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  1. What's with the rubbish Canadian web site not running a Canada day sale, when the US site has been running a 4th of July sale for a week?
  2. The work around is to use a US TA. Plenty of Brits use German TAs to get better deals. Ask for people to PM you recommendations here and on FB.
  3. Please could you snap a couple of photos of the 2 sets of draft beer taps in the sports bar? Thanks.
  4. I am coming to the opinion that there never was a true replacement for classic, premium is pretty much deluxe without the minibar and connoisseur brands. With this in mind I would like to advocate for an "easy plus" package with a $10 price cap. It would cover all the beer, a better selection of wines, frozen and island cocktails, mojitos and all the run of the mill liquors. And US$47ppd would make it popular with everyone.
  5. We have 10386 booked.
  6. We're looking for info on an aft cabin too, we know the layout will be standard, but would like to know if the bed is by the balcony or not, and if the balcony is larger than standard?
  7. I work in construction, there is a time when dates are put back, because the problems are big and solutions have to be planned, and there is a time when men and hours are thrown at a job. Ocean Cay has definitely been through the first phase, but now I think its in the second phase. I believe Mereviglia will definitely call there regardless. You might still see workmen and landscapers, and it might not be 100% ready, but I believe it will open on time. PS Hurricanes and giant kraken allowing.
  8. The first ship will be Mereviglia on her repositioning cruise from NYC to Miami.
  9. Yes, instead of complaining on here about MSC, they should be writing letters of complaint to their representatives in congress, and their president. They are the one's responsible for spoiling everyone's vacation.
  10. The chairs in the screened off area was our favourite spot for an evening and handy for 2 bars.
  11. We had an issue at disembarkation because it thought our credit card was a debit card, and they had to refund us 83c cash.
  12. I didn't think the mirrors were anywhere near as deadly as Divinas.
  13. Having given it a bit of thought, i think i was blocked locally by whoever i was picking up my wifi signal from. Odd sites to block though.
  14. It definitely said banned, i went to get a screen shot, but since complaining I have been unbanned.
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