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  1. Boy, you're being really nice. I commend you for your ability to be graceful. 🙂 I despise this software. It's horrible to use. No way this software was written by anyone who enjoys and participates regularly in message boards. And that's if it actually functioned correctly, regularly. I'm not really familiar anymore with all the options that may be available, but the forums where I am active, regularly, often, and find it straightforward, simple and easy to do everything are the XenForo-based ones, which I guess are loosely evolved from the older vBulletin forum styles.
  2. Some differences may be typical use cases. I am on the computer pretty much constantly, with multiple dozens of windows open and I visit the forum from a window that stays open on the forum. Someone who, for instance, is a very casual visitor may open the forum in a browser, visit it, then close the browser window. When they return they do the same. This may present a different environment for things like stored cookies that may get renewed versus having values simply from when the actual activity may have last occurred. So finding things such as that need to take into account understanding
  3. I was hopeful yesterday after the extended downtime of the forums that perhaps it was something being moved over to some new host in an attempt to fix logon/logoff issues. it actually went about 24 hours logged in without logging me off. But then in the last hour, here we go again. If it's Invision's problem you guys should make them fix it. If it's your problem for how you're integrating your pages with Invision forums, then you need to devote some time to fix it. Either way. In this thread and another that just appeared, this problem is pretty widespread. But whatever, it sure wo
  4. That's sound advice. Sometimes they will offer the last cruise planner pricing for the sailing before they stopped selling in advance on the first day of the sailing onboard. However they will usually get obsessed with the actual wording of the sale. For example, we've all become accustomed to their idea of "Buy One Get 50% off One" in Cruise Planner sales, where an individual just sees that as a 25% discount. But onboard that offer on a beverage package is interpreted literally. The first package you buy will be 100% of the onboard price. The second you buy for someone else in your cabin i
  5. It is inconceivable there won't be a cruise planner sale that will be available before your July 10 sailing. Independence Day. Now it's certainly slightly possible they'll choose not to put the drink packages on sale for the Adventure sailing, but we just went through that for the June 12 sailing and it went to the same 30%-off offer it kept going to at every sale since the sailings were first announced. If you want to look through some cruise planner price histories, I've been trying to keep them before and after each sale. Here's all the sailing I've done this for prior to your sailing.
  6. Interesting. That matches up with the 6/19 sailing itinerary change that is happening because of the Freedom of the Seas test cruise from June 20-22, 2021. ShareInfo_2021.06.19_2021.06.09.jpg (700×1994) (2150.com)
  7. The one-ship limitation is only about private islands if they want to be consistent with the CDC requirements that allow non-vaccinated passengers to not wear a mask on the island. It doesn't apply to any other ports.
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with the number of ships in Cozumel (or Grand Bahama Island) at the same time. The issue is that the CDC included in their guidelines for US-based departures that all guests on a cruise line's private island, vaccinated or unvaccinated, could be maskless IF and ONLY IF there was only one ship docked at the private island at a time. So for Freedom to go there, it has to be the only ship there at the time. And it impacted how they could schedule things with our sailings.
  9. The full email for 9/4/2021 (identical to the 9/11/2021 email I received, other than the date, and probably the same for all August sailings as well). Full resolution version: ShareInfo_2021.09.04_2021.06.09.jpg (698×1996) (2150.com)
  10. June 19th sailing is a little different... No apparent changes to June 12 or June 26 though.
  11. The CDC matters to Freedom of the Seas, not to Adventure of the Seas.
  12. Welcome to 2020. Again why is it not permitted for a cruise line to carefully, methodically, transition from not sailing at all to using protocols and requirements and moving towards how things used to be after gaining actual experience with how situations unfold aboard? Why are some so determined to force them to just go right back to where things were in January 2020 with blindfolds on and fingers crossed? And if we plan to do that, where's at least the corresponding legislation protecting them from what happened to them in March 2020 and for the next 15 months financially? If a governmen
  13. As opposed to not cruising at all because they're not allowed to cruise? They said it was temporary. Why is it not allowed for a cruise line to ramp up into sailing again, through a conscious, methodical progression through protocols to safely start things back up and let it progress as experiences permit relaxation of those protocols? (Yes, that's a rhetorical question because I know it isn't possible to have a reasonable discussion on the subject with most people in this forum.)
  14. This article is about one MSC ship just being prohibited from docking in Scotland having 75% vaccinated passengers aboard among the 900 passengers. So a port visit missed and apparently some passengers who were beginning their cruise at this port also can't. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57406705
  15. I think Royal Caribbean does recognize that most of the people complaining the loudest will not follow through with anything that matters; they're just stirring the pot.
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