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  1. I am trying to understand all this talk about elevators and the use or no use of them on a ship and it all sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Does that mean that every elevator in the world is going to be shutdown? This virus will not only spread in elevators on cruise ships, better start getting used to walking up flights of stairs in buildings all over the world. There is safety and then there is safety and this is all becoming an experience of over reaction, cruise lines will decide if you and your health conditions allow you to travel? Better take the handrails down on the stairways, in the hallways, and on the decks because you can spread the virus from those areas also. People need to take a step back and take a deep breath and relax. I am glad that they are improving their air ventilation system but decreasing passengers will just make prices go up, social distancing and limiting tables to 2 tops will decrease the social experience for people who go on cruises to socialize. Does this mean in lounges that groups of people cannot get together for cocktails anymore and that bars stools will be gone? That will be a huge loss for the cruise lines because people will not be in these areas socializing and spending money. Are they going to stop all social activities like trivia, where you sit in groups of 8, the cooking experiences and painting experiences better be stopped because you have to be close. I have a suggestion, just give us a plastic bubble suit to put on when we get onboard. People are so worried about the virus but people do not worry about people and behaviors that can spread illness by not being sanitary in normal life. I was on the last cruise on Riviera before the shutdown and on the last night we were dining in Polo and the man in front of us, waiting to be seated suddenly put his hand down the back of his pants and started scratching his backside or his crack, he went so deep you could not see any part of his hand. He stopped and then when he was walking he did it again and then he sat down and ate. To me that is just as unsanitary as an elevator button.
  2. I agree with you!!! I wish all the doors that lead into the restrooms would do that. I don't like that I have to touch the door handles after I wash my hands. A lot of times, just on the past cruise, that the little paper dispensers were out of paper. This is not a criticism but a fact, the staff was so busy sanitizing that they did not have the time to replenish them.
  3. Thank you for posting this statement. This is not like Noro and anything else we have experienced and this was a horrible experience for crew and passengers. We were only notified about 10 days after the passenger was airlifted off the ship.
  4. I have been on three previous code reds on Oceania with Noro and not once were the doors open to the restrooms. This was also the first time that we have had menus that were thrown away, maybe they do things differently in the main dining room, but we tend to eat in the specialties and that has never happened to us before. Thank you for also pointing out that he was not tested, I did say that in my post. I am not saying there was any conspiracy, I just think that we should have been given the facts so that we could have made a decision based on the chance that we were exposed. When we were disembarking with the other B2B'ers there was a man that was on multiple cruises and he said that he was told by Oceania staffers to be prepared for his other cruises to be canceled, now not as a conspiracy theorist, it sounds like Oceania already knew something was brewing. I don't post much but I do enjoy reading what other people have to say. It is sad that people cannot post their thoughts or opinions on boards without being criticize or attacked for their read on things. I love Oceania, but business or no person is perfect but people can voice what they experienced. You have your right to say rah, rah Oceania, but since we were onboard for this experience I have the right to say what I would have liked to see. I have asthma and knowing that there was possible exposure would have been nice.
  5. I am a big Riviera fan and love to cruise on her with my husband and other family members, I am stating this because I notice if you have any negative comments people call you a hater and that is far from the truth for this family. We were on B2B starting on Feb. 26th and we had a great time on the first half, the weather was great and as it always is, the crew and the food was wonderful. I have to say that the last few days were terrible from our standpoint. We knew that things were up when they really pushed the hand sanitizer, but that was no big deal to us because we always use it. I for one have always appreciated how the crew puts the food on your plates in the buffet because some people are not the most sanitary. When the captain said that we were heading to San Juan for an ill passenger the mood of the ship did change. I was listening to music outside the casino and after the announcement people were saying it is because someone had Covid19 and the mood in the area did change. I heard people saying they were going to their cabins and that they were scared. I went down to guest services and I told them that people are very nervous after this announcement and that the captain should probably address it. I was told that it had nothing to do with Covid19, that the person had a preexisting heart problem. That night, all the doors leading into the restrooms were opened and they did not close again for the rest of that cruise and the duration of the next cruise. Since we were on a B2B we wanted to make sure that we had all the facts because we heard other B2Bers saying that they thought they would get off. We went to see how we would get our money back for the next cruise and we were told it was safer to stay onboard for the next cruise, that there was no Crovid19 on the ship. Now lets all be honest, I understand HIPPA laws and I also know that they did not have a test kit onboard, but his wife stated that he was sick about 3 or 4 days into the journey, he was coughing and had a fever, it is not rocket science to figure there was a good chance that he did somehow did get infected. I am so glad that he recovered, but I am upset that Oceania let us believe it was something else. On the last night of the first cruise I did meet a person who said that the wife of the man airlifted was still onboard and that she was in quarantine, by then it was too late for us to cancel, we ended up staying onboard. I have been on many cruises where there was an outbreak of Noro and the code red is nothing like what happened on Riviera, bathroom doors propped open, no condiments of any kind, even packets of salt, etc out anywhere. The crew would come around with anything you need and put it right on your food. Menus that would be thrown away right after you used it. If you are old enough to remember the antiseptic smell in the hospitals from many years ago, that is what it started to smell like in the halls. The last three days it was like a ghost ship. I like to walk on deck after dinner and they were scrubbing the decks down like I have never seen before, the crew would tell us to be careful walking because what they were using was very slippery. I think the crew did a great job with what they had to work with. The second cruise was 5 days at sea. We were told that the weather made it so we could not make our stops. The funny thing is that other ships made stops at the port of calls we were suppose to go to. I belong to cruise cal and cruise mapper and I checked the ports on those days and other ships were there. I think we could not stop because of the events from the other cruise. I am not mad at the captain or any of the crew, but I am upset with the management of Oceania who made decisions for us because they kept us in the dark. We should have been told that there was a possible case of Covid19 before the Feb 26th cruise ended so we could have made informed decisions involving our own lives and not some executive who does not know us making those choices for us. The crew did what they were instructed to do, but to management I say shame on you. My hope now is that most of the crew has made it home. They work very hard and they had to also be afraid and they did not deserve this situation. This situation was not like Noro and anything we have ever seen before and I hope that the executives from Oceania have learned from their mistakes.
