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  1. There's no issue with the depth of the area. So they might be able to dock both ships and at least be able to handle cargo until it's time to board passengers. It's probably likely someone will report what happens. 🙂
  2. Might start with having 5,000 people and their luggage to move. That'd be at least 100 round-trips, probably more because of excessive luggage. Anthem uses tablets for everything so no monstrous infrastructure need; just WiFi and printers. But there's still the matter of making a deal to even use the space.
  3. I had a connecting room on Explorer of the Seas that did not block noise from the adjacent cabin very well; I heard everything. I notified guest services of the problem and later that day they had had maintenance come up and use gaffers tape along the edges of the door; I presume they probably did the same on the other side bu don't know for sure. After that there was never a time I heard noise from the adjacent cabin. So I do avoid connecting rooms whenever possible, and so far have managed to do that every time. But should there be some last-minute deal I take in the future and have no choice, I at least know how to get it taken care of if there's a problem.
  4. Technically the OBC offered is for the stateroom, not per person (i.e., if you added a 3rd person to the room, you're still only getting $100 OBC for the room).
  5. Just came from Guest Services again. They are saying the aft cabins should now have working a/c, but they are still working on the forward cabins. No ETA.
  6. Yes it does; it's not "double points"; it's "an extra point" per night. If you travel solo, you'd get 3 points per night; double occupancy would be getting each person 2 points per night.
  7. In practice the drink package is always sold in advance at a discount, 20%, 25% or 30% off, at various times prior to a sailing. So your real cost, if you plan in advance, is much lower than those prices, as low as $44-$49/day at the 30% discount. And at up to $13/drink, it can take as little as an average of 3 or 4 alcoholic beverages and a specialty coffee or soda or bottles of water each day to break even.
  8. Generally they won't offer drink packages on charters, doubly so for the all-gay cruises where the alcoholic beverage consumption can run two to three times a normal sailing. It's all about money. 🙂 The Oasis-class alcoholic beverage prices are typically in the $9-$13 range, depending on brand and mixers. Wines can be higher by the glass. Non-alcohol refreshment and soda packages should still be available.
  9. The key is to be a memorable personality when you decline the offer(s) the first time; if they remember you declined they won't approach you again. Engage them a bit; for dining offers, ask them what specifically is bad in the MDR that they feel you should be paying for a specialty restaurant. Have fun; engage them. They'll remember you.
  10. The Queen Mary 2 has one of the strictest dress codes at sea. Daytime wear ranges from smart casual to stylish, and the dress code shifts to formal after 6 p.m. Passengers tend to dress to the nines for dinner even on non-formal nights, with men wearing a suit with a jacket (tie optional) and women in cocktail dresses or slacks and a blouse. Formal nights are frequent and extravagant, with typical seven-night Atlantic crossings containing four formal or themed nights. On these evenings, men are expected to wear a tuxedo or suit and tie, and women wear formal dresses or evening gowns. Many passengers use these nights as an excuse to go all-out and don gloves, sequins and extravagant jewelry. Inspiration for Daytime. Daytime for her. Days on our ships are for relaxing and we want you to feel comfortable and at home. So feel free to dress as you please, whether you’re out on deck or inside. Polo shirts, T-shirts and casual tops, such as a kaftans, paired with shorts, a skirt or casual, lightweight trousers are a great choice or day dresses for a slightly more elegant alternative. Even if it’s likely to be hot and sunny, it’s usually sensible to pack a few cardigans or lightweight sweaters too for on deck and around the ship. Footwear ideas include plimsolls, sandals and open-toed shoes, such as espadrilles. Daytime for him. Days on our ships are for relaxing and we want you to feel comfortable and at home. So feel free to dress as you please, whether you’re out on deck or inside. For days at sea, or ashore, you might opt for a casual long or short sleeve shirt, a polo shirt, a T-shirt or a sweater paired with shorts, lightweight or cargo trousers. Footwear can be equally relaxed, so you might wish to bring sandals, deck shoes or espadrilles. Evening style guide. Smart attire for her. Every night on board in most venues we ask that you wear smart attire. You can still feel free to dress to impress, yet with less formality than during our Gala celebrations. For these nights, you might pick out an elegant dress, flowing maxi skirt and top or combine a blouse and trousers. Complete your outfit with low or high heels, court shoes or flat shoes such as pumps. Smart attire for him. On those evenings when we’re not hosting Gala celebrations in most venues we ask that you wear smart attire. We request that you wear a jacket or blazer in the main bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, paired with trousers, chinos and a shirt with a tie or an open collar, or even just over a crew neck jumper. You might complete the outfit with brogues, loafers or boots. Gala nights for her. Two or three times during every seven nights on board our Gala evenings (sometimes themed) encourage you to be at your most glamorous from when the clock strikes 6pm. These are the sparkling occasions with a celebratory atmosphere for which you pack your favourite evening dress, that flowing ball gown or a statement cocktail dress. Then again, you may feel more comfortable in a formal combination, such as a jacket, blouse or shirt and trousers. Gala nights for him. Our Gala evenings (sometimes themed) are the time for you to dress to impress as the celebratory atmosphere is heightened. So from 6pm, don your dinner jacket (or tuxedo, if you prefer to call it that) – which you’re more than welcome to wear with a kilt. Many choose to finish the look with a bow tie, perhaps even a cummerbund. A dark two-piece or three-piece suit is perfectly acceptable too, whether with a regular tie or a cravat. Your choice of smart shoes will complete the look. Relaxed Evenings. From time to time, not least after a rewarding discovery ashore, you might wish to round off the day in a more relaxed style. You’ll be pleased to know that many of our bars and lounges welcome you to unwind in more casual outfits during the evening but we do ask that guests refrain from wearing torn or tattered clothing, shorts, sandals or sleeveless t-shirts. Casual venues include: King Court, Lido Buffet, Golden Lion, Casino, Carinthia Lounge, Winter Garden, Garden Lounge, Yacht Club and G32.
  11. What sort of a disparaging remark about cruising solo? I really can't think of any. Certainly none that couldn't be replied to with something like "I've no doubt whoever you're traveling with would likely prefer to be traveling solo, too."
  12. Just off Anthem of the Seas 12/10/2018; cans of soda are included with the Deluxe Beverage and Refreshment packages, but not part of the Soda package.
  13. I see the new itineraries to be released this week have been released and are visible.
  14. The ship has no rudder; the Azipods rotation is what allows that. If one were fixed, it would be useless if not detrimental during maneuvering.
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