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  1. From Capt. Albert's Blog: ...the Oosterdam had raised anchor at Cabo San Lucas and sailed towards the ms Eurodam which was coming down the coast on its way to Puerto Vallarta. Oosterdam transferred medical staff and supporting supplies to the Eurodam. That ship then sailed onwards to meet with the ms Rotterdam. We did so in the early morning hours and all what was transferred from the Oosterdam, together with a medical team of the Eurodam, joined us then. Then we were on our way and eventually we will meet up with the Zaandam somewhere, wherever the two ships which are both running at full speed, can meet. We are going south, the Zaandam is coming north. Why has it required this slow, covoluted process to get medical personnel and supplies to Zaandam? Couldn't air transport of some sort been worked out? Helicopter from foreign soil, U.S. or foreign Military, Coast Guard, etc.
  2. Being U.S. Corporation doesn't necessarily mean a lot in Income taxes: Amazon did not pay any federal income taxes for the second straight year in 2018 and is receiving a $129 million tax rebate, according to a new report. General Electric, which has paid a net negative federal corporate income tax rate since at least 2008, but may find itself on the hook for as much as $9 billion in new taxes because of the latest tax bill. Granted, they do employ a lot of American people who do pay taxes.
  3. Sorry, I grabbed the wrong quote.
  4. If they are young enough. Most freighters won't accept passengers over 77 or 80 and I'm pretty sure none of them have medical personnel on board as well as not having elevators between decks.
  5. Just my noodling thoughts: I wouldn't be surprised if Warren Buffett stepped in with some of his 128 billion to either loan Carnival Corp. a large chunk of money as he did GE and Goldman Sachs during the last crisis or try to buy the company. He likes large companies that are dominant in their industries and his history or keeping existing management in place and not meddling with the operation might fit well with the various Arison owners and others who might be in a mood to spread their investments around.
  6. Issuing a decree banning European flights without including the U.K. seems pointless. The entire world transfers through Heathrow and I can't imagine it being more than a few days before that is restricted as well.
  7. Sometimes, Westerdam in Alaska last summer and Nieuw Statendam two weeks ago, we were able to reserve a table for the entire length of the cruise. Had the same wait staff and wine steward every night. Just let reservations know in advance if you plan to skip a dinner (On the Nieuw Statendam at least, they automatically canceled that reservation when a specialty restaurant was booked.)
  8. I know y'all are right but it just becomes too hard to live if you have to worry about everything. I've managed 77 years with nothing but reasonable common sense and figure I'll continue until I get hit by a truck on the freeway.
  9. Not sure about smaller ships but two weeks ago on the Nieuw Statendam, life boat drill was held in the Dining Room. And, it was wonderful compared to the usual fiasco of standing for half an hour or more outside in the sun.
  10. Anybody else read through the Carnival corp annual report/proxy material they just received? That is the first one I've seen and I was very impressed. I'm no financial genius but from what I see, the company is in excellent hands to deal with the havoc this virus situation is causing. Just looking over the board of directors, I was struck by how broad their backgrounds are yet in fields closely related to aspects of the ship cruising business. Half of them serve on no other boards and the rest are only on that of one other compeny - usually the company they run/ran or served as senior executives. That tells me they aren't political hacks or golfing buddies constantly flitting around the globe to attend a dozen other board meetings half a dozen times a year.
  11. So, if we didn't get a "important information on privacy event" letter is it safe to assume our data was not inclued in the hack?
  12. A couple of weeks ago, the Nieuw Statendam offered us $75 OBC in exchange for $100 deposit regardless of length of future cruise. I didn't bother with it since plans change over time and many things onboard are cheaper if paid for in advance.
  13. I think hot cabins is a normal thing built into the Maasdam. We were on her in about 1995 and cabins at the rear were warm then. Maintenance fiddled around doing stuff but nothing ever improved.
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