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  1. No, I didn't do any of the above and in hindsight I should have. The whole dinner was a real disappointment. Service was incredibly slow, the seafood tower shrimp half raw, the lobster my friend ordered was two tiny four-inch long things that looked like prawns. Our wine steward never showed again to refill or permit a reorder and, of course, Crepes Suzette without flambée is just an orange pancake. We were sitting just a couple of tables from Mr. Ashford and his wife. I assume they had a better experience.
  2. I hope your sole is better than the one I got. I never had a properly cooked tough fish before but that thing was more like the shoe variety than the ocean type.
  3. Is there shuttle service of some kind from Holland America's regular dock in San Juan to the street? The hike from ship to shore appears to be quite long.
  4. That's fine. You could come back to the airport on Seattle Express for $18 per person. (And if spending the night near the airport pre-cruise, $27 round trip. It is just that they can't pick up at SEA/TAC but can drop off there). We've use them and the free Port Valet a couple of times and recommend both.
  5. For some reason Skyy Vodka is only $40 a liter compared to $69 or more for the others. I figure they missed it so I snagged some for our November trip before they notice.
  6. Club Orange talks about upgrades to the best available room in the meta category. Does that mean anything significant?
  7. We've toured Seattle several times so for recent cruises, we stay near the airport since there are numerous motels there. We use Seattle Express to the cruise terminal. They pick up at all area hotels, (but not Sea-Tac airport), and can return passengers to the airport at cruise end. Their charge of $30 round trip and is about half the charge of companies that are allowed to pick up at the airport.
  8. Now their website loads fine. Just another of their quirks I guess.
  9. Just tried to go to Mariner account and got this: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US.html" on this server. Reference #18.689655f.1573051063.358ab8f Any idea what that means?
  10. Our Rudi's Sel de Mer had an appetizer which included one half-cooked scallop.
  11. I was on that ship in the mid-'80s when it was owned by Abercrombie & Kent and took another couple of trips in later years on Professor Mulchenoy and Fram. We are doing the Westerdam in 2020 with crossed fingers that everything goes well. Most passengers aren't aware of just how extreme the weather, rough seas and conditions are down there. On the Fram trip, we lost all the deck matting off the bow and took a wave between South Georia and Antarctica to the underside of the bridge which ripped off paneling and broke pipes and wiring. That same trip, Le Boreal lost all power half way between the Faulklands and SGI in rough seas and when we got to Ushuaia, we parked beside the Quark Endeavor which had a big rip in the side from hitting ice between Antarctica and port. They were extremely fortunate that the tear was above the waterline. A large cruise ship with many elderly passengers will present horrendous problems in evacuating them and I can't think of much of anything worse than trying to board and survive in those "dinky" lifeboats in Antartica conditions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDTbopUYg20
  12. I can't help you there. We haven't done helicopters in Alaska but did do a 5 glacier sea plane tour in Juneau which departed a short walk from the ship pier. It was a great trip.
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