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  1. Back in 2010 my husband and I did a Segway tour off road in Naussa. I can't find who we booked through. Are there any companies still doing that? We will have our grandkids with us, youngest is 10. I know the Blue Lagoon one, but may be a bit over priced and plus I think in order to use the beach you need to pay more money. So not interested in that, sounds like another "Atlantis". So looking for something in Naussa.
  2. Thanks, the only other two days are in Freeport and Nassau.
  3. We will be on Liberty 4 day cruise. We only have one sea day, so is it done that day or when we are in Freeport - Bahamas?
  4. We put cash on account when we board. We have cruised enough we kind of know what we spend money on. We do have a cc with us, just as a back up. But never had used it. We put enough on the account to cover tips, drink, excursions and misc stuff. Lasted time got a check in the mail pretty quickly.
  5. If you have ever been to a 5 star restaurant it's worth once in a while. We have done it on a few cruises and loved every one we did. Although we only do it for current things.
  6. We mainly cruise Carnival, but have been on Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Celebrity. Only VIP with Carnival. We have two grandkids 10 and 12. They have been on Carnival 3 times, but have never been involved with the kids program. Main reason is they like the hang with us. It's not like parents wanting to have some alone time. Even on a family cruise back in April when we had the parents and few more people on the cruise. They just hung with us, even though we did check the kids program out. I'm asking as I have herd as kids get old doing a Disney cruise doesn't excite them that much. I check the prices out for the 3 day Bahamas cruise and nearly fell off my chair on the price for a balcony with 4 people in it. Is it really worth the cost? The 12 year old is a bit shy compared to her bother who is 10. Plus for adults who are not into Disney, what options is there for us? I live near Orlando and a Florida native, so have been and done the Disney more then once. But hardly a Disney Fan, but thought off and on about trying Disney cruise at least once. Just FYI we just booked a last minute Carnival Liberty balcony for $711. So wondering what does Disney provide for $2700 plus for four people?
  7. Is there tours of the port? Meaning can you get tour around just the port area? My dad was a Merchant Marine Captain, retired now. But I would go down to the Tampa port with my mom of course and we could get into the working area of the port. Also spent a lot of time on his tugs boats. My husband and I have flown to Freeport in our airplane and spent some time touring the island many years ago and really not excited about doing anything on the island. But we may be interest in doing a tour of the actual port if they have one. His grand dad also was a Harbor pilot for Tampa. Anyone one know of a tour like this?
  8. Thanks for the information. We have done off site parking at the port before, but with to much of a problem. But the place we have been using went up in price. So not much of a deal anymore and the other place I found is 10 miles away, so not as ideal. We also have part at the port which does make it easy getting and off the ship. Less of a wait time. We may not get to the port until between 11-12, depending on how early we want to leave.
  9. We can come anytime. I double check with my PVP. Arrival time is 1pm, but because we are Platinum we can come anytime.
  10. I did search for this two different ways but nothing came up. I have been on Liberty, but wondering for VIP what is the earliest you can get on. One reason for us doing this is to get tickets for the Behind the Fun tour. I like to board early but don't have a rush on it. But this time I have a mission of doing this tour and getting the tickets. I have passed this tour up a few times, but this time we are going to do it. We live two hours from Port Canveral, so other then dropping the dog off at the pet sitter there isn't much for us to do then drive to the port. What is the earliest people are getting on now? Plus trying to decide whether to park of site or not.
  11. Thanks for the tip... I like ice with some things so not a bad ideal. Hubby is not much a ice person but I am... We have gotten out of the habit of asking for the ice bucket...
  12. Yea I know, but we use water for taking supplements and we use it in ports. Besides it's not that much to get added water.
  13. Yes I was able to order our water, just a different route then what I remember before.
  14. Thanks for the reply's. I just downloaded the Hub App and signed in. I'll get my husband to do the same before the cruise. Hopefully it will work better. We always buy WiFi and never really has any issues, but on the Legend it was worse then normal. So maybe it was a ship issue. I know you don't need Wifi for the Hub, but we get it to check emails and other work related things.
  15. We would use the App to try to connect up at a current time and my husband's son never got the message through the Hub App. But a few times it did work. The app was running in the back ground.
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