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  1. Yes this happened to me and it did have to do with the Oasis reclassification after she came out of dry dock. One of our connecting rooms got moved to another deck but thankfully I got it straightened out before sailing. We moved to a different set of connecting rooms and they actually turned out to be a better location. Connecting rooms worked out great for my family so I think you made a good choice OP.
  2. Yes they do! It took us awhile to get both the connecting door and the balcony doors opened though. The room steward had to have a manager come and do them, we got the connecting door in the stateroom opened the first night and then the balcony opened later the second day. Not a big deal just a heads up!
  3. This is the truth, they should really have it open earlier. Showed up a few minutes before twelve and gave up due to the huge line. However it's great for a mid afternoon snack or late lunch as the crowd dies way down after the initial rush. The quesadillas are great.
  4. I thought I saw one last week as well, thanks for confirming! I skipped it because I wasn't sure if you had to provide your own penny or what the deal was with it.
  5. Does anyone else feel that Royal should open restaurants for lunch a little bit earlier? I was just on Oasis last week and had an awesome time. However, I noticed all the lunch restaurants either open up at 11:30 or noon. Both the Park Cafe and El Loco Fresh developed lines of people waiting for them to open up at 12. I think if RCI pushed the 11:30 restaurants to 11 and the noon restaurants to 11:30 it would be helpful. They could even cut the last half hour of operation since most of the lunch restaurants are pretty empty near the end. I was travelling with my two kids who are always hungry so maybe this is unique to me, just wanted to get others take on it.
  6. Thank you for the great pics! I just got off Oasis this morning. 😫 That's interesting they are still adding to the playground area, it was already a huge improvement over the old Oasis class setup.
  7. Yea I'm curious about this as well, I reserved 6:30 for the cruise on Sunday so we will see how it works out! I just checked the app and it's still showing 6:30.
  8. From the title I assumed this would be a really horrible or dramatic situation. However it sounds like the OP had a pretty typical cruise just a bit underwhelming. I don't think there is any need to convince OP to sail Royal again, plenty of cruise lines out there. My wife and I had a great time on Celebrity and probably would still cruise with them if we didn't have small kids!
  9. Your story is almost exactly the same as mine! The only difference is that we have two kids under 5, and we started on Deck 7 (but also wound up on Deck 8!). Also spent a lot of time on the phone, RCI's original solution was to find a stateroom for my son and me on Deck 7 "as close as possible" to our original cabin with my wife and daughter. I told them that wasn't acceptable, I found 8162/8164 available on the website which showed as open for Dec 8 so I told them to move us into those staterooms. RCI didn't want to do that because the category was lower than my original and we were after final payment - at which point you can only go up and not down in category. You can imagine my response to that, but I do feel lucky that they eventually relented and moved us back into connecting cabins. I'm also worried that it will happen again, I check my emails every day for another re-categorization email. Until we are on the ship I won't be 100% convinced. The main thing that bothers me is that all this happened after final payment.
  10. How many people can sleep in each cabin is a part of it. To be honest the explanation I got didn't make any sense, I was told that the original cabin I booked 7694 was changed to a four person cabin which is why I was moved to 6198. Hopefully this cruise sets sail otherwise my two hours or so on the phone with RCI customer service will go to waste!
  11. December 1st (but not Nov 24 or Dec 8 ) is back up, but when you click it it goes to April 2020. So maybe we are looking at IT/cabin re-categorization issues here instead of drydock delay? Hard to tell at this point, it is quite the mystery. I was also thinking about the fact that Oasis was scheduled to be in dry dock for 6 or 7 weeks, so a 3 week delay would really be significant. To me that would indicate an issue with propulsion or some behind the scenes mechanical problem. I'm sure that if RCI couldn't get the BBQ place or robot bartenders up she would still sail.
  12. I'm in the same boat (ha) being on the December 8th sailing. Waiting to hear more and way overthinking this. Right now the two most likely scenarios to me are: 1) RCI really is having problems with the cabins re-categorization and took booking offline to sort it out. As I've mention before I've been affected by this having a connecting cabin moved to a different deck. It took them a long time on the phone to sort it out and they told me they were having a lot of issues. So this might be possible. But the big question is, if that is true why only the first three sailings? 2) RCI isn't sure if the ship will be ready for the first three sailings and is putting a hold on bookings and keeping radio silent until they figure it out. However I'm not sure why they would do this either, because it seems like RCI's standard gameplan is to keep accepting bookings until they are sure they won't sail. We won't really know unless RCI makes a cancellation announcement or puts the bookings back up. Or if Oasis leaves drydock which I think is scheduled for next week?
  13. I'm on December 8th and had a major problem with the re-categorization earlier this week. Have connecting cabins with two small kids and they flipped my son and I to a different deck. Luckily we were able to grab different connecting cabins but I can confirm first hand they are having problems with it. However the fact that it is the first three sailing only that aren't showing does worry me.
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