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  1. Hurtigruten’s Norwegian website Hurtigruten.no.
  2. Thank you all for your help. It's all very helpful. BTW, the .no site is running a sale through Monday. 25% off on all port-to-port bookings this fall. Dave
  3. Does anyone know the lunch and dinner prices on the Norway Coastal Cruises and the prices in the cafeteria? We're going port-to-port for some of our journey and are trying to decide whether or not to purchase full board. Thank you!
  4. You mentioned that what’s best and what you’re willing to pay are two different things. My wife and I are in the same position. But you also mentioned adding four or five days post-cruise. You should check out the prices at Hurtigruten.no. The price for 13 days—six in Antarctica with daily landings—is now about $1,000 more per person, including taxes, over what you’d pay for the longer HAL cruises. Right now, with the Norwegian Kronor dropping, it’s $10,800 for two next late February/early March.
  5. I’m not sure where you got that from. The 2020 eclipse crosses well south of B.A.
  6. Westerdam Nov. 27-Dec. 19, 2010. South America, Antarctica and Solar Eclipse. The eclipse is on Dec. 14th.
  7. It's actually not crazy at all. It makes perfect sense. Of course things can vary from year to year or month to month. Of course there will be years when October in Tromso is dryer than March (such as this past year). But we're dealing with probability, as you know, and on the average, mid-February and March are dryer than mid-September and October. However, as SarniaLo points out, the statistics don't say that March is a lot better than October; to the contrary, according to WeatherSpark, October is better than March for cloud cover but by such a small percentage (3 or 4%) that there's hardly a difference. You know what is odd? According to WeatherSpark, March in Tromso is significantly wetter than October in Tromso but October is Tromso is slightly less cloudy.
  8. Thank you, roaming_kiwi. That was very helpful. It almost seems like a no-brainer when the expedition on Hurtigruten Midnatsol (13 days, 6 in Antarctica) is only $2,100 more than the sail-by with HAL: $11,200 vs. $9,100 for two.
  9. We're staying on the Nordnorge in Kirkenes and going port-to-port to Svolvaer; for the northbound, we booked an Arctic Superior cabin because the UK site was running a very good sale and we got the Arctic Superior for the same price as an inside guarantee would have been without the sale. Didn't see any point in staying in Kirkenes in late September since there won't be any snow. Thought about taking the bus to Murmansk and spending a day there, but it would've taken away from Lofoten (unless we fly from Kirkenes to Tromso then got back on the ship in Tromso; still a thought, but we'd miss Kirkenes to Tromso). Finnmarken from Svolvaer to Trondheim. SarniaLo, your blog has inspired us to go to Norway and Antarctica!
  10. We've decided to do Svolvaer to Trondheim southbound on Hurtigruten. We like the idea of spending more time on the ship, SarniaLo's photos of that stretch are beautiful (now we need the weather to cooperate!) and we also like the idea of the train ride from Trondheim to Oslo, especially with possible fall foliage. We're going to book the 8:10 a.m. train on Sunday, Oct. 6 when it goes on sale to get the low price and hope Hurtigruten isn't late arriving in Trondheim; if it is, we'll just have to eat that ticket and take a later train. And if we get the earlier train, we'll have the rest of the afternoon, that night and the following morning in Oslo (our flight is at 5 p.m. on Oct. 7). For those who have done port-to-port, is there much risk in waiting until 30 days out to book the port-to-port at that time of year. The Hurtigruten.no site claims they reduce prices by 40% for port-to-port travel less than 30 days out. Thanks to all!
  11. I just had a look at the next day of your journey and am now thinking we should take the train from Trondheim to Oslo. Considering airport travel time and wait time at the airport, it’s only a few hours longer. This would be our only train trip of our journey, and I like trains. The scenery looks really nice.
  12. Thank you. Those are beautiful pictures. As for Oslo, we’d lose a day unless we spend six days in Lofoten instead of seven, which I’m not sure we want to do. But we were thinking of flying to Bodo from Svolvaer, anyway, and using the long layover to go to Saltstraumen (the current is strong during the layover), so under that plan, we wouldn’t have arrived in Oslo until late Saturday night anyway. If we sail from Svolvaer to Trondheim instead, we can still get to Oslo Sunday morning (our flight is late Monday afternoon). The purpose of this trip always was to see beautiful scenery and, hopefully, the lights, not big cities.
  13. My wife and I have already booked Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes on Nordnorge, departing September 19. Then we'll take the southbound leg to Svolvaer, arriving Sept. 27, and stay eight nights so we can explore the Lofoten Islands and maybe parts of Vesteralen, too. The original plan was to fly from Svolvaer to Stockholm on the morning of Saturday, October 5 and spend the last few nights in Oslo prior to our late-afternoon departure on the 7th. But now I'm wondering if we should get back on Hurtigruten in Svolvaer on October 4 or 5 and sail southbound to Trondheim (arriving at 6:30 a.m.) to spend a half day or so there before flying to Oslo. Compared to the rest of the journey, how scenic is that leg between Svolvaer and Trondheim (I know we'll only get part of it in daylight)? Or would we be better off just flying from Svolvaer to Oslo (we've never been there)? Thanks for your input.
  14. We're doing Bergen to Svolvaer via Kirkenes and spending a week in Lofoten. Two days in Bergen to start the trip and two days in Oslo to finish it. We wanted to do the huskies and the snow hotel, but we decided to avoid winter because we want to spend a week in Lofoten and the area around it and were worried about winter storms. So, we traded off snow scenery and activities for a more-predictable week, driving-wise, in Lofoten. But every time I see photos of Norway with snow, I wonder if we did the right thing. Thanks for the tips re-DIY. We can still do the king crabs in Kirkenes. Glad you had a wonderful time.
  15. If you have any doubts about South Georgia, check out the Frozen Worlds episode of Our Planet on Netflix. I wasn't sure I wanted to go there, either, until I saw that. Funny, but it made me want to go (because it's so beautiful and impressive and so many animals) and not go (because I kinda feel we should leave those animals alone).
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