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  1. This Michigan resident is happy Tampa is coming back. We loved our Rotterdam cruise out of Tampa. That coupled with good Allegiant Air direct flights and Tampa Bay Downs are a great reason to give them a look - especially last minute in 2020.
  2. Beyond the great images from Roger Jett there are many more selections on offer in the bars. Many fine whiskeys and bourbons and several good tequilas also.
  3. It was near $60 on the Rotterdam in February. It had been worth the cost in the past but our ATK instructor was horrible. She was late and did not help other's that were struggling. The last time I will pay for it.
  4. We also bring ours down early if it is a young wine and needs to be decanted for some air time.
  5. Love the Tamarind pop up idea on ships without it. Rudi's kind of getting old...
  6. This is a great thread as we are booked in 7088 on the Zuiderdam in December. I am afraid that it might be too windy for dinner dining on our balcony. Has anyone had experience with that? Thanks!
  7. We did a Vancouver to Seward right after Labor Day and then 3 days in Denali. The pluses 1. No bugs 2. No crowds in port 3. We had Glacier Bay almost to ourselves (one other Princess ship) and did 3 360 spins to look at the glaciers 4. Stores liquidating merchandise and the best of all the wildlife watching in Denali was primo. The animals were loading up on food prior to winter. We saw Moose, Grizzlies, Caribou and sheep. Our bus driver said she never saw so much game on one trip. We thought we would be late for seeing whales but we saw Orcas and Humpbacks almost every day. Perhaps we were lucky.
  8. In 2016 we had a Neptune Suite and we ended up at the Westmark perhaps as our reservation was tied to friends who had a Veranda. It was a large room with a separate seating area but it was shabby. Took forever to get our baggage when we got off the bus.
  9. We have loved the Pinnacle breakfasts and on 3 cruises in NS we had great service in the PG and usually fairly busy each day. I love the quiet and more attentive service for breakfast in the PG. We also have loved the window seating or next row with breakfast in the PG. We are on the Zuiderdam in December so will see how it works out in CO. If it is quiet and window tables we will be happy. One problem we have in the PG at breakfast was champagne and Bloody Mary's with our beverage package were rather slow to arrive. Perhaps with the group they will be quicker. They had taken away the pastry service too in lieu of a plate of pastries of their choice. Maybe we will have an offering again. Reserving judgement until December. Thanks for preparing us though, this site is such a wealth of information for us to be prepared for our trip!
  10. We used the lounge as a drop in place for snacks and talking with the concierges about reservations and room service etc. It is very convenient. We have noticed that there are people in there all day using the space as a place to be on their computers usually sitting at the library table near the entrance. Are they allowing NL access to super Mariners for their loyalty/ Wouldn't know why anyone would want to sit there so long if they had a suite and balcony to go to. No harm no foul as we don't use the space as do few others.
  11. We have been in NS three times. Our last was the best when our dining in the MDR didn't meet our schedule. We asked our NS concierge to order our dinner for us after perusing the menu that was left at our cabin every day mid-day. We dined on our balcony for 8 nights enjoying the Caribbean evenings and a peaceful dinner. Even though it was in-cabin dining it was hotter than our first and only meal in the MDR. Snacks from the lounge were convenient throughout the day, the laundry and last minute reservation changes were a plus too. You will love it!
  12. This was last September. It was 22 Euro for a taxi to Damrak Delta Hotel about 1/2 mile from terminal . The Uber pickup was across the street and about 2 Euro less. Again this was to our hotel which was near the ship terminal. I would guess 25 Euro at most. Spacious Tesla with lots of room for luggage
  13. If you like Michelin Star restaurants with the food that is out there then de Libreje may be for you. Here are some pics of our dinner on the Kdam last September. I love good food and innovation but this was too out there for me. Amuse bouche - Cold waxy fois gras "oyster" shells with a fresh oyster and foam - A very edible piece of fish - a deconstructed apple dessert. I hope someone else can help you with other photos or comments on the 2 dinners.
  14. I would go to Guest Services and book when you board. Depending on how long your cruise is it should be no problem to get the day you want.
  15. Photo from my visit to Blend on the K'dam September 2018. I actually did it twice that trip. Different blend each time.
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