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  1. Yes, but you won’t be able to access it until you disembark. It will be taken off you when boarding and stored somewhere.
  2. I’m surprised; I don’t recall ever seeing slot machines on a FO ship, and we were on Bolette last year.
  3. We’ve been on quite a few FO cruises and never seen a casino as such but I think I recall seeing a rather lonely roulette wheel. Can’t recall if that was on Bolette or not. Regards.
  4. In my experience, tenders tend to go on throughout the day.
  5. Funnily enough, I hadn't thought about claiming for a missed port until I read your post. We do have cruise cover as an add-on & I checked, supposedly can claim £150. Last year our FO cruise couldn't call at Praia de Vitoria because of storms so I've submitted a claim this morning.
  6. We’ve done lots of independent trips - including those in Iceland above - and never had any problems.
  7. I don't remember that but I do remember his always amusing 12 noon announcements. And that he left the cruise early to return for the birth of one of his children. He was also the captain on our first cruise, to Norway.
  8. And interesting to see that the captain, Jozo Glavic, is going with her. He was the captain who took us through the Corinth Canal on Braemar a few years ago.
  9. The details are here - https://www.fredolsencruises.com/faqs/on-board/what-is-your-procedure-for-tipping-on-board We normally just go along with this but give the stewardess and the two waiters a little bit extra, ie maybe £5 or £10 each. Fred Olsen provide envelopes for this. Regards.
  10. São Miguel and Terceira are the names of the islands, the other two names are the principal towns respectively.
  11. We did the cruise last year to the Azores, Canaries & Madeira. Unfortunately the first stop, Terceira, was cancelled due to storms. On São Miguel we'd booked a private tour through https://www.brumasecenarios.com/en/ in Ponta Delgada. It was 50 years since we'd been to the island and knew exactly what we wanted to see/do and what we didn't. Our guide/driver Gabriel was really first class and delivered everything we wanted. Highly recommended. Regards.
  12. We did the Cruise through the Corinth Canal on Braemar in 2019 and it was excellent. But this year we cruised on Bolette to the Canaries, Azores etc and were very happy with the ship. So much so, we booked to go to Norway on her sister ship next year. Regards.
  13. Some years ago we sailed from Newcastle. We stayed at the Premier Inn the night before boarding and left the care in their car park for the duration. We did check with them beforehand but there was no charge. I think we may have made a donation to their chosen charity.
  14. Thanks, didn’t realise you were talking about shell fish.
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