indoor condition. It also depends on staffing...some ships are just cleaner then others. I just want to make sure before i book vista.
  12. Is carnival vista looking "tired" and in need of a refurbishment? we sailed breeze right before refurbishment and i was grosses out by the ship (things like windows with hair and dirt/grime all over them by the pool). I was considering the vista but want to make sure it looks "clean" so to speak. Thanks in advance.
  13. We are a family of 5. if you look at my signature you can see all the cabins that have cabins for 5...except on carnival we did two connecting cabins...though they do have oceanview family cabins.
  14. We have sailed NCL's Haven a few times and MSC Yacht club a few times. Love this concept and it works for our family. My kids can enjoy the water slides and we can enjoy less crowds and quiet time. As far as creating a class system...I don't understand that at all. Why is it okay to have 5 star hotels? Why is it okay to VIP access or fast passes at theme parks? Why is it okay to have 5* restaurants? So why does a cruise line get criticized for having the ship within ship concept or suites with private access? As far as taking away spaces from others....well the ship is bigger so are you really taking away or adding? I will say this...Carnival is marketing and trying to attract a crowd that might compare the suite experience to other lines. If they are going to do this...then they should take note and do it right. Go all the way carnival...suite restaurant should be included for the price.
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