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  1. Thanks for posting the photos. I've been enjoying your blog. I hope you're having a wonderful trip.
  2. Bella0714

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    Mind if I ask a question about booking through Vantage? Why are their prices nearly three times higher than the Hurtigruten.no prices?
  3. Bella0714

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    Thank you, hallasm. I don't know why, but no matter which browser I use, Hurtigruten. no is giving me the error message. I'll try again in a few days. Interesting idea about flying from Kirkenes, but from what I can tell, most of those flights to Narvik have long layovers. Also, I've read that the stretch between Harstad and Svolvaer, which is in daylight southbound only, is one of the most-beautiful stretches of the Hurtigruten journey, so I'm hesitant to miss that. I also noticed that car rentals in Svolvaer are about a third of the price of car rentals in Finnsnes. According to Google Maps, there are three driving routes between Svolvaer and Senja. I'm wondering if taking one route north and another route south would be an interesting way to go and slightly different from a scenic point of view. I think right now, I'm leaning toward: 1. Oslo-Flam-Bergen by train. Norway In A Nutshell on our own? 2. Hurtigruten Bergen to Kirkenes. Maybe spend a night in Kirkenes. 3. Hurtrigruten Kirkenes to Svolvaer. Spend a week driving around Lofoten and Senja. 4. Either get back on Hurtigruten for the overnight to Trondheim or fly from Svolvaer to Oslo. Doing it this way, we'll have only two nights on the more-expensive port-to-port option.
  4. Bella0714

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    Does Hurtigruten offer a full board option on port-to-port? Breakfast is included in port-to-port, but is there an option to upgrade to full board? I ask because I'm planning a trip for mid-March 2020. My wife and I would like to spend some time in both Senja and Lofoten Islands. I would like to do Bergen to Kirkenes to Finnsnes, rent a car, spend two or three days in Senja, then get back on another ship in Finnsnes and go to Svolvaer for another three days or so. The problem is that Hurtigruten's arrival time in Finnsnes on the southbound is 4:15 a.m., so what would we do while waiting four hours for the car rental agency to open? I doubt the Hurtigruten terminal in Finnsnes stays open from 4:15 a.m. to 8 a.m. With this in mind, doing Bergen-Finnsnes, Finnsnes-Kirkenes, Kirkenes-Svolvaer and then Svolvaer to Trondheim or Bergen makes sense from the point of view of port arrival times. But port-to-port on Hurtigruten can get very pricey. We could do Bergen-Kirkenes-Svolvaer, get off in Svolvaer on the northbound and spend a week in Svolvaer and Senja, but that would mean a 10-hour roundtrip from Svolvaer to Senja and back to avoid a large car dropoff fee. But if Hurtigruten offers a full board option on point-to-point, that might cut down a bit on meal costs. I tried to find this out on Hurtigruten.no, but I kept getting error messages when trying to book point-to-point. I'd also be welcome to other ways to do what we want to do. Scenery and Northern Lights are the main goals of this trip. Thank you, Dave
  5. Bella0714

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    Are you sure about that? The husky sled tour is one of the excursions listed on the northbound portion of the round trip with the tour departing a half hour after port arrival and returning a half hour before. Now that I look closer, it does go to the Snow Hotel, so I’m assuming they run the tour.
  6. Bella0714

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    Does anyone know if the dog sledding offered by Hurtigruten is the same as the one offered by the Kirkenes Snow Hotel?
  7. Bella0714

    Magdalena Penguin Reserve question

    I think both GV Tours and Solo Expediciones both go to Magdalena Island for less than $200/pp even on days that ships are in port.
  8. Wangy26: You started this thread three months ago, so I'm assuming that you've already booked your flights. We're planning a similar post-cruise itinerary for January 2020 doing the following: fly from BA to the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls after getting off the ship, then spending a day and a half on the Argentine side, then go to the Brazil side on the second night, stay over, and fly home from the Brazil side on the third night. We're doing it this way because from what we've seen, flights from Brazil (Sao Paulo or Rio) to Miami, where we live, are generally less-expensive than flights from BA to Miami. Anyway, I'm just throwing it out there that once you get to the Falls, you don't have to fly back through B.A.
  9. Bella0714

    Best Penguin Excursion?

    Can anyone comment on the Chiloe Island Penguin Colony near Ancud as a day trip from Castro? Wondering if it’s worthwhile since from what I can tell, penguin viewing is by boat and for a very short viewing period. This would be on a January port day in Castro.
  10. Bella0714

    Ushuaia Argentina

    It’s a long way off, but our shop will be in port from 2 pm to 8 pm in January 2020. Figuring in on-board time, I am thinking that will give us five hours of port time, max. Is that enough time to do anything that involves traveling away from the port? Or will this just be a wasted port day?
  11. Bella0714

    My day in Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes

    Thanks for the report, Valley Girl. Your trip reports have been very interesting and detailed so far. This pretty much confirms that we should do Punta Tombo if we do HAL's South America/Antarctica cruise next year. I'm sorry you were disappointed with the excursion, but it looks like you have a great time otherwise.
  12. Bella0714

    Antarctic "sail by" cruises (not expeditions)

    That HAL ship is in port from 8 am to 5 pm, so it should be fine if we get in line early the day before for tendering tickets. At least I hope so. You're absolutely right about those conflicting port days. It's a bit crazy. Only a very small percentage will get out to Volunteer Point. I mean, here's a place in the middle of nowhere, and it's going to be bombarded by cruise passengers in one day.
  13. Bella0714

    Antarctic "sail by" cruises (not expeditions)

    I just re-read your blog entry about tendering at Stanley. Yipes! Can I start waiting on line now?
  14. Bella0714

    Antarctic "sail by" cruises (not expeditions)

    I also noticed that Celebrity plans for Antarctica the day after Cape Horn while HAL has a day at sea and allows for 60 hours from Ushuaia to Antarctica. I assume they’re playing it safe and allowing for some wiggle room. Sounds good to me.
  15. Bella0714

    Antarctic "sail by" cruises (not expeditions)

    You should see Jan. 25, 2020. HAL, Princess and Azamara will be in Stanley on the same day. On the chance that we might actually follow through on this deposit and take the HAL cruise, I’ve already booked with Estancia for Volunteer Point.