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  1. Happy you got refund. We were on the same cruise and originally chose option 2 March 12th, but changed our minds and resubmitted the form for option 1 on March 13th which was acknowledged on March 14th. We subsequently rebooked a new cruise on March 19th and requested a booking transfer to our TA on March 20th which was confirmed. Unfortunately, we haven't received our FCC and now the TA is threatening to cancel the booking because they haven't seen payment. I've been resisting calling Princess and am prepared to waiting a few more days, but my patience is not infinite.
  2. We had an 11 day road trip booked in conjunction with a 15 day Hawaii cruise scheduled for March that was cancelled. We've rebooked the same trip for January 2021. In the meantime, if travel restrictions ease up, we plan a 16 day road trip to the East Coast of Canada for late September. Time will tell.
  3. We also were part of the March 12th mass cancellation by Princess for a March 30th cruise. Rebook for Jan.05,2021, but still haven't got our FCC. Our TA was told by Princess that it would be processed by May 16th.
  4. We had a cruise to Hawaii cancelled that had been scheduled for March 30th. We've rebooked the same cruise for next January. However, if we are allowed to travel this fall, we are hoping to do a road trip to Nova Scotia.
  5. 10 day Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Princess in March 2018. We were scheduled to go on the Emerald Princess for a 15 day Hawaii cruise on March 30th that would have ended today, but we all know what happened to that one.
  6. We were supposed to be on the Emerald Princess returning from a trip to Hawaii. So, in light of the current situation, we're hunkered down at home and my wife thought it would be a good thing to make her Easter Paska and then deliver loaves to family. We wish you all a "Happy Easter" and please stay safe so we can all get to cruising soon.
  7. I had done the opposite. I had originally chosen option 2 and the next day I changed my mind and resubmitted the form and went with option 1. Later I talked to a Princess customer service rep to book a new cruise and was told it was no problem to change my choice. She said they would send an email to confirm which option I wanted.
  8. We were schedule to leave tomorrow on a 15 day cruise to Hawaii on the Emerald Princess. We chose to rebook the same cruise for next January. Hopefully, the Corona virus will just be a bad memory by then.
  9. We were booked on the Emerald Princess March 30th cruise that got cancelled. We chose option 1 and decided to rebook the same itinerary on the Star Princess for January 2021. We would have waited, but there was a specific stateroom that we wanted and decided to pull the trigger before someone else did.
  10. We went for option #2 and then changed to option #1. We have our sites set on another cruise early in the new year and the 175% will pay for everything.
  11. We are 3 retired people in their 60's and are driving from Winnipeg to LA for a cruise at the end of the month. We have every intention of going unless the cruise line cancels. I can't see our government refusing to allow us entry back into our own country.
  12. Amen to that. We'll see you at the M&G. 😀
  13. Sorry if I wasn't clear. My meaning was to avoid shaking hands when I said we were going to use common sense. I kind of like the suggestion that Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN mentioned when he suggested an elbow bump instead of shaking hands would be safer. Given the current situation, a certain amount of caution without appearing rude is necessary for everyone's comfort.
  14. We are as a matter of fact, booked on a Princess cruise out of Los Angeles at the end of March. A few have been spooked by the negative social media, but most have not abandoned Princess. We will of course, use common sense when it comes to hand washing, hand sanitizer, Shaking hands, etc.
  15. As most have said, it's your choice. We are booked on the Emerald Princess for March 30th out of LA. The only way we're not going is if Princess cancel the cruise.
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