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  1. did the baltic cruise out of southhampton a couple years ago and the ship had two local beers. I think the brewery was Bath I know one of the beers was GEM and then another from the brewery ( they were both good to my recall) . Every meal had gulden draak 9000. it was good. In belgium brought beer on board and carried to straight to the room. no problem. so you may be in luck,
  2. I am new to MSC and my first experiences have not been favorable with regard to customer service. I would give a failing grade to this point. thought I have not passed judgement at this point. My issue is with presentation of the product and delivery of a service. Namely the hero discount. 1) what the agent on the phone told us and what we recieved from the request were completely different. agent says pay, get a booking number and then submit. the replay said not elegable because we had made full payment ( they request to MSC for hero and payment was same day) . 2) the web site given to sub
  3. my kids were reluctant at the beginning to going to the kids club. I helps that there are two grandchildren, they will have an instant bond and they will quickly make friends. ( kind of like the first day of school) leave them in the morning and then come back in the afternoon and they may tell you to come back later. My kids did crafts , they came back to the cabin with water bottles from some events, made tie die t shirts. came back with face painting, came to the cabin with cards they made and I think a painting ( watercolor ) . the painting was with mom and dad. Early in the cruise my k
  4. Xavier Becerra and President joe Biden have oversight of this group, and their collective time in some type of science course work since highschool likely pushes 6 collective hours. How's that working out for us. I thought the CDC was a reporting agency with recommendation to the HHS and the excutive office. The question remains: has the CDC over stepped it's authority in setting policy and mandates as we move throught this time of pandemic?
  5. ruby was in LA about a week ago. Came up, I thought alright something's happening . Was in port of LA for about a day and a half and then back to la paz. OUR Governor has said alot during this pandemic! would not hold your breath on that one. my bet is he will give us a "new" color coded something or other with a little "Blah Blah" and some nice will timed hand swaying, and a Little "we are almost there pep talk" . I do recall the port authority makeing a strong push to get vaccination of the longshoremen early on in the roll out . That is a positive!
  6. "Back to normal" is a Relative term with a wide girth for internpentation, unless in opposition in which case the there is very little wiggle room, in the republic of California
  7. that's Right. your post helped me remember. This should be on one of those 'princess secrets' posts. But, my secret was that I would stop by the Bar at the back of the buffet on the way to breakfast and get an expresso each morning. I would make the trek to the international cafe each morning and bring coffee with me until the bar tender told me he could make me " a better cup " and save me a trip. That was nice! looking forward to the day I can get that cup of Joe again.
  8. if airlines fall under the FAA the FAA has no medical back ground in viral transmission. How can they be the ones to "put some rules in place to wear masks". all the masks and air flow in the cabin will not stop the spread of any virus as the host returns to campus after a week in florida. How is it that the CDC governs passenger marine vessels and the cruise industry? Who is the equivalent of the FAA for ships?
  9. Now this is what a CC thread use to be! coffee good / coffee bad. how do you save a lounger at the pool, don't share a drink, what's for dinner on the 3rd night in MDR. It's just like the good ol days. Yeah the coffee in the international cafe is better , it has to be you pay for it. but darn it that Horizon court coffee hits the spot sometimes when you walk through there, your cold - it's OK, when you need a little pick me up at 1030pm its OK or when It's just too far to walk to mid ship, it's OK . Sometimes 'just OK' is OK. I thought that was a refueling barge, but your right, i don't
  10. Not sure why that did not work but. nocl your basic assertion is that "the framework' established many months ago at a time based on a rudimentary base of knowledge is still as valid today as it was then. It may not be as valid anymore and an evaluation of "the framework' may need to be readdressed with present knowledge and understandings. we will always see variants of this disease emerge. the vaccine does not eradicate the virus, it makes the host less susceptible. I believe that the cruise industry is asking for the CDC to reevaluate their position so that they can resume operation.
  11. Is the SF mayor putting up road blocks to cruises in SF as CA opens up. In SoCal on two recent news outlets it was reported how devastated the tourism industry of SF is secondary to cancelations of conventions related to covid. I know of one group that had a long history of a huge yearly national convention in SF, they moved the venue and it had nothing to do with covid.
  12. Not going back to read the entire thread. so maybe this has been addressed. One has to consider that like many vaccines this vaccine seems to have a life span that current research puts at about three to four months ( hopefully longer time will tell) . Kind of like your flu vaccine. now flu season is just a few months every year. so one vaccine occasionally two will carry you through the season. We all need to remember that we have potentially been vaccinated for the next 3 -4 months. So what then? Will you Sail on YOUR cruise within 3-4 months of your vaccination? some will , some will not.
  13. Bruin Steve, are you more optimistic about the bruin football team win/ loss record for the 2021 season or the start of return to cruise season this year? there may be a few games in there you might want to miss! You know some had to say IT! anyway I am keepin the faith for both UCLA football and returning to cruising! enjoyed your break down.
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