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  1. He and his wife sat next table to us most nights on our Alaska cruise in July. I recognized him from the President's letter in cabin literature and asked our waiter if it was business or pleasure and he said as far as he knew it was strictly vacation. He said the crew liked them. (Of course, what else would he say when they were 6 feet away). I realize that says nothing about his management style or decision-making but as a couple they certainly were low-key, easy going and polite to everyone we saw them deal with. We also happened to meet them again in the Pinnacle Grill one night and stopped to say hello. I asked if he did indeed personally select the Tomahawk steak they advertize in the menu, ($75 extra charge!). He laughed and said well, they gave him credit for it.
  2. I'm with you. The menu description sounds so intriguing and you find that half the items listed are nothing but a decorative smear, dot, splash or drizzle on the plate too small to even taste.
  3. On the Amsterdam to Alaska, the first night we dined early and chose a table for three. We were allowed to "book" it for the entire trip. We didn't even have to check in at the desk each evening but simply went to our table. It was great. Earlier on the Westerdam, they only booked three days ahead as shown above.
  4. Hmm! I hadn't thought of that. I wonder if you can buy a second policy if you use up your annual or pay extra to increase the limit after partially using it.
  5. I was on the Explorer a few years earlier when A&K owned it. I can't imagine floating around in a lifeboat in the Drake. Those passengers were incredibly fortunate things were calm while they waited for rescue. My last trip on the Fram, there were three or four ships damaged to/from Antarctica. Le Boreal lost power around between the Falkland Islands and South Georgia on the fringes of a major storm and floated around without steerage for a while. (We were going through the same area. It was rough.) On the way back to Ushuaia, Quark's Ocean Endeavor hit ice and had a big rip in the side of it. They were lucky it was above the water line but that crossing was also very rough. We had wave spray hitting the observation deck windows and chairs being turned over. (with people in them!) It was a wild ride. Although I am returning once again next year on the Westerdam with friends, a major cruise liner in trouble around Antarctica would be a very serious problem. Much as I don't like the law bringing such trips to an end, I think it is the right move. That area is simply too remote and dangerous to deal with huge passenger numbers if there is a problem and I think non-ice rated ships and most crews are operating on the edge of safety down there.
  6. My big box TA checked three promotions and all were higher in price than value of extras but he called HAL to double check and came back with free gratuities for a single balcony VE 22 days in December 2020. All other OBCs and fare remain unchanged.
  7. I found it this morning. Offers say they apply to stateroom based on double occupancy. Do they apply to a single? Seems they should so I'll call later to find out.
  8. Where did you see that offer? When I look at the website I can't find it and if I start a dummy booking it never appears.
  9. I should have mentioned I had to spend $120 to join big box store at the Executive level to get the 2% back on all purchases, including travel.
  10. My real time example: I recently booked a $13,600 future cruise on board HAL and received a $300 deposit and $300 onboard credit for a single. Returned home and emailed my usual big online TA and they offered an additional $150 on board credit for switching. A local TA offered to add $600 OBC plus free wi-fi. Friends told me about their deal with a big box store and I discovered for my booking they would add $1165 on board plus the normal store 2% refund and 3% credit card rebate, That was simply too big to pass up. (I also promptly bought a hundred shares of Carnival stock, figuring that $250 cruise price reduction and 4% yield exceeds what my savings account generates.)
  11. Powdered booze? What a great idea. Has anybody tried this stuff: https://palcohol.com/ Might even pass ship security but probably costs more than shipboard drinks.
  12. I pre-ordered a bottle of Vodka on our recent Alaska cruise on the Amsterdam with the expectation it would be waiting in the cabin upon embarkation for a departure with friends. It wasn't. When I checked with the front desk, (room service phones were busied out), they said orders were usually delivered about half way through the cruise. Does this make sense to anybody? Is that standard on their other ships?
  13. A couple of days ago, it priced a single cabin for me at $900 more than the same cabin for two people! I elected not to book.
  14. The only problem is the thing is already so popular the wait for food exceeds my ability to stand and there is no where to sit while you wait to be called. Wish they could expand it somehow in addition to offering more food options which will increase demand even more.
  15. I'm single but usually travel with a couple. Since I have a pretty severe hearing loss, Early Dining is a frustrating experience due to the noise as I sit and nod and try to smile when appropriate while not hearing a thing anyone has said for 20 minutes. Gets a little embarrassing when someone asks me a question three times and I simply sit there and look at them like an idiot! We always go to Anytime Dining and ask to reserve a specific table for a particular time for the entire cruise. Works perfect for us. If we will be late or decide to go to the Pinnacle or eat on shore, we simply let them know as soon as we can. I would do the same if traveling alone without hesitation.
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