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  1. Has anyone ever had a call returned? I think that's a brush off, likewise regarding the unavailability of supervisors, I am sure they are under orders to never transfer a call to a supervisor. They will go and have a chat with one themselves though. When you reach an impasse just keep challenging them to do what you want. I think you can safely assume that the official policy is that you must rebook to make the kind of changes that you want to do.
  2. Changes in taxes are a by product of rebooking rather than repricing. I suggest the next time you call refuse to take no for an answer. Stay on the line arguing your point, ask for a supervisor, ask for a supervisors boss. But don't hang up just keep arguing your point, wear them down until they give in.
  3. So the issue isn't actually the taxes, but the fact they want you to cancel and rebook, rather than just repricing your original booking. This is a valid complaint, and now we have got to the crux of the matter hopefully those with more experience of making changes will be able to provide the answers you are looking for. My own experience when we have enquired about such changes, rebooking was required to effect the change. So we didn't bother.
  4. Maybe because your state or federal taxes have never changed before. Or maybe it's port taxes, maybe the Bahamas just upped their port taxes to pay for hurricane damage. Which taxes have changed exactly, do a dummy booking to identify the actual difference, your first post is rather vague. MSC don't impose taxes they just collect them.
  5. Has anyone had problems getting status match if they have a lowly level of status? My son and daughter are having trouble getting status match for their crown and anchor memberships from their one and only cruise, which obviously was on Royal. Obviously they would be perfectly happy just to get matched to classic.
  6. If the tax rates have changed wherever you live between when you booked and now, then they will have no choice but to charge the new rate, you can't argue with the taxman. If there is no saving to be had don't change your booking.
  7. My bet would be 50/50, there won't be any work done this week, possibly nothing next week. And even when work starts again, it won't be able to proceed at the same pace as before the hurricane.
  8. With a cat 5 Dorean making direct hits on Abacus and Grand Bahama, causing massive devistation. I believe all construction crews will be diverted to emergency work immediately post storm. I now think Dorean will likely cause an opening delay, even if Ocean Cay has been left largely unscathed. The manpower will no longer be available to finish the island on time.
  9. It seems to me that it was USCBP that refused to change their plans, not MSC. Even if they did know that condition X-RAY wasn't going to be declared at noon. MSC did change their plans once the port remained at condition YANKEE, although the ship was on lock down until Saturday morning. Leaving when condition X-RAY was declared at noon on Saturday.
  10. I have a certain amount of experience with large construction projects, and I will be very surprised if the island doesn't open on time. Providing it doesn't suffer from a hurricane between now and November. The time for delays is long passed. Now they will be pulling all the stops out to be ready for Mereviglia. That doesn't mean I think everything will be working when she gets there. But I am of the opinion they are determined it will open on time.
  11. Do you have a link to the COO's cautionary note?
  12. You know what, MSC didn't ruin your trip, the US government didn't ruin your trip. Hurricane Dorian ruined your trip, if there had been no hurricane then nothing would have happened. Today is a day to count your blessings, rather than cry over spilt milk.
  13. Yes, but being definitive forces people to make a decision one way or another, rather than leaving them dithering over what might or might not happen. All decisions needed to be made based on the ship sailing again on Friday. The next marine safety bulletin deferring closing the port was not issued until around the time that dissembarkation had to be completed.
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