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  1. Hi All- We get to experience Club Orange on the Nieuw Stantendam in March. I have just a few questions for those who have experienced it. 1. Do they serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or just Breakfast and Dinner? 2. Did you find the Club Orange Dinner options too appealing and gave up on the MDR altogether? 3. Is the Breakfast in Club Orange a copy of what's in the MDR or are there options you can only get in Club Orange? Thanks and Happy Sailing, Paul
  2. Actually, I know from recent experience on the Oosterdam this Summer it's Alaska it was 13 years and up for the Sea View Pool on our cruise. Which was call because my nieces got to swim with their Dad in the "grown-up" pool.
  3. Thanks Balliett, some advice based on a real world practical experience
  4. Hey anyway check for price drops today? I mean the tub issue has been debated and for those of us who can afford it apparently Seaborn has great tubs in all their cabins. But alas I fear a Seaborn "yacht" will not be switched out for the Nieuw Standendam on our cruise next March. Remember the thread is about the often frustrating HAL price drop game before final payment. window. -Paul
  5. Maybe they should describe it as "luxurious full length shower with marble bench and waterfall shower head**" **note: water fall shower can only be experienced if you hold the shower head nozzle high above your head.
  6. Well Fatcat04 at least there's a bench to sit down on in the shower.🤣
  7. Actually our final payment is due 11/30/19, I had my calendar math wrong. So maybe a Black Friday sale after all. Bathtubs are important for those of us who don't have them in our homes and as we get older it seems arthritis is popping up in all of my joints not just my knees. Redmond Cruiser....with any luck retirement in 16 months and I just can't wait for my first RCI Casino Royal offer of a free 4 or 5 day cruise of my choosing. I will call them almost immediately and say "Yes, as a matter of fact I do have the time to take you up on your offer" From my understanding the K-damn still has bathtubs in her Signature Suites, it's just the Nieuw Stantendam that does not. But I'm sure after her first dry-dock the K-damn will loose all the bathtubs except for the SA and SB's like her sister ship. -Paul
  8. Black Friday, will be after the final payment window on 10-31-19. It might come down a little after 09-30-19. It's the Nieuw Standendam so lots of Neptune to sell. We are in a (SY)Signature which would have been fine to keep as a 4 star since it's only a 7 day cruise, but they tore-out all the bathtubs on anything that's not a SA or SB. Just checked their website they still say Signature's have full-size whirlpool bathtubs. HAL really needs to invest in a better web-team to update their product. That's false advertising.
  9. The cruise dates are March 1 though March 8, which I don't really think as big Spring Break week. I've only spent $2 on this cruise so far. It was the annual "King of the Netherlands" sale or something that had $1 deposits!. They have also discounted the first 2 weeks of January in the Caribbean, which I know is a drop-off because it's right after the Holiday season.
  10. Hi All- They've lowered the prices on 2019 Caribbean cruises but the 2020's yet. To be specific (7 Day Western Caribbean on the Nieuw Stantendam) in Nov. it's 600 less for a Neptune than the March cruise we have booked. We have until 10-31-19 for final payment so I'm still hoping for a price drop discount. Being patient in our nano-second world is too hard! Can't move to an earlier cruise because the one in March is a 50th birthday cruise for DW. -Paul
  11. Yes, that's right for non North Americans particularly from Australia or New Zealand, lamb is the one meat not all that abundant in the USA, unless you are in Colorado. So having lamb options on the MDR on HAL ships is a nice option for us Yanks.
  12. It should include the park fee, if you are just going to the Glacier and nothing else you will have enough time to go on one of the hiking trails.
  13. Well I got to take my brother and his twin daughters (my nieces) with me to Alaska on the Oosterdam on 08/04-08/11. First time I've sailed with anyone who is not my wife. We quickly agreed the 3 of them would get the corner Neptune Suite and I would take the Interior across the hall (having my own cabin was a trade-off for missing the Neptune Lounge and PG breakfast. It was their first cruise and they absolutely fell in love with everything about it, they were in a Suite after all enjoying the high life, we ate every meal in the MDR and the food quality was above average, my brother couldn't believe he could get Rack of Lamb one night, and then Lamb Shank the next. My nieces are vegetarian/vegan and after the first night they got to pre-order the next night's meal off the Veterinarian Menu the have copies of in the MDR if you ask. Our dining room stewards where wonderful and one of them made Origami animals for my 13 year old nieces every night, our cabin stewards where also excellent, too me the things that still stand out for me with HAL is the service and the food quality. I know many are upset with the diminishing choices in the MDR, but on Gala nights it is still a 4 course meal and on other nights your can always order 2 starters and you entree. The Lido was fine but always busy, It was a completely sold out cruise with many newbies so having patience for your fellow cruisers in the Lido was indeed needed. My nieces didn't find their Teen/Tween cohorts until the 4th night of the cruise, my mistake sort of. On embarkation day I took them to Club Hal and it had 2 doors one listed for 6-12 year- olds and one listed for 6 and under. They are 13. We didn't put 2 and 2 together and realize The Loft is for Teen and Tweens not Club HAL, they could have meet their age-group fellow cruisers much sooner, but uncle kind of dropped the ball. They still had 3 nights/days together with a really well behaved and adventures group of 13-17 year olds. All of the shore excursions where fine and whale watching in Juneau was great, they even got to see their first breach. And a whole bunch of flipper waves from a mama whale with 2 calf's. It was alarming warm all over South East Alaska that week and Seas where exceptionally calm. From Seattle you go on the outside of Vancouver Island for a 7 day RT, because you have to book it top speed 21-22 knots to get there and back in 7 days. 79 degrees and not a cloud in the sky in Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is fading fast and expected to reced 800 ft this year instead of the usual 400 ft. Hubbard Glacier was grand and is still a spectacle to behold for the first time or 3rd time in my case. Now for my observations, conclusions from a 4 star perspective. The Oosterdam staff and crew seem to still really enjoy their work, the food is still good. I really miss having music in the Ocean Bar, why is there a piano there at all if it never gets played? The Music walk is fine for what it is but sometimes I just want to grab my book find a comfy chair have a few drinks and listen to someone play piano or the old Neptune's jazz trio from days gone by. I appreciate the musicianship in BB King's but I was solo and didn't want to go there by myself, I just was never in the mood for classical at Lincoln Center stage and neither of the dueling piano guys in Billboard had a signing voice. No really I heard them try to sing, while I was spending way too much time in the Casino each night. Also, the bartender in the Seaview Bar at night was great, made me feel really welcomed and appreciated and was impressed that I was a Bourbon and Scotch drinker, he didn't say so but I think he gets tired of serving Bud Light all day and night (Yes that's an elitist comment). We will keep sailing with HAL, we still really like the service and feel of the ships, plus the 4 star Mariner benefit of laundry is too good to pass-up. I know a lot of HAL loyalist chagrin all the changes, cut-backs and economizing, or monetizing of everything. I don't like them either. But we have tried Celebrity, Cunard, Princess, RCI and well there really just don't feel as nas nice to us as the HAL experience. I guess we could give Celebrity another try or Oceania since they send us a brochure every week, but we still get a home away from home feeling from HAL. Thanks for reading this far, Paul
  14. Pizza on HAL has always been dismal, the new Pinnacle class ships have a dedicated pizzeria called NY Pizza, so hopefully they are at least edible and stay open until 11:30 pm every night when you get the craving for a slice.
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