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  1. After that long walk on the pier in Cozumel in August, what percent of passengers will have elevated temperature?
  2. Wouldn’t they just book via a US TA and then remove the tips?
  3. Sorry, but I have never had to tip before getting served and never do. I give the tip either when the drink is served or the tab is settled. Not before. I have been in my fair share of bars in the US and around the world (and ships) and this is always the case. I also do not tip the steward until the end of the cruise
  4. I always thought that if Royal put a Vision size ship into adults only service, they could get a premium. I assume they would sales less full, not as many 3 and 4 to a room, but they could use the kids club space for another revenue spot. I just think they will have no problem filling all the rooms and the revenue per passenger would go up.
  5. Because I want the pilot focused on arriving safely and not on time. You need to compensate people to achieve the goals you want. When every I go to a new country, I take five minutes to look up their tipping culture. Not really rocket science. As far as running around the ship using your cruise time tipping, I think the total time for me on all tips in less then 10 minutes on a 10 day cruise. There are always small bills with my sea pass (no wallet) and when I order drinks, just reach in my pocket for the sea pass and pull out a couple singles. At the end off the cruise, If I see the steward, great, if not, I just leave in the envelope in the room. No big deal
  6. I don’t think you can throw cruise travel in with the other 99% of air travelers. Cruising is probably the only time we check since we don’t travel with formal wear often.
  7. Sorry, but I just think this is an excuse. Someone pays $5K for a vacation and can bring a suit or dress due to $25 bag fee.
  8. Aren’t the same conditions that make wearing a mask difficult (maybe) the same conditions that make someone high risk for the virus? We are not yet going to restaurants or large gatherings and we used masks going to the store, but in general we are staying home. The reason is our daughter is high risk and we are helping with our granddaughter and don’t want to infect our daughter if we are asymptomatic. Otherwise we would probably be going out some. With that said, we would cruise with masks if their Usage requirement was limited. (Embark, disembark, theatre, muster) We are ok self quarantining once home or another 14 on a ship.
  9. We only do the 7 day Caribbean cruises if we are with the kids/grands. We usually cruise for itinerary and not on the mega ships yet. With that said, with the longer cruises, we have not had a problem with kids. We did decided to cruise with Celebrity and were at the port in Chile when the cruise was canceled, so figured someone was telling us to stick with Royal (I know same company) Next 3 are back to Royal. 16, 12 and 10. I don’t expect a lot of kids.
  10. Do you have to tip if you wear a mask? They won’t know who you are.
  11. First time for us last year and we loved it. First time my wife loved it (me too). We were supposed to be back in Oct for 4 days, (Plus Vienna and Prague) but pushed our Holy Land cruise to 2021. My sister did the river cruise and ended in Bucharest. Did a side trip to the camp and really had a great trip. BTW - we stayed at the intercontinental with river front suite - great location and unbelievable view if you need a hotel
  12. The problem is the parks infect and send them home. Cruises infect and keep them for 7 days. Just from a media point of view, the cruise lines will get a lot more negative publicity then parks.
  13. I’m not trying to pay their kids college, just what is fair and appropriate
  14. Is 100 to 200 normal for room steward? I’ve been under tipping big time. The rest I seem to be inline with, but missed this one. (I leave the auto grats one)
  15. My in-laws were from Hungary. My wife has a sister born in Germany and one in Israel - 3 in the US. Her mother did get money, but from Germany, not Hungary. Almost $700 per month. Visited Budapest last year and will go again this year. She was very happy to hear the language and eat the food. I can only cuss in Hungarian (based on 42 years of marriage). She can speak it pretty well, but hope she was really saying what she said she was. I don’t understand why everyone was laughing.
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