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  1. What would be the objection to a bit of OBC for holding shares?
  2. Will this now mean that RCL shareholder benefits will apply to Silversea?
  3. Same here, I remember discussing the YF vaccination age conundrum back in Feb! I have now booked this same cruise on Silversea for March 22, was much the same price as our cancelled one. Hopefully the world will have got back on track by then.
  4. I have just booked a cruise for 2022, and asking the agent (UK based) how business was he was very upbeat. Said that they are really quite busy and that business is actually surprisingly very good. He was pretty confident about the industry going forward.
  5. I would imagine they would have some sort of algorithm in place to determine these assignments and that sounds like a plausible explanation. Thanks.
  6. Jumping on this thread with a further question. If the scenario was as stumblefoot described, would Silversea then upgrade an already assigned suite (classic veranda) to the higher category (deluxe veranda) and put the GTY into the classic suite ? Or is it a case of once you have an assigned suite they wont move you?
  7. Yup, we were on the Manaus - Miami one. as I said think we got notification around the 16th March, and TA canceled on the 17/18th.
  8. Have been following this thread with interest. My update: Cruise 5th April, cancelled around the 16th March. Refund requested 17th March and I'm happy to say that today all monies were returned. I had 2 payments of £1000 on 2 separate credit cards (sign up bonuses) and the £6400 paid with another CC which the TA has refunded onto my bank account. Not sure how many days that is but I think I've flirted with a 100 days But all good finally. Good luck for everyone else still waiting .
  9. Well there maybe a price drop on some sailings, but I was looking to rebook our cancelled Amazon trip for next year and the same cruise is now priced at 60% more. So I'm not jumping on that. Original voyage: April 2020. Price for an OB veranda in May 2019 - $4299 (increased in July to $4999) Current Price for same voyage April 2021 $6999 Even those sitting with FCC's of 25% will be in for a surprise on that one
  10. 60 days since I requested a refund and received this: At least I'm not ignored ! Dear , Club number: We know you are waiting for your refund for your cancelled voyage and may be frustrated by how long it is taking. We fully understand and apologize for this situation. Please be assured that we have received your request and currently have it in our queue. We are doