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  1. We cruised with our 3 kids in 2017. We had passports for dh, myself, and dd who was 16, she was going on a missions trip to Mexico the same year so we knew she needed one no matter what. For the boys being 11 and 13, we didn't feel it was needed. We never needed them and didn't regret not having them for them. Our next cruise is in 2021 and my older son will be 17 so we will be getting him one. The younger will be turning 15 shortly after our cruise and as of now we do not plan to get him one. If he will be needing one for a missions trip that year, we will obviously get him one, but being that he will be a year away from a 10 year passport, I do not want to get him one that will only be good for 5 years.
  2. We also used Thedford Grey and we loved it! The tour was amazing and he was an awesome driver! We used them because of the wonderful reviews I had read online.
  3. I have not done this excursion but my dh and I did the Flying Dutchman this past February and it was AMAZING! We would love to go back to St Maarten someday and do it again!
  4. St Kitts was my favorite island out of San Juan, St Thomas, St Lucia, Barbados, and St Maarten. It is a beautiful island and seemed to be the most well taken care of. But, a lot of the other islands were still recovering from Maria so maybe I’m not being fair...
  5. We took our very first cruise on the Dream with our family. We all had a wonderful time. We loved the ship and had no issues. I haven't ever sailed on RCL because the price is so much more expensive than on Carnival and for our family we can't justify the extra cost for it. We loved our cruise so much that dh and I took a 20th anniversary cruise this past Feb.
  6. I am loving to see all the responses about Aruba and Curacao being the best ones. My family and my 2 sisters with their families are going on the Horizon doing the ABC islands in Jan 2021. My dh and I did St Kitts and St Maarten and those were our favorite islands so far so I would have chosen them from the OP's list. I can't wait to do this cruise and experience even better islands!
  7. I just booked our next cruise on the Horizon for Jan 2021 to lock in the rate and only have to pay $50 deposit and also get the $50 on board credit. I was told that I can purchase the insurance all the way up until final payment and cancel with no penalty as long as we purchase the insurance before canceling.
  8. Do you happen to have contact info for him?
  9. Yeah, they can drop close to the port, there is plenty of room on the street right in front. Uber dropped us right at the airport on our way home.
  10. My suggestion is to use Uber instead of taxis if possible. We used a taxi 3 times before realizing Uber was the better option. We paid $80 for those 3 trips and took 9 trips with uber that totaled $86 including tips. Most Uber rides were under $4! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We went to Friar's Bay Beach on Saturday. It was ok. The bar selling food was expensive, $15 for a burger and fries and it was just ok. The bar was also a little run down in our opinion and the bathrooms there were atrocious.
  12. All 3 french pastry shops are wiped out in Marigot. It was very sad to see so much destruction when we were there last week.
  13. I was so bummed about this. Thankfully I had heard before our cruise last week that they would be closing so we made alternate plans. We were 2 days too late and ended up at Carambola and we were not impressed. Spent $47 on lunch for 2 and it was nothing to write home about.
  14. We just got home from San Juan and my suggestion is to use Uber and not taxis. Taxis were more than quadruple the price of Uber. We saved so much money by ubering everywhere. We started out using taxis, our total for 3 trips was $80, we did 9 Uber trips and our total was $58 including tips!
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