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  1. Thank you for your review. We've never sailed with Carnival, but are contemplating a spring cruise to Hawaii on Miracle. We've done 5 cruises on RCCL, 2 with Princess and 1 with MSC. We originally only considered Princess for our Hawaii cruise, but since reading reviews like this and some Youtube videos, we feel more comfortable with Carnival. Also of course, you can't ignore the price comparisons.
  2. Yes, we did get an email saying that the minimum of 25 people had registered and we were on the list. Unfortunately, by the time we realized something was wrong and we enquired with guest services, it was too late.
  3. Well, that's what we had expected, but we never received one even though we were registered.
  4. I'd like to know what the normal procedure is for being advised when a Meet & Mingle is going to take place on RCCL ships. We recently returned from a RCCL cruise. We had registered for the M&M, but never received a notice of when or where the event was going to take place. When we checked with guest services the evening of the second sea day, we were told the event had already taken place. We've been on 2 other cruises with other cruise lines in the past 18 months and we received notices to our stateroom advising when & where the M&M would take place. So, how does RCCL do it?
  5. We were on the Royal Princess last April with a 2 day return from Curacao to Fort Lauderdale. We didn't experience an adverse wind around the pool deck. That area on most ships is fairly sheltered and you shouldn't experience any abnormal wind unless you happen to hit really bad weather. We are also going on Serenade of the Seas in March for an 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise which includes other multiple sea days and don't expect any problems.
  6. I think you have misinterpreted my post. I was definitely not expecting to be gifted anything. My point was that if a company like RCCL doesn't want to offer free upgrades, that's fine. However, why play games and start this bidding war and only invite a select few to duke it out. Why not just set the upgrade price and offer it to everyone.
  7. Oh, I get it. I was in sales for over 40 years and I understand how companies try to up sell products and services. I just have a hard time understanding companies that have loyalty programs and then cheapen them by creating an auction system that they only invite some to participate and not everyone. Also, if their not going to offer free upgrades then why not offer upgrades for predetermined price to everyone.
  8. We've done 7 cruises. 4 have been with RCCL plus 1 coming up in March. Our most recent cruise was 9 months ago with Princess, which was our second cruise with them. We had the good fortune to receive a free upgrade from an interior to a balcony along with our best friends who had an adjoining room. The value would have been around $1100.00 had we booked it originally. I don't expect a free upgrade every time we sail, but I do find it somewhat offensive that a cruise line that tries to promote loyalty would create basically a lottery system to get people to upgrade their accommodations. We may have to rethink who we want to be loyal to.
  9. We were on Oasis 2 years ago and went to Cats. A lady from New York was sitting beside us and said that she had seen the original Broadway show, but didn't like it. She decided to give it another chance. Well, she fell asleep before the intermission and were left before we fell asleep. Jersey Boys would be great.
  10. We were on Oasis about 2 years ago. Never saw a bee, but we did see a Gecko.
  11. We will be on Serenade in March and we're really encouraged by most of the positive responses on this thread. Based on a few of the negative ones, I guess we can conclude that most positive and negative reviews are subjective. Some have commented about fewer options based on her size compared to the larger ships. We've been on Oasis and I found it less appealing because of the overwhelmingly large crowds. We had 6300 people on our sailing and although it is a beautiful ship, we found it very uncomfortable in the common areas. Especially the MDR. We almost needed a shoehorn to fit into our table. Our favourite ship was Navigator. Although it's a larger ship, it didn't feel overcrowded and the staff were fantastic. We anticipate Serenade will have a similar feel even though there are fewer activities on board.
  12. My vote is for Boss Underwater adventures in St.Thomas as well. We did that one in April and found it to be one of the best excursions we've ever done. Lot's of different types of sea life that the divers encourage to interact with customers, a ship wreck and the fun of operating an underwater scooter. Afterward, there is time to go snorkelling if you choose.
  13. As I recall the bus trip from Playa Del Carmen to Chichen Itza is about 2 hours each way. You get about 45 minutes at the site. So, the total time to and from your ship is about 6 hours. Had I realized most of your tour is traveling, I would have chosen a different tour.
  14. I retired at age 61 after 43 years in sales. I just turned 65. I got real tired of corporate politics. My wife retired in March after 44 years in the banking industry. Our focus now is family and travel. We would love to cruise more than once a year, but as were from Canada, the cost to fly to the US ports and the currency exchange rate force us to be creative with our travel dollars.
  15. The first thing I thought after reading this adventure was whether or not you had purchased a drink package.
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