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  1. LOL! I am laughing at this! Can't help it! So THIS is an enjoyable vacation? Too funny! This reminds me of all the endless threads on "appropriate" attire for formal ( now GALA nights) and how some expressed that their cruise was just "ruined" because of how others dressed during dinner! Chill out. Some people may not be clear on the rules. Some may not have a mask covering their mouth AND nose. I see this ALL the time and it is mostly with the elderly! Some do not wear a mask correctly. HAL recommends a "medical grade " mask. What the hell is that? I wear a cheap surgical mask. Especially if I need to wear a new one every day. Buy them in bulk. I am sure some will wear 2 or even 3 masks. Some will wear only N 95 masks. Guarantee there are those that will criticize others for only wearing a "cheap" mask. "THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR PART TO PROTECT OTHERS!" Some will probably chose to bathe in gallons of sanitizer gel. Whatever. This is getting ridiculous! Believe me, I am one to follow the rules; but if this is what it takes to cruise......I will wait. As I am sure many others will. Just NOT worth my time or money. HAve fun!
  2. Ok. SO what happens if the test come back +? You cannot cruise? Do you get a refund from HAL or only if you purchased insurance? Also, your airfare and hotel reservation may be lost as well? Seems like a VERY stressful situation to endure. Personally not worth it. Willing to wait until these draconian restrictions ease.
  3. So I'm confused. HAL is testing at the Pier and you must have a neg Covid test within the previous 72 hours? IS this correct? But this makes NO sense! You can be fully vaccinated and test + for Covid. This is what happened to Gov. Abbot of TExas. Any one of us who is vaccinated can test + for Covid. So what is the point of getting vaccinated pertaining to cruises? Are we all just supposed to roll the dice and hope we don't have a + test 72 hours before we cruise? And IF we do test + what about refunds? Not just from HAL....but one would lose money on air travel and non refundable hotel deposits. This is bogus. Who wants to cruise under these restrictions? All set to go; you have gotten the vaccine and at the 11th hour you test +. Who wants that stress? It is stressful enough just planning and travelling to GET to the cruise ship. Never mind this BS.
  4. Also wanted to ask but forgot to.....we are also looking at SilverSea which has butler service. Is butler service really a big deal? I know they will serve a full course meal in the suite and maybe act much like your personal concierge. Just wondering if any of you that have also cruised Silver Sea and how that experience compared with Seabourn. Thanks!
  5. So....we usually have cruised on Holland America and want to "try" one of the luxury lines. We like what we see so far from Seabourn. Smaller ships; more personalized service, better food. At least that is what we will expect. We always look for a room with a veranda/ balcony so the 2 rooms that come to mind are either the veranda room or the penthouse suite. Both come with a verandah and obviously the PH is larger (not a big deal for us) and the PH I see has a fully stocked bar ( not a big deal as we do not drink alcohol). There is no butler service on Seabourn so if we are looking at a future Caribbean cruise with a price difference of $6,000 between a Veranda suite and a PH suite; would we not be just as happy ( for less money) in a veranda suite? What am I missing?
  6. So here's what I want to know. And just for reference I have been vaccinated. If someone gets the test at the port the day of embarkation and it comes back + and they are denied boarding.....do they get a full refund? Or is this a way to force passengers to pay for the Platinum protection Plan? Consider also there are both false + and false - test results. And what if you are flying to a destination. The airline tests you and it comes back +. But you have been vaccinated. So now you can't fly. Refund from the airline? REfund from the cruise? The hotel? Imagine the stress with everything else the day of a cruise and now you have to wait 15 mins for a test result that could be wrong. What are the financial implications here? And who is out of luck? The passenger ?
