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  1. What do you want to know about quarantine- this just happened to my friend last week.
  2. That is correct. Look at the fine print and buy evacuation coverage.
  3. You are a wonderful voice of reason and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  4. Attached are the coverages we get. To answer you directly, for this trip we purchased $100k for evacuation. I may go higher next time since my friend ended up paying $11,000 for the flight from Nassau to Ft.lauderdale. She was in a medical evacuation flight but had no symptoms or medical need. I can just imagine if there was an accident, heart attack or a further distance to deal with that the price would soar!
  5. We also went to DBH and although interesting (due to the dive competition) it was not worth the shuttle and tender situation. The people were wonderful and we did have a wonderful conch salad but in the end I may have been better off with another “sea” day. Just my two cents.
  6. In my opinion they are handling it perfectly including the comment that the infected are being medically evacuated at RCCL expense. Crystal is NOT doing that. It is imperative that you have your own comprehensive insurance (check for evacuation limits etc). The 5 people that I know of that have been with Crystal over the last few weeks and have tested positive have been “on their own”.
  7. Yes, the convention center is attached to the Grand Hyatt which is attached to the other hotels in Baha Mar (imagine a big mall or a large resort in Vegas, same thing). we came in 2 days early at stayed at the resort. Here is how we did it and it was perfect: 1) walked to convention center with our docs) after breakfast around 10AM (crystal check in was just getting started) 2) Checked in completely, received our C19 test and our wristbands then left and went back to our hotel at Baha Nar and spent the day at the beach 3)returned at 4 pm (embarkation was scheduled fo
  8. Maybe so but they do have a Centurion Lounge (Amex) and many other lounges to avoid the crowds. We have found it to be quite wonderful. FAR better than the chaos of Nassau last Saturday. We were in Delta and the checkin was not bad comparatively but the boarding area was WILD
  9. If I was in your position I would take Crystal transportation then drop your bags and walk around. The Baha Mar is amazing.
  10. Great for you but does show how ridiculous the US govt is - basing policy on mode of transportation is lunacy
  11. I would agree and add that there will be many vaccinated people also embarking in Miami I would assume.
  12. I would think not. I cannot imagine how they would enforce it since in most stops we were tendered and there were no “officials” around.
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