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  1. Jewel just let me print a boarding pass for Jan 2 out of Galveston so I take that as a good sign that the cruise may operate.
  2. It's actually July 25 - August 1 2021 Oosterdam so you should be okay.
  3. Great responses. Thanks. We'll move to another week.
  4. Has anyone been a regular passenger on a ship where there was a huge group booked? There is a possiblity we will be on an Alaska cruise 2021 which has the Gaither music group. Are regular passengers allowed to attend their shows or are they private? Do they take the place of usual entertainment and music? We like their music but the rates they quoted are about double the regular price!
  5. Couldn't agree more. Cunard was the the most disappointing cruise to date. Magnificent ship, great guest speaker, crummy food, miserable understaffed service and having to stand due to limited seating areas for every venue to open spoiled it all.
  6. About half the time when I go to a reservation to add meals or excursions or check something I can't sign in. The website my cruise may be locked and to try later. Is this common to other people?
  7. I could save about a hundred dollars with a non-refundable but changable domestic first class fare booked direct on UA paying today. I think I'd rather have the fully refundable one in case the cruise cancels plus I don't pay for it until mid-January.
  8. I booked a return flight for an April 2021 transatlantic cruise but was unsure about going to the ship in Ft. Lauderdale. When I go to the flight ease booking area on the HAL website there doesn't seem to be a way to add that flight. Anybody experienced this issue? I called HAL but they are closed.
  9. Can they be applied to final cruise payment or onboard gratuities? The rules don't seem to specify any limitations.
  10. Because so many single rooms aren't really a room/cabin. Somebody figured out how to jam a bathroom into a broom closet in the most undesirable part of the ship and call it a single cabin.
  11. I just pulled up our cruise in April and there is no reference to a sale but when I look at the individual excursions they seem to be discounted without an expiration date: From $129.95 to now $103.96 Per Adult $99.95 to $79.96, etc.
  12. I just bought a one way business class ticket home from a cruise in May 2021 for about $900. American is quoting over $7,000 for the same flights. Do Flight Ease tickets ever jump several thousand dollars just before final payment is due since the price is not guaranteed until paid for?
  13. Ye olde Maasdam, Vancouver to Sitka.
  14. Just got an email from HAL saying my purchase will be refunded according to sail dates. I can't imagine it being as prompt as SeeSun&Sea's but that would be nice.
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