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  1. I have Ocean Ready and the Medallion apps on my phone and they both keep loosing our security and profile pictures. I called Princess and they told me to delete the Ocean Ready app and only use the Medallion. Anyone else do this?? I am afraid to delete something and have to start over.
  2. We will be Elite on our next cruise and my question is since both of us will become Elite will we each get a mini bar or is there only one mini bar per cabin? Thanks
  3. Do you know if all the rooms have hand held shower heads? Especially interested in the interior ones. Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately we have a while it’s showing 112 days.
  5. Found it and just downloaded it. Thanks for all the help. It will be fun to watch the countdown.
  6. Could someone please tell me how to find the count down clock on the ocean ready app? I log into my app and don't see it. Thanks !
  7. Thanks for the answers. I set up my profile picture last night and will wait till closer to the cruise to finish everything else.
  8. I understand the security photo but have a question about the profile photo. Can it be a cute picture of our pet or does it have to be a picture of my husband and myself? Is it displayed on the screen outside your door? Not sure I want my picture outside my door. Second question. When you leave your cabin and close your door how can you make sure it is locked? If you walk back to check the medallion will open it again I presume. I always lie to try the handle to make sure it is locked. Thanks for any answers!
  9. We were on the Ruby in December and were allowed to board the ship but had to wait in and around the Horizon court until 1:00 to go to our room. Has anyone been on recently and are they still making people wait till 1:00?
  10. We also got an upgrade offer yesterday from an inside cabin to a premium balcony for a little over $100 pp including additional insurance charge. We have never had a balcony so we jumped on it. 7 day cruise. Very Happy
  11. email is - shoreexcursions@princesscruises.com it is on the very bottom of the Best Price request form.
  12. We were on the Ruby in December and one shop was clothing, purses, souvenier type items and liquor. One had makeup and perfume, and one had jewelry and always their "bargins" going on outside the shops.
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