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  1. I'll take it one step further, I don't think the CDC will lift the no sail order in 2020
  2. Exactly, the worst thing that could happen to the cruise industry would be another COVID outbreak. It would kill the industry IMO. The media would have a feeding frenzy. By requiring proof of vaccination the cruise lines could say that cruising is safer than any land vacation in the US and completely change the current narrative. So to answer the OP, yes I think they should require it and I hope they will.
  3. My kids school is a private entity and they require a whole bunch of vaccines.
  4. Yes there is a chance there will be no vaccine. There is also a chance there will be no more cruises again. In my post I noted "very likely", I understand there are a range of possibilities.
  5. Agreed, my wife and I have talked about this, there really is no reason to horde Lysol in your home. As long as you wash your hands when you get in and keep your house a reasonable level of cleanliness that should be sufficient.
  6. Yes absolutely, I will get the vaccine regardless of cruising. Also I think the scenario we are discussing is in RCI's best interest and very likely - they will wait to resume cruises until vaccines are readily available and require proof of vaccinations to board. In that case the cruise lines will be able to say that you have less of a chance of getting COVID on a cruise than land which will help turn around the negative stigma of cruises being COVID spreaders.
  7. I was talking about how quickly COVID spreads not the total death numbers. But you're correct that people die from all sorts of things including the bubonic plague. I'm not scared of COVID but I do think it's amazing that a brand new virus can go from one province in China to millions of people and 200+ countries in a matter of months.
  8. If one person on the Diamond Princess can lead to over 700 infections I think COVID is effective at spreading, asymptomatic or not. Also it managed to go from 110k worldwide cases three months ago to over 7 million now which is pretty incredible when you think about it.
  9. This is good news thank you for sharing OP! IMO having a vaccine for COVID-19 is critical for the cruise lines and for us cruisers lol.
  10. I'm not sure what is acceptable or not, but I will say that the cruise lines are going to have to be extremely careful this summer. If there is another cruise with a COVID outbreak this year the media and anti-cruise crowd will be all over it 24/7.
  11. I'll throw out another suggestion, we have stayed at the Ft Lauderdale Airport Courtyard a couple times and like it. There is a shuttle to the cruise port, and there are a couple stores/restaurants & a fishing hall of fame that are a short walk.
  12. We went on Anthem when my son was two and I thought he would find the tiny baby splash area lame, but he actually loved it. You never know with little kids!
  13. MSC has been less expensive than Royal for awhile now, I think it is part of their strategy to gain market share in North America.
  14. Well no surprise there, at this point the absolute worst thing that could happen would be another cruise with a coronavirus outbreak. Until the cruise lines are 100% sure they can prevent that from happening not sailing is in their best interest IMO.
  15. On airplanes yes we wipe down armrests tray tables etc. I'm not sure if my wife wiped anything down when we got into our cabin on our last cruise in December. It sounds like something she would do but I'm not sure. So put me down as a maybe.
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