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  1. I've booked rental cars for Hawaii in April. Here's what Alamo told me recently. Thank you for choosing Alamo for your car rental needs! My name is Karen. I will be happy to help you today. Be advised that the Alamo locations at Hilo and Lihue provide transportation to and from the cruise port. The Alamo location at Honolulu does not provide shuttle service to or from the port. Hope that helps you.
  2. I'm also hosting a M&G in March on the Emerald Princess. (my second as host) I maintain an ongoing list of attendees and post updates for those attending as more people get added to the list. On the last one, we also had a voluntary gift exchange and a slot pull to add a little more interest. Those were suggested by others and they also ran those events. The gift exchange during the M&G. The slot pull immediately after. Otherwise, it's just a chance for people to meet, share experiences and some even plan to do things together during the cruise. Good luck.
  3. We've booked a 15 day cruise on the Emerald Princess out of San Pedro coming up soon. We've heard great things and now we're going to find out.
  4. I guess it depends on your budget. We are sailing from the same port near the end of March and chose to stay at the Best Western in San Pedro. The have a full breakfast and offer long term parking and a free shuttle to the port. They are also 4 blocks from what Trip advisor rate as the #1 italian restaurant in LA.
  5. If you feel strong enough to travel and your doctor gave you permission, GO!!! My best friend was a type 1 diabetic and last year in early February developed a heart problem that put him in the hospital about a month before we were scheduled to sail. Originally our plan was to make a 4 day drive to Fort Lauderdale and go on an 12 day cruise. As we were driving rather than flying, his doctor gave him permission to go. We went and had a fantastic time on his last cruise. Sadly, he passed away in September at the age of 59. Had he chosen not to go, he and we would have missed out on a great trip together. He is gone, but we have some wonderful memories.
  6. HaHa... I am a northern neighbour and I love Tim Hortons. 😀
  7. We tried the MSC Divina on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago. The ship is about the size of the Royal or Regal Princess and was very beautiful. We found the crew very pleasant and ship itself was great. We think they have the best pizza of any cruise ship we've ever sailed. However, we were very disappointed in the MDR dinner meals. The cuisine is geared towards European tastes and we have a North American palate. My daughter and her family tried the MSC Seaside a year ago and found the ship way overcrowded. According to her, the ship is rated for 5600 passengers and it was announced that there were 7000 on their cruise.
  8. We've never done Carnival, but have done Royal and Princess. We loved both cruise lines. Haven't been on Freedom, but have been on Navigator which is very similar except about 20,000 tons smaller. That was our favourite of all the ships we've been on including Oasis. I'd suggest when checking itineraries, you check how much time you get in each port.
  9. We don't scuba either, but it is something you can do while touring the island. Bonaire Cruisers will provide a map and show the best beaches and other sites to see. The best part is that you do it at your own pace and it's cheaper than ship excursions. We also found the locals very friendly and felt safe in our travels around the island.
  10. A few years ago we were sitting at breakfast with 2 other couples and struck up a conversation with them. We are from Canada and they lived in the South eastern US. 1 of the couples recognized our accents and asked if we were from Canada to which we responded yes and told them where we lived. To our surprise, we discovered that they came from a community about 5 miles from where we lived and had moved to the US about 20 years before. We then discovered that the wife and a woman that my wife had worked with years before were best friends. As you said, small world.
  11. We've done the southern routes 3 times and in particular, Bonaire & Curacao twice in the last 2 years. They are our favourite islands along with Aruba. We also loved Barbados. In Bonaire, we rented golf carts in order to tour the island ourselves. And if your into snorkelling or scuba, I don't think you could find a better place than Bonaire.
  12. We went in September once. It was hot, sunny and very humid.
  13. Not sure what type of function you're referring too. If it's a cruise critic Meet & Greet, they usually take place on the first sailing day in the morning between 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM. Best thing would be to sign up for it and join in the festivities. Great way to meet your fellow cruisers.
  14. I know you read a lot of novels, but have you ever thought of writing one? Great review, although you have me a little concerned about Rene, given we are going on Emerald at the end of March. If we get him, we might be eating at the buffet more...😆
  15. HaHaHa.. I like her taste. We're bringing Beringer Zinfindel. $3.97 per bottle at a big box store.
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