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  1. I too share the OP's view. I love the freedom the Plus package gives me for drinks, but I'm not a wine snob so the Premier package would be a waste. I'm not a foodie either, but I do like to go to Sabatini's once or twice. I will also happily pay the difference for French champagne as the "fizzy stuff" the cruise lines offer within the Plus package is pretty awful.
  2. Curious to know why upgrading to a suite negates the requirement for drinks, Wifi, and crew appreciation cover?
  3. Esprit


    Surely consideration for others works both ways!
  4. Eating Eton Mess or a Strawberry Pavlova does that to me everytime, but they are my favourite desserts! 😂
  5. I didn't need to bother with the stockperks email. I simply completed the pdf shareholder request form via the link above I got my OBC confirmation the day after I submitted the form via email. This was last week btw. For USA and Canada the email address is sbpcl@princesscruises.com. For the UK it's benefits@princesscruises.co.uk
  6. Been to Mykonos many times. On Celebrity the ships berth (perhaps due to the Greek captains getting first dibs!) so there is a shuttle bus all day long from the cruise ship berth to the town. For our Princess visits however we’ve always had tenders take us to the town’s harbour. You can also get a little ferry from the cruise ship dock to the harbour which costs few euro’s.
  7. I downloaded the app but wasn't happy so I applied for the OBC the old fashioned way! I completed the Princess Benefits claim form and emailed it to them with a copy of the Carnival share certificate. Received confirmation of the OBC added the next day and my Cruise Personalizer confirmed it, so I removed the Stockperks app. Simples!
  8. They make excellent golf ball markers.
  9. The roads are well clear of the waterline. There is also ample parking for the locals to wave the ships by. I have been to Kotor four times (two with Princess and twice with Celebrity). The Solstice and Royal class ships are too big to berth so we have always tendered to the quayside. We are due to return aboard the Sun this August and do not believe it will be cancelled IMHO
  10. We are Elite and I’d be happy to get a different colour for a change. I use mine as golf ball markers after so a collection of different colours would be nice. Collecting them at the embarkation port saves all the faffying around ordering then waiting for them arrive in the post too.
  11. Thank you for your balanced and well written review. We will be on deck 15 in a DB cabin forward this August so acknowledge the lengthy walk to the MDR’s, but glad to know we are close to the sea view terrace and Lido eateries.
  12. I know the CC rules say we can’t promote TA’s but could you give me a clue to who you use please. Perhaps by location in the U.K.!
  13. Re faring here in the U.K. isn’t possible. So I hate seeing these threads with so many people successfully getting their booked cruise price reduced. C’est la vie!
  14. Esprit


    We always buy cashew nuts whenever we come across a supermarket while wandering around a port. Mostly eat them when I'm having a Peroni or three at different ship bars.
  15. We too plan to dine in the deck 6 MDR this August on Sun Princess. Hopefully there will be a second sitting at 8 pm and we can choose a table of 8.
  16. I emailed my Shareholder request form with a photo of the share certificate yesterday for our Sun Princess cruise this August. Received the confirmation email reply this morning and my Cruise Personalizer now shows the added $250 OBC. I also downloaded the Stockperks app, but have since deleted it.
  17. I simply completed the "Shareholder request form" downloaded from the Princess website and attached a photo of a share certificate. Emailed them off to Benefits@princesscruises.co.uk yesterday, and got the acceptance reply this morning. So much easier than faffing around with the Stockperks app, that I have now deleted.
  18. P&0's Britannia has a dedicated dance floor for ballroom/Latin dancing too. Not as big as the one on QM2 however.
  19. I wouldn’t worry. We are on Sun Princess this August for two weeks and have no intention of going to O’Malley’s or Alfredo’s even with our Plus package.
  20. I confess to starting early too! When I've been close to the 15 I use my wife's allowance👍🙂
  21. As for the Sun Princess, we can't wait to board this August for 14 nights. Nothing reported so far has put me off in the slightest.
  22. They certainly did it for Celebrity Edge back in 2018. My DD was selected for Activities Manager. The inaugural season was so stressful (being a brand new concept for Celebrity) she quit. The initial negativity the ship received from Celebrity diehards didn't help!
  23. Devastating news! The water temperature was 10c, so hyperthermia will set in quickly! Two pilots on the cargo ship so something seriously went wrong with the ship's navigation/steering/radar. I'm guessing it will be many weeks before cargo ships/ cruise ships can use the docks again.
  24. I hope you didn't starve waiting so long to be served 😉
  25. Here's the link @Pixelskaya Santorini Cruise Ship Schedule 13 August 2024 | Santorini Cruise Port Schedule 13 August 2024 (cruisetimetables.com) In with us will be: MSC Divina (3,502 pax) Odyssey of the Seas (4,198 pax) Silversea Silver Whisper (388 pax) Unfortunately Silver Whisper leaves at 10 pm (as does the Sun) and OOTS an hour after us, so I wouldn't risk taking the gondola later than 8 pm. We've been to Santorini loads of times. The walk up is fun (just 588 steps to the top). Walking down takes about 30-40 minutes, but don't wear nice/new trainers!!!! Last year we had quite a queue for the gondola (at least an hour!) as there 3 other ships in. We should have waited later into the early evening as our ship was leaving much later than the others. See you on board perhaps!
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