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  1. I would book it now since there’s availability. If you wait a week, it might not be an option. Then you have until 48 hours before port arrival to decide … just don’t forget! (although i still would decide in advyof the 48 hours and not wait till the last minute to cancel )
  2. Just chipping in with my $0.02 - go longer and due the (hopefully) polar circle so awesomely beautiful and unmatched. Plus as others mentioned your “waste” 4 days crossing the Drake plus your embarking/disembarkation days, so 9 only gives you 4 days expeditioning (made that word up 😉) and always that is subject to weather and seas. i did not sail with Atlas, but sailed on a sister or twin ship to the Atlas ships . Our cabin was just forward of the front stairs, so not quite midship, and was a balcony on deck 6. Midship and low is definitely the way to go on a Drake crossing. Even on decks 5&6 the waves were saturating the floor of the deck and occasionally hitting our window one day. I went end of Feb-Mar 23, there’s a trip report on cruise critic. The penguin babies were mostly moulted and our penguin guru said they’d be leaving in a couple weeks. Unfortunately the late hatchlings we saw would not make it. also if presented with opportunity to kayak or SUP do it at least once (I chickened out) - the group that only signed up for the one-time option came across a couple sleeping whales bobbing in the water …inside the Antarctic circle. Super photos! im considering going with Atlas Jan 25, just get my friend on board.
  3. I wonder if the proclivity to change ports frequently and often after final payment would be of interest to some Attorneys General or as class action for violating truth in advertising laws or other laws against bait and switch tactics? people seem to sue over all kinds of stuff most people just shrug off…latest one I read about was a class action suing Reeses because the actual Reese’s bats and pumpkins don’t look like the drawings on the wrappers Or the federal government which I recall reading is going to force airlines, hotels,resorts and other travel related businesses to disclose all their fees in the up front pricing rather than lure you in with a low price, then add the fees and taxes at checkout?
  4. Recommend Onda and Paladar … and both had filets that were IME better quality and better prepared than the filet or ribeye at Cagneys
  5. We just cancelled a much anticipated transatlantic because NCL dropped 1 of the 2 main ports we were looking forward to (St John’s Newfoundland) and has a less than stellar track record making the other port (Punta Delgada) we also have cruise from Iceland to NY via Greenland, St John’s & St Pierre/Miquelon …. Success in making those ports will determine new NCL bookings but we’re past final payment so if they’ve diabolically planned changes they haven’t shared, that should occur soon. 😳
  6. However @BirdTravels there is a noticeable decrease in choices from earlier menus 2 salad options down from 3 *although happy to see the Brie!) 2 soups instead of 3 to choose from 3 appetizers versus 5 I know you’ve posted tons of reviews with menus, so would have a fairly extensive data set to compare. But perhaps NCL hopes frequent cruisers like yourself wouldn’t have noticed as the removed 1 or 2 items over several months … sort of like the shrink-flation we’ve experienced with or half-gallon once cream cartons ? Brewers and the ilk who had those rounded square cartons went from 2 qt to 1.75 qt and it was hard to notice the difference unless you saw the 2 sizes side-by-side. Then they went to 1.5 qt … the horror if you were trying to make a recipe calling for half a gallon of ice cream 😱
  7. I think Indulge is a game changer for dining on NCL. Loved it and ate there frequently on Prima. On Viva, the secret was out and unless you were lined up when they “opened the doors” or shortly after, it was nearly impossible to get a seat..inside or out. I also think they shortened the hours of service, ie seemed Viva Indulge was not open as long as it was on Prima. (Sailed both near initial sailings)
  8. I’d go over to Trip Advisor and post the question in the appropriate forum. You’re more likely to get an answer from someone who has observed how busy they are on multiple days. Better chance of accurate info since your question is specific 😊 On the cruise forums, most posters are only in the city for their single port day, which has a 1 in 7 chance of being on a Sunday (although some may have made port several times or had a land vacation there, they’re probably in the minority).
  9. Yes those - I was too lazy to be bothered to check the spelling
  10. @doghog & @OCSC Mike reassuring to hear that all the previous posters recent logon issues are anomalous ! Thanks for sharing. In have one account makes you reset password if you don't logon within 38 or 30 days, big 🫓 OTOH makes me wonder (since its your 1st event in over 2 years) whether Royal had a breech or some other issue and are forcing everyone to reset their passwords. Seems odd to all of a sudden have every one reset their password. Im skeptical… my accounts with government and industry have been hacked too often and I didn’t find out till many weeks ir months later In almost every case. Me? I created a new password thats not been used before on any account (by me).
