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  1. Can they be applied to final cruise payment or onboard gratuities? The rules don't seem to specify any limitations.
  2. Because so many single rooms aren't really a room/cabin. Somebody figured out how to jam a bathroom into a broom closet in the most undesirable part of the ship and call it a single cabin.
  3. I just pulled up our cruise in April and there is no reference to a sale but when I look at the individual excursions they seem to be discounted without an expiration date: From $129.95 to now $103.96 Per Adult $99.95 to $79.96, etc.
  4. I just bought a one way business class ticket home from a cruise in May 2021 for about $900. American is quoting over $7,000 for the same flights. Do Flight Ease tickets ever jump several thousand dollars just before final payment is due since the price is not guaranteed until paid for?
  5. Ye olde Maasdam, Vancouver to Sitka.
  6. Just got an email from HAL saying my purchase will be refunded according to sail dates. I can't imagine it being as prompt as SeeSun&Sea's but that would be nice.
  7. What happens to the money paid for bottles of liquor purchased for an upcoming cruise that has been cancelled? If we take FCC do those dollars become part of the FCC or are they refunded? (I wish they would simply switch it to the same booze on the next boat but since the price is now a lot higher I'm sure they won't do that).
  8. Has there been an official notification as to any change in HAL's final payment deadlines? Another thread implied it was changed to 60 days but then the person said it was no longer shown on the website. I'm talking about a 22 day cruise.
  9. It got even shorter after I looked.
  10. May or may not mean a thing but the first interline cruise rates they are offering begin December 12.
  11. Absolutely. Sometimes things were doable. Sometimes not but comments got pushed up to the proper department to consider. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough feedback on the decision or reasoning so the employee was usually left thinking suggestions were ignored. I'm guessing with all the recent problems, nobody at any company is looking at much of anything except how to cut more costs.
  12. I would guess that a lot of HAL people read comments on here because it is normal curiosity to see what people think of your company. At least I read forums and reviews and articles about my company when I worked for an airline.
  13. I've used interline rates without the stock benefit in the past but I've since discovered that Big Box "regular" rates with huge refunds plus OBC plus HAL benefit package plus stock benefit are always better than interline rates.
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