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  1. Just b/c I book doesn't mean it's final. That's the reason for this forum--to get an idea of how people feel. I think that we all know how you feel from the tone of your emails.
  2. I double checked with the big box store shore excursion company after reading your posts. They said that the group is around 15-20 people. I was assured that we would get back to the ship no later than 30 minutes prior to departing from port at the latest, but most likely 45 minutes before departure. The excursion is fully refundable at any time. If the excursion company causes us to miss the boat then they give us $500.00 cash, a hotel night's stay and transfer to the next port. I also discussed that, currently, it seems that there is a trend for excursions to only be ship sponsored. The big box store excursion company is aware of this and said that over time they are looking to be granted the same and rules can change by the time the ship sails and once again, I can cancel at anytime for a full refund.
  3. It's the Apex TA in May 2021. The ship departs at 4pm from Malaga. Next port is Alicante arriving at 7am. I was hoping by May that ship sponsored tours would not be a requirement. The excursion is to Alhambra and Granada.
  4. I am considering booking a shore excursion with a big box store. Celebrity doesn't offer a similar experience in the same port. The big box store guarantees that you will make it back to the ship or they will pay to get you back by the next port. The excursion in question is supposed to end and have us back only 15 minutes before the ship departs the port. Is this cutting it too close? Would you do it?
  5. Just to buy groceries? There are big box stores located in the Asia, Australia, the UK, Spain and other parts of Europe, as well as North and South America. The gift cards can be used in any department in the big box store.
  6. But that gift card can be used only by North Americans. What about the rest of the world? You can always visit here.😊
  7. I use a big box store and get a percentage of the cruise fare in the form of a gift card that has no expiration date.
  8. Thanks. I had a feeling it would be too good to be true.
  9. If the spa offers a discount, as they do on a port day, can you still use your Captain's Club discount, too, for an added savings?
  10. Thanks for the answers--succinct and on point!
  11. I know that there is no definite night that the formal night is held, but does anyone have a roundabout guess of which night(s) it would be on a 14 day crossing? Also, are there any theme nights on this type of crossing, and if so, what type?
  12. I just saw a 20% Off Labor Day Sale on Selected Items in the Deals and Packages section of the cruise planner. Maybe it will only be on Labor Day itself, as I did not see anything 20% off when I scoured the site.
  13. Blu is for Aqua Suite guests first and whatever tables may be left over then other suite guests can be seated.
  14. Luminae is for suite guest only.
  15. I thought that this was a possibility. Are you saying it's definite?
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