  11. I don’t understand (or wish I didn’t) … Royal app frequently forces you to change your password at random times? Not on a schedule like every 3,4 or 6 months? Just Randomly? Is it after app software upgrades? That’s just a mind boggling way to do things, Also seems like incompetence in the programming department with coding and testing. I was forced to take a software update yesterday and then my account logon and password didn’t work. Sheesh, since I've only had the app and account for less than 60 days thought that very weird.
  12. Can you post a link to the thread?
  13. @scubacruiserx2 you may want to repost all your lovely photos from Russia under a separate trip report with a Russian themed subject so people interested can find them. I don’t think people will look in an Antarctic themed report thread for Russia info and your photos are superb and would be well received. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely I will ever travel to Russia now, although I would have loved to see St Petersburg and ride the Transiberian railway. Some things are not meant to be.
  14. Want to mention, two of the benefits of breakfast at Cagney is 1) the steak & egg breakfast- the 6 oz strip was better than the ribeye I had for dinner in Cagneys…hands down. The 2nd is eggs Benedict all the time. Even when it wasn’t listed on debating day (used the “port day” menu I think @Sammae pointed out), I saw someone enjoying a final eggs benny as we left the restaurant. Details in my trip report- check index near end for exact post. Thread post is linked several times in this thread (hate being redundant when the thread is only 3 pages, steady to find info if looking(
  15. @roomba920 (and anyone else wondering) You used to have to provide your DD214 but now NCL uses id.me sorry for late response- been traveling 🙂
  16. Maybe but not entirely buying throttling. I saw the archaic devices they’re still using
  17. I realize that, not my first “it’s a sale” rodeo. I also suspect there to be another sale between now and December and am gathering data points on historical& (more germane) current pricing to prepare for that next sale if it occurs and apparently semi-hijacking @DennysDad‘s thread 🙂
  18. It’s all adults except one almost adult (ie teenager), whose Mom is definitely heading to the adult section 😎 we have Hideaway passes but … originally trying to figure out crazy “dynamic pricing “ and what the “good” price ranges are. Probably should have started to check prices earlier but busy planning other vacations working and getting on with life. Can’t wait till one of those three are less pressing 🤣
  19. Thanks @Cruise a holic id definitely take Coco Beach Club at $99 and probably pay for traveling companions, but right now my cruise is showing $265 on sale for $245.99 for December cruise.
  20. You’re traveling … it’s best to be prepared. Money options are one of those preparations. But travel to Europe at least no longer requires you to walk around with a few hundred (local currency of the land - not everyone is on the €). in addition to Caribbean where dollars are apparently preferred (based on 14 days experience) , during recent travels both Ecuadorians & Argentinians also requested payment in USD in the past few years. Ecuador is dollar equivalent and Argentina has crazy inflation.
  21. @Cruise a holic I‘ll definitely be keeping an eye on prices. We may be going to Coco Cay in Nov, just traveling as a couple, in which case I definitely would like to try Coco Beach Club…for a decent price! @rrraydon great deal for you! What were the other prices like? I also noticed that all the discounts are down to 5% today, or gone altogether… 🤔
  22. @complawyer you gotta revel in the last solid production shows on Prima & Viva. Just off the Sky a couple weeks ago and the 2 NCL in-house productions were not up to standard - just a string of old songs (mostly 70-80-90, predominantly 80s rock) with a very thin veneer of a story line gluing them together. Not awful but not great either. I’d fine it acceptable in a 14 day cruise to have those IF paired with one of NCL’s Broadway -style shows we’ve become accustomed to experiencing. However those 2 WERE the marquee shows, the rest were magic, juggling, comedy and a solo singer. And each of those seconds got 2 nights in the main theatre. They were good but ….
  23. Sky’s Starlink (Feb/Mar 24) was slower than Viva’s Starlink (Nov 23). They probably upgraded the satellite communications equipment but did not upgrade the ships total IT infrastructure. Speeds in our deck 7 forward OV cabin were noticeably slower than on open decks and public spaces.p; also it also dropped connections in the cabin. I’ll check for the screenshots from both sailings and post.
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