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  1. That is progress, but not showing up for me in the UK. 😒
  2. Hi Paul, I think that we both claimed on the same day. We made a claim for unrecoverable hotel bookings as they were non-refundable. SB offered us Cash or Value + 28 % FCC (which they called 25%) plus $ 250 each on board credit, which we took, as it was by far the best value. They could/should have done better for you. Regards, Kevin
  3. Paulchili, so glad that you finally got your Refund. 🍾 PS. I finally got refunded by Singapore Air, & IHG Hotels said that my refund would take 90 working days. It seems like they are all dragging it out to help cashflow 😒
  4. Thanks Zelker. We have only been on two Seabourn Cruises so far, so a lot of this is new to us. On a brighter note, we have just booked Norway & The Baltic for July 2021 (instead of rebooking Sydney to Singapore, as less risk for us). Kevin
  5. 4 Weeks after our Refund came through to CCs, our TA finally got approval of our FCCs. You will be disappointed to note that the FCCs are not worth their value, as TA Commission has already been paid, meaning that TA Prices are not as low as expected (checked with 2 major Cruise Specialists). We got £ 2,581 Price Reduction, for a £ 2,900 FCC, an 11% hit, so, our total FCCs of £ 7,686 became worth £ 6,840. Also, we were not aware that the FCD of 5% reduction only applies to the Cruise Fare, AFTER Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses. Nett result: Payin
  6. This is true! We had our Refund 3 weeks ago and our FCC for Hotel reimbursement 4 weeks ago. BUT, we still have not got the £ 4,500 FCCs from the cruise showing on the Account and Seabourn will not let us book until we have it!. We have had a Suite on Reserve for three weeks so far. Hopefully it will come through soon. Our TA have been chasing SB regularly, without success.
  7. Great News, Bobal! The refunds may be slow in coming, but they are coming!
  8. I just want to say a big THANK YOU JPH814 for all your effort with this. I am sure that many people are grateful, like me, for what you are doing. At least we all now know that refunds are coming through, and we can see how long people have been waiting. I for one, am happy to rebook with Seabourn. It makes a huge difference having the Refund back in your bank account. Like many, I was angry and frustrated with the lack of communication and missed deadlines, I just needed to be more patient.
  9. If you are interested, attached are Carnival's full accounts up to November 2019. Carnival_2019.pdf
  10. Interesting one, this. Our 22nd March Seabourn Encore Cruise from Sydney to Singapore. As this one was cancelled 'at short notice' (Seabourn's words, not mine), we were offered a 100 % Refund PLUS 25 % Future Cruise Credit. The Refund came through about 10 days ago, BUT the FCC's are still being worked on, as SB say that it is very complicated to work out and apply the FCCs in this case - despite them confirming the amount about 60 days ago. This is annoying, as we want to book another cruise with them, but we need SB to apply the FCCs to our Acc
  11. We have Travel Insurance supplied by Barclays, as part of our Premier Banking Account. But, as we were away for 43 days, we had to take out another (Worldwide Annual Multitrip) Policy with Staysure for £ 314. However, I had arranged for it to start the day before our flight, so then we were not covered, as our trip was cancelled before the Insurance started. We did manage to get a refund on the Insurance though, and all other costs are/will be refunded (eventually). Thank you for the information, it may be useful for nest time 🙂 Kevin
  12. Hi, Are you allowed to mention who your Travel Insurance Company was? Kevin
  13. JPH814 Just to clarify. The money appeared on the Credit Cards only this morning, but the Transaction Date on the CC App says that the refund was made on the 8th May. I check morning and evening, but the refund was not there last night. Seabourn said nothing, no e-mail or anything. Kevin
  14. Refund Date was 8th May, received on CC on 12th/13th May, not 20th, as shown.
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