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  1. Anyone know where the Westy is scheduled to sail to next after they get everyone off in Cambodia? I'm assuming they are altering its scheduled for the rest of its Asian/Eastern Hemisphere duty.
  2. Since I posted this on Sunday, more news and information is always coming out. The WHO says they are worried about people spreading Corona to other people outside of China, I mean people who never went to China have been spreading Corona in Singapore, France and the UK. They are called "Supper-Spreaders. A Super Spreader in a confine area with lots of other people like a cruise ship or airplane would yield really bad results. Also, even though the mortality rate is staying low in the 2-3% range, the virus itself has been proven to be incredibly contiguous. Just about all of the medical staff in the first hospital that treated the first batch of patients caught the virus and they where using medical infectious disease precautions. Also there are numerous reports of Chinese families coming down 100% infection rates after just one member of the family has caught it. Remember China has a very advance and efficient health care system, their economy is a central command economy that can build hospitals in 10 days and lock down a city of 11 million for 2 weeks and everyone complies. If Corona makes it do a less developed country or a more "freedom of movement" country the results will be different. Wash you hands and stay well, Paul
  3. Maybe they should consider fueling up in Thailand and then head to Honolulu? I'm somewhat serious if there is no place for them to go in South East Asia, China, Japan, Taiwan or South Korea they might as well start heading East. I guess Australia or NZ would accept them? -Paul
  4. Just saw this online, I guess it has become a "cruise to nowhere" https://news.yahoo.com/floating-around-ocean-cruise-ship-213143423.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_04
  5. See that's even a whole lot worse. If just a 100K were to get it in the USA it would be 2-3k dead.
  6. If a total of 10 million worldwide get Corona we can expect 20-30k deaths. That would be a significant impact on the world's economy, especially travel and tourism. No one has gone to work or school in China for 2 whole weeks, that will change on Monday and we will see if Corona starts to spread faster.
  7. I'm not fear mongering. Corona Virus may turn into the pandemic that has been really over due for Humans on Earth since the 1918/19 Spanish flu. The CDC estimates that 22 Million have had the seasonal flu so far this year. 220k had to be hospitalized and 12k have died. I don't want any of them on my cruise either. All over the world, international travelers are being screened to see if they have a fever, I'm just wondering if the cruise industry is doing to try and keep their customers safe.
  8. We will be boarding the Niew Standendam in 3 weeks. I know you can have no fever or symptoms and still be incubating and contagious. And anyone can lie on their health questionnaire. Thanks, Paul
  9. Hi Everyone- I mean for a 7 night cruise with 2 Gala nights. Thanks, Paul
  10. ABC news reported that the Glory will not only finish it 's cruise but will sail on it's next scheduled cruise which is Sunday from New Orleans. With all that damage to the dining room I don't see how the can? -Paul
  11. Yes your are on a vacation and you paid for it, but a ship is a means of transport like an airplane. It has to be safe to sail before it can leave. Cruise lines hate cancelling cruises more than airlines hate cancelling flights. But if it's not safe to leave, then you have to accept that and chalk it up to bad luck. Good Luck and Safe Travels
  12. Hi All- We get to experience Club Orange on the Nieuw Stantendam in March. I have just a few questions for those who have experienced it. 1. Do they serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or just Breakfast and Dinner? 2. Did you find the Club Orange Dinner options too appealing and gave up on the MDR altogether? 3. Is the Breakfast in Club Orange a copy of what's in the MDR or are there options you can only get in Club Orange? Thanks and Happy Sailing, Paul
  13. Actually, I know from recent experience on the Oosterdam this Summer it's Alaska it was 13 years and up for the Sea View Pool on our cruise. Which was call because my nieces got to swim with their Dad in the "grown-up" pool.
  14. Thanks Balliett, some advice based on a real world practical experience
  15. Hey anyway check for price drops today? I mean the tub issue has been debated and for those of us who can afford it apparently Seaborn has great tubs in all their cabins. But alas I fear a Seaborn "yacht" will not be switched out for the Nieuw Standendam on our cruise next March. Remember the thread is about the often frustrating HAL price drop game before final payment. window. -Paul
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