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  1. And now that tips are charged, many including me still offer gratuties on top of the included tips. I expect in a few years it will be expected of all passengers or they will be considered chintzy. Seems to be the natural progression of things. In the U.S.take out restaurant and curbside delivery people expect tips and an area is included on all credit card charge areas. Even fast food counters have tip jars. To top it off, Mariott Hotels now asks guests to tip room attendants on their $300 a night room because maids are so poorly paid. Totally out of hand.
  2. Got a single guarantee Neptune category SC on Nieuw Amsterdam next april for $3,673, I think that was a bargain.
  3. Find a great travel agent. Good ones can almost always save you 8-10 percent plus various onboard credits and freebies.
  4. I can only assume those who insist on paying TA's full price with no discount or OBC also pay full published rates for hotel rooms, rental cars, brochure prices for cruises and sticker prices for new car purchases. After all, even large companies are nothing but collections of individual people trying to eke out a living for their families.
  5. Is that biscuit sandwich what passes now for scones, jam and real clotted cream?
  6. On those walking tours are there places for limited walkers to sit and drink coffee or at least sit and wait while the group finishes their hike?
  7. Can't figure out why they restrict Neptune from the attending the CO onboard event. Seems like a very minor thing to bother limiting.
  8. Even when they sometimes match price available on carrier, their fares being flexible are worth a fortune in this time of multiple cruise cancellations. Carrier fares are rarely refundable now when a cruise cancels and I've got so much future airline credit it will be hard to use it up before some of it expires. I've really learned to hate airlines.
  9. My friend called Viking and got us all linked to the same time
  10. After you read your books may we assume you then put it in the leave and take space?🙂
  11. How do you change/cancel online dining reservations for Viking Ocean cruise? I can't find any way to cancel one and rebook a different time/restaurant. Also, is there any way to connect and book another party at the same time and table?
  12. As did many of us until decrepitude arrived. (Falling off a roof didn't help).
  13. Do you think all those pictures are real? Some of them look computer generated to me.
  14. Booked those. There just aren't many offered. Searching for other operators or will hire taxis.
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