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  1. On non formal nights a nice silk top and trousers or cocktail/smart dress is OK. I am from the UK so loook at Jacques Vert and Phase Eight for inspiration. Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are great for new clothes as sellers remorse is very evident, so many for sale with tags still on.
  2. Yes they do put the pull downs back into the ceiling during the day.
  3. Some cabins have a sofa bed which is great for a third person. Others a bed which will come from the ceiling over the sofa. So the king size bed is not affected and there is still plenty of room. These are great cabins but sell out quickly especially on the longer trips.
  4. We have used National Express in both directions. We sometimes leave the car at Heathrow and then go on the coach to Southampton to join the ship, easier on the return for driving home. Check if they call at different terminals on the way from Southampton they certainly do call at all terminals on the way to Southampton. A reserved seat and booking additional luggage is best.
  5. The Pursers will exchange US $ into local currencies. Please note I stated US $, So any other currencies are converted into US $ then into local currencies. We usualy take a small amount of those we require on board with us and loads of US $. Credit cards which do not make a charge for foreign transactions ar ehandy as well.
  6. We are booked Vancouver to Barcelona and our son (30 years old) is considering this trip, A few days in Vancouver pre cruise is planned. so that is 3 from England.
  7. Fort Lauderdale is a great pre/post cruise stay. Many years ago we stayed on Miami Beach several times pre/post cruise but not as much to do if you are not a beach bum.
  8. No to Alaska as our son is travelling with us and also has work to factor in
  9. We are doing Vancouver to Barcelona. It is very easy to get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, last time we did it we had a taxi and it was easy and took around 30 minutes. I belive the Tri rail also runs but it is some time since we used that when staying near Miami Airport pre and post cruise.
  10. You can take wine onboard and also bring it on in ports. We were on the South America cruise last year and so bought local wines as we went round. Corkage is $25. There will be the opportunity whilst onboard to buy some spirits duty free for cabin consumption. The Captain and Commodore wine packages are good value when you consider the corkage fee above, We take a few mixers and soft drinks for our cabin as do many passengers, and replenish as required.
  11. I cannot believe this small's matter would get past you Roscoe. Anyway I thought you loved the gossip and fun of the laundry??? This matter has been addressed before on the previous Around South America board and I have taken it up on several occasions with Southampton. However a lot will have to change with Covid rules so fingers crossed this could be one of the better ones.
  12. This may have be reconsidered to be Covid compliant. Surely the better idea if the ship is not going to be sailing at full capacity is to make the offer 20 items for $40 once a week, On the world cruises it usually is once per sector unless you book in the USA when it is a free bag per week.
  13. We were booked on 2021 QV World Cruise and also booked 2022. The only one which does a World Cruise is QV. A beautiful friendly ship with excellent staff. The QM2 is also a beautiful ship with excellent staff and also a planetarium/cinema. It all comes down to the ports of call, as we love all 3 Queens. We are booking QV for 2023.
  14. Some years ago we had booked a Cunard cruise with a reputable TA. They telephoned several times requesting the final payment earlier than previously stated. We paid by credit card and a week later they had closed. No problem Cunard stated our booking was protected. We have always paid part or all of the deposit by credit card and now as there are no fees pay the balance by credit card as well. If Cunard went under you would be refunded by theprovider.
  15. In 1990 we sailed on Vistafjord and received this as a gift. As I stated earlier we loved that ship and sailed on her from 1982 to 2003.
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