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  1. I had no idea! I always rub my cash all over my bare butt before spending. I hope none of that filth or cocaine rubbed off on me!
  2. Wow, that is strange! Disneyland is in Anaheim, CA quite far away form Fort Lauderdale, FL! Disney World is over 3 hours away from Fort Lauderdale and most people heading there fly into Orlando. Doubt anyone on that flight was actually going to Disneyland.
  3. You need to check the definition of a scam. What you described is not a scam.
  4. Not missing them at all, they just used to go into the trash.
  5. I am sure Celebrity is well aware of the capacity of the designated muster stations. In the case of an actual emergency, the concern would certainly not be adequate seating or comfort. If someone is that claustrophobic, I can only imagine how they will be as one of 150 persons on a lifeboat. Perhaps they should not be cruising if a simple 30 minute muster drill is so distressing for them.
  6. How wonderfully ignorant and irresponsible. Another example for the world of the "ugly American" tourist
  7. Stayed there many years ago. Great location, small rooms, okay hotel. Each floor on multiple levels so up/down stairs with luggage
  8. it did for us this summer. bid lowest amount allowed from Concierge to Haven Courtyard Penthouse and got it,
  9. no, as they don't owe you anything at all and anything you get is a bonus. Too many people who feel their butts should be kissed for sailing frequently.
  10. You pick up your luggage and leave. Immigration is at the airport when you leave Italy/EU.
  11. Was in minisuite on Breakaway Baltic - bid absolute minimum and won for Haven Penthouse -
  12. Good to know that on a Baltic cruise, the main site you found to observe and comment on is what others were wearing. Love those priorities!
  13. Have stayed at Royal Olympic. Very good hotel and location.
  14. On the other hand, I think the excuses those who want to insist on formal wear are BS 1. It shows respect- This is not a wedding or event you were invited to where you respect the host. The cruise line is not your host, they are a paid vendor. 2. Formal night/dinner deserves formal wear - Stop kidding yourself that this is a luxury experience. You are not in first class on the Titanic. This is a mass market cruise and nether the ship, meal, or entertainment is even remotely forma or luxurious. 3. It's our only chance to dress up - Where do you live, in a cave? Go out to a formal event or high end restaurant, opera, etc. and dress-up. 4. Those who don't dress formal, ruin the evening's atmosphere - Actually, much worse than seeing someone dressed casually, is men in tacky polyester rented tuxes with plastic shoes, men squeezed into tuxes they have had for years which are 3 sizes too small with gut jutting and hanging over their waist band, women who think polyester black pant/skirt with a tacky bedazzled "top" is formal.
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