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  1. The Royal did the 12 day this year but the Golden is doing 14 days all summer in 2020.
  2. On the Royal last week Captain Nick Nash said both the Royal and Regal will be in Alaska in 2021. One will be based in Seattle and the other in Vancouver. With both those big ships there I suspect at least one of them may do one RT San Pedro run.
  3. Captain Nick Nash told us last week on the Royal that both the Royal and Regal will be in Alaska in 2021. One will be based out of Seattle and the other Vancouver.
  4. The number is how many cruises you’ve already completed. I believe the A stands for adult.
  5. I can confirm the Passenger Services desk can print you a cruise card. It’ll look just like the old ones with your name, ship, sailing date, muster station, dining arrangements, number of cruises and folio number on it.
  6. Yep. You can either do it through OceanNow on your device or OceanNow on the TV.
  7. Did you ask a Navigator down at OceanFront about getting it to work?
  8. Last year on the Caribbean Princess the folks taking the tour with a drop off at MIA had to meet in the theater at 7:55am. The straight up transfer to MIA folks met at 8:45. I don’t know what time the bus actually left, but those meeting times are right from the disembarkation sheet.
  9. Interesting tidbit...quite often you’ll find things not being put out the last night as the guys who set up the MUTS chairs and cushions are the same ones taking care of the luggage in the hallways the last night of the cruise.
  10. No ordering necessary if you want to pick them up at the pier. You just check in as usual and they will hand you a Medallion instead of a cruise card.
  11. We can easily link bookings online in the Princess system. But I suspect this linking issue may have to do with minors in the cabin. Technically the 19 year old isn’t a minor, but being that 21 hasn’t been hit yet the system might not be accepting the linking online. Have the TA call their Princess line (not the general Princess number - there is a # specifically for TAs to call) to get it done. It’s amazing the power - and the knowledge - those reps on the other end of the phone have.
  12. Your travel agent can tell you if you have a casino rate when you go to make a booking. Agents typically don't add the code in unless you ask for it. You may already have it and don't know it!
  13. Remember, the ship's medical center does not bill insurance. All services are charged to the shipboard account and then it is up to the patient to submit it to their insurance company. It’s considered out-of-network (maybe there are exceptions but I’ve never heard of them) and is usually reimbursed differently than in-network services back at home. Travel insurance might not help in this case either as it would be considered a pre-existing condition. Check the travel insurance policy to be sure.
  14. Just don't read Yellow Fish Cruises' blog post from when they disembarked the ship last year in Shanghai!
  15. It doesn’t fall under the post-cruise trip delay with the Princess Vacation Protection? Or did you have non-Princess insurance?
  16. For us the events showed up on the morning of the cruise.
  17. No need to rush there. They can print a card for you any time. In the meantime, your Medallion will get you into your cabin, allow you to be scanned for muster, and can be used to pay for your purchases.
  18. Cards are printed (and issued) at the Passenger Services desk onboard. Staff shoreside only have Medallions available to hand out.
  19. You can just go to check in as you have in the past. They will issue you a Medallion there. If you want a cruise card, once onboard head to Passenger Services desk and they can print you one.
  20. What number is on the back of your Medallion? I don’t have a number on the back of mine.
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