  6. It does not look like they are planning on resuming soon. I see Riviera pulled out of Nassau today. I looked on cruise mapper and it looks like it is heading out towards Europe, maybe not but it looks like it at this time. A Regent ship left the same port at the same time.
  7. I received two emails from O and neither email stated that the passenger disembarked in Miami, it stated that there was a passenger onboard who has tested positive with the virus.
  8. I understand HIPAA laws but I think that we should have been told about this. There were about 30-40 people on back-to-back cruises and we should have been told so that we could have made an educated decision about staying on or getting off because we could have passed it on to the new passengers. This is not a venereal disease or a pre-existing condition that is truly not any of our business, but this is a serious pandemic illness that is killing people, we could have been told without us knowing who it was. This was not his fault, but people who could have been infected did have a right to know. I am glad he is getting better and I wish him and his wife the best.
  9. I was on this cruise and the Captain told us that this individual had a pre-existing condition and that it was not associated with the illness that is going around.
  10. My family member has been disabled for more than 60 years and has cruised all over the world so I can speak about the cruise lines we have been on. They do not have many accessible rooms so we usually book a Vista suite and that does work for us. It works with the scooter and there are no steps into the bathrooms, we also ask for a shower chair and that works for us. It can be a little tight in the main dining room, but they do have tables that you can get to. The tables in the specialty restaurants do work and they are happy to remove a chair if the person you are with stays on their mobility device. The difficulties can be getting on and off the ship in ports of call, their ships are designed very poorly for people with disability issues. We do not get off in tender ports, we know that because my loved one can only take one or two steps that tenders are not for us, but even in docked ports it can be difficult. Oceania's often has steps at the end of the gangway so if your person is immobile it makes it almost impossible to get off. My loved one is a full time scooter user and where the ship meets the gangway there is a large bump that the scooter cannot get over, it can make getting off the ship difficult. The crew does try to help, but it can be a scary situation for the disabled person. We have decided that when we can get off we will have them take him down in a wheelchair and bring the scooter down so that we do not slow down the process of getting off because we have experienced people getting very angry when you are slow getting off. You have to just get onboard with the knowledge that you might not always be able to get off the ship. We go for the ship and if we can get off it is a bonus for us.
  11. If I am not mistaken the EC from Riviera is going to Marina. Sorry that I do not remember his name but he has been on Riviera for quite some time.
  12. We were on Riviera last week and the food has changed in the last 6 months. We have always enjoyed the food on O, but there was a step backward since our May-June cruise. Lunch in the GDR was horrible on the last cruise, had fish for one lunch and it was so wet and the smell was horrible. Ordered a hamburger twice in Waves and it was burnt and so hard that I thought about starting a hockey game and using it as a puck. They were using a teaspoon to put dressing on salads in Waves, I like to be able to taste the dressing and using a spoon that small made service slow. Food was still outstanding in Red Ginger, Toscana was still very good. Jacques is becoming very boring and the food this time did not have much taste. In the past when you would order the scallop gnocchi with lobster you would get large pieces of lobster and this time you could barely find the lobster, there was three tiny pieces. I also found the staff to be less friendly and in many cases not doing their jobs. They used to be very efficient at cleaning the tables in the buffet but this time they were always in the corners in groups laughing and fooling around with each other and not doing their jobs. I know that their jobs are not easy, but O sells itself on great food and service and it has been declining.
  13. On Riviera for 22 days in May. The only rooms that received refurbishments were the owners suites, all other staterooms stayed the same. New Baristas, new deck chairs and a new computer system were the only other upgrades. Sorry, forgot, new carpets in the specialty restaurants.
  14. Personally I am glad they are not going to be the spa operators. We were on Riviera for 22 days in May and I went into the spa for a color and a slight trim on the second half of the cruise, the color was great but the stylist cut my ear. The cut was so bad that it had to be cauterized multiple time to stop the bleeding, asked for medical attention and they did not want to give it to me. They tried to put a bandaid on it, but the blood was so much it would not stick, my hands were covered in blood and they were worried about their towels more than my ear. It took more than 20 minutes for them to agree to call the doctor. I could not get my ear wet for the remainder of the cruise, I had to sleep propped up so that I would not sleep on the side that was injured. I am glad that they are going to be gone.
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