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  1. Here is a hint https://americas.celestyalcruises.com/en/celestyal-cruises-voluntarily-extends-suspension-of-cruise-operations-until-2021-due-to-ongoing
  2. A lot of talk that actually said nothing. Typical PR BS with nothing definitive.
  3. Sorry, but I don't feel X and other cruise lines are doing all they can. Some things they can do include: Never furloughing the employees in the first place knowing they have these call volumes Stop selling space on cruises they know will never go Stop waiting until 30 days out to cancel cruises they know will never go just to hold onto as much money as possible Automatically process REFUNDS on any cruise cancelled, eliminating the many questions, frustrations, calls around FCCs, etc.
  4. For us, there are just too many variables still unanswered. No one know exactly what will be implemented and most likely those implemented processes will change and evolve. The cruise lines have still been very silent about exactly what the scenarios will be, but are still selling cruises and collecting final payments for an unknown product. I think it is fairly safe to assume, it will not be the same cruise experience as before. Before I hand over my money and commit to going, I want some specific details on what exactly am I buying - how will F&B venues be handled, what facilities/entertainment will be curtailed or unavailable, how will housekeeping, crew interactions be handled, what about spas, gyms, pools, exactly what is the mask policy, etc. How will it be handled when someone does get sick- and someone will. Will we be left on the ship endlessly, quarantined, what? I don't believe in buying the proverbial "pig in a poke." Also, as demonstrated in many States where thing were opened quickly and caution was thrown to the wind, there are many people out there who cannot be trusted to behave responsibly. I am not going to be stuck on a ship with them.
  5. While there has been much speculation on changes when cruising returns, it has mostly focused on the public spaces and modifications. Based on what is happening with hotels - and I mean luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons, etc. - much will most likely change in the cabin, cabin service, butler service, etc. Little or no interaction with steward or butler No daily housekeeping - you make your own bed and tidy your own cabin. Supplies - towels, toiletries, toilet paper, etc. are dropped off in a bag and you leave dirty towels in a bag to be picked up Cabin stripped of many amenities/surfaces for easier cleaning - minibars, coffee makers/kettles, glasses, printed material, etc. removed from room Limited room service, dropped off with disposable cutlery, dishes, etc. Deep cleaning with rooms not being ready until much, much later upon boarding No more unpacking - for anyone who did use this butler service - shining shoes, mending, etc. to minimize interaction with guests and guest belongings No behind the scenes or bridge tours Elsewhere, self-service beverage stations gone. Stacks of pool or gym towels gone, libraries gone, etc. These are in addition to the impact to dining, bar service, public spaces, shows/events, ports, etc. When cruising does return, after health considerations - which are most important for everyone to decide if cruising still works for them - the many changes needed have to be weighed to determine the value proposition/bang for your buck - to see if it is still worth the price beign charged
  6. They already know that your cruise will not sail. They are merely holding off canceling cruises and also taking new reservations for cruises they know won't sail in order to hold as much money as possible.
  7. Not to mention what goes on in kitchens that you do not see. Who knows who is washing their hands before touching your food. What was dropped on the floor and picked back up, coughed on, sneezed on, and who knows what else.
  8. The cruise lines are desperate to hold onto cash and take more in. They are luring people into taking 125% FCC instead of a refund but will price the future cruises to ensure you spend much more than that extra 25%. They continue to sell cruises they know will never occur to get more cash. Perhaps, more cruise lines should look to Disney for good customer service. Disney is offering the 125% FCC instead of cash also, but the credit(s) can be applied to any currently booked or future cruise, cruise insurance, shore excursions, transfers, pre or post cruise stays, gratuities, and any remaining credit will then be converted into nonrefundable onboard credit to be used during your cruise.
  9. https://futurism.com/neoscope/smoking-cigarettes-lower-risk-coronavirus
  10. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/warning/coronavirus-cruise-ship https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/warning/coronavirus-global
  11. The ships will cruise to the shipyard as liquidated assets
  12. Bounced back does not mean without major changes that are permanent. Just as air travel had aspects that were permanently changed after 9/11, aspects of travel such as cruising will have permanent changes too.
  13. While optimism is nice, it is time to be realistic. Cruising and many other things will never come back as they were. There will be no return to what was. Cruises and amusement parks, etc. will be among the last things to come back at all as they are purely recreational and way too many critical aspects of life need to be rebuilt and come online first. Air travel itself will come back very slowly, especially international, and with changes - far fewer flights, much longer turn around times to sanitize planes, etc. As for cruising, no one is going to bring together all those crew members and passengers from all over the globe and put them all together on a floating petri dish again for a long time. No country is going to quickly allow cruise ships to dock and disgorge thousands of people at once into their communities. Many aspects of life are changed forever, it is time to come to grips with that and face the stark reality of the future
  14. Actually, the song is titled "White Rabbit" - has nothing at all to do with the book or movie titled Go Ask Alice. It was a take on Alice in Wonderland.
  15. I have never understood why people think it is acceptable to give candy, trinkets, etc. to staff when on cruises. Do you bring candy to leave for wait staff in restaurants, parking attendants, hotel staff, etc? These are adults, yet I see people on cruises treat them like children. Same as you and I and other adults, they work to earn money. They then take that money to purchase what they want. Yes, they may like candy, which they choose and purchase themselves.
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