  7. I see 3 problems with the idea of requiring a vaccination to cruise. Just to clarify I am getting the vaccine. HAd the first dose already. The first problem is what is "proof?" I received a Covid CArd from the pharmacy where I received the first dose. The pharmacist hand wrote in the dose, Lot # , and date. With digital technology today, anyone could reproduce a blank card and fill it in. Not much to it. And don't put it past people. The second problem, and probably the most important one as far as HAL is concerned, what if the competition does NOT require proof to cruise? How many younger cruises will HAL lose to the competition? After having these ships idle for a year, you can bet HAL and others want to fill these ships ASAP. The bottom line is their profit margin and for HAL to have such a requirement may hurt their bottom line if some cruisers go to the competition. If they do not require proof, they would not lose many of you because you all have already been vaccinated. A third problem is say you book a cruise based on its itinerary. Months from now when you cruise, half the ports you were hoping to visit are closed. Those countries have a huge increase in the variant strains of the virus and out of 10 ports you were hoping to visit; you visit only 5 and the other days are spent at sea. Not bad because at least you are cruising. All I am saying is be ready for a LOT of flexibility in what future cruising looks like. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Well.....it would totally depend on how much the cruise line would be willing to pay me to go on such a cruise. If the cruise line met my price, I would go.
  9. Problem is many passengers, especially HAL passengers, may not be alive or nursing home bound come 2022. Got to get in as much cruising as possible before then.
  10. Not only will HAL keep your money and leave you crying portside. They will gather the crew and point and laugh at you while shouting "No Refund!!! No Refund!!!" WOuld Mrs. BAnjo cruise solo if she could? That is the bigger question.
  11. Well, I understand what you are saying but don't see the rationale behind it. Why keep spending money on an experience which does not meet expectations regardless of MAriner status? I had an aunt who loved Italian food and used to patronize a local Italian restaurant where the food and service was usually sub par. I asked her why on earth she continued to go back to the same place if it was always not an enjoyable experience? Her response; "Well, it was a good deal. We usually have a free dessert coupon." HA! The HAL mariner program is just a clever marketing program to keep you coming back until you achieve that ultimate level....in HAL's case 5 star. All the cruise lines have it. As well as big box stores. And the local coffee shops, etc. etc. etc. My local casino, where I play poker, has various card levels, gold, platinum, and diamond....where at the diamond level you get free rooms, food, etc. But you need to acquire enough points in a 12 month period to advance to the next level or all your points reset again. A buddy I know who plays the pit games was determined to get to the diamond level and had 3 more days to play enough hours to get there. I saw him (this was a few months ago before Covid 19) and I asked him if he made it to the diamond level. He said (with a little disgust):"YEah, I figured that Diamond CArd cost me $30,000 over the year! HA! BTW....You are never to old to try a new cruise line. If you can cruise you can change. I would rather take 1 Seabourn cruise every 18 months if I truly enjoy the experience rather than take 2 HAL cruises a year where I did not enjoy it.
  12. Of course they are still in sell mode. Typical Ponzi scheme. Slowly paying off those waiting for refunds with deposits from those currently booking future cruises. Other threads talk about those putting down deposits on future cruises so they can "have something to look forward to." That something may be waiting forever for a refund!😖 PT Barnum was right.
  13. Well....if you are not getting the experience you want from HAL….why continue to cruise with them? Why not "up the ante" and cruise with Seabourn, Silversea, Regent, or Crystal.....where the food, service, etc. will most likely be what you are looking for? It seems that this thread is more about the "nostalgia" of the way HAL used to be....not the what it has become. And while some have commented that they would be willing to pay more for an experience they desire; I am sure that the increase in fares for such an experience (subjective to each one's desires), there would be an outcry on this board about the "ridiculous" price increases put into place by HAL. Even with a much improved overall experience. I remember a post awhile back where similar concerns were voiced and Orlando Ashford said something along the lines (not exact quote)…"If people want a Seabourn experience....they had better be prepared to pay Seabourn prices." After 12 or cruises on HAL....we too are somewhat disappointed with what HAL has become. Which is why our next cruise (whenever that happens) will be on Seabourn just to check it out and see what luxury cruising has to offer. We can also go back to the HAL we know.
  14. Sure! HAL will bring back the "Old HAL." Anything you want. Question is: Are you willing to pay more for it? PRoblem is with CArnival's stock price showing a 75% YTD decline .....any new CEO will be looking to cut more services, amenities, all the "extras" to try to financially "right the ship." If you think a new CEO will be focused on offering more; I feel you will be disappointed. They do not even have the funds to process millions in refunds.
  15. No you didn't. Not unless you plan to go back in time via a time machine.
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