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  1. We in Europe are experiencing pockets of this virus appearing all over the the continent. Unfortunately it would appear that there is a cell in N Italy which is spreading fairly rapidly and is affecting many other European countries. Without wanting to be alarmist, I think this thing is going to get much worse over the coming months and therefore I believe that cruise ships will not want to position their ships in areas of high risk. if I were you - I would rethink your plans and rebook. This is your honeymoon and there will be enough stress without overlaying Coronavirus. I think we are just seeing the top of the iceberg! Good luck in whatever you decide! 🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞
  2. We have never had a problem getting a table for 2 in the PG either on the QM2 or the QV.
  3. It will not put me off cruising although I would avoid Far Eastern ports for the next year. Some amazing offers are beginning to emerge where lines are reposition away from the Far East. For instance ( and I know this a HAL board - sorry ). Cunard QE Sydney to San Francisco including flights and 3 days pre cruise hotel in Sydney Flights - London to London in Princess Grill Β£3000! An amazing price. Watch this space!
  4. Fascinating report - almost feels that we were all there with you. thank you for taking the time to report
  5. Excellent reporting Dogtanian - please keep going! A question please - in your report - you say there a few passengers of your age - are you very senior - or very junior?
  6. How would you evacuate 10000 passengers in case of a critical emergency?
  7. Would enjoy reading about the rest of your cruise if you can find the time?
  8. Greatly looking forward to your reports brightening our long English winter days!
  9. Just love being at sea on a ship!
  10. It all boils down to money - higher fuel costs for 5 day crossing - higher onboard revenues for a 6 day crossing. πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²
  11. I have been following this thread with great interest. Surely the ultimate point here is the safety of the ship and it’s passengers? The NA was built with 2 Azipods and with the capacity to operate at reduced speed with one. A previous poster referred to a voyage from Hawaii to the Pacific North West in which the ship snagged a fishing net and lost an Azipod. What would happen if the NA snagged a fishing net or some other detritus which litters the ocean these days and lost the remaining azipod? I believe the passengers have a right to know the ship is operating at a reduced level - even if HAL decide that it is an acceptable risk.
  12. We have sailed in PG on both several times. QV has an intimacy that is lacking on QM2, however the PG cabins are much better on the QM2. I think QM2 was designed as an transatlantic liner and is absolutely superb in that role but QV would be my choice for a world cruise. I’m sure you will have an amazing experience whichever you choose! Bon voyage!
  13. Visited Sapphire in Southampton for lunch as part of Saga promotion. Nice old ship but marred by a terrible smell of sewage in certain areas of the ship. Chatted to embarking regular passengers who said it is not unusual. Totally put me off!
  14. LadyL1 Thank you for a most entertaining account of your trip. Apart from the weather, it sounds as if you had a great time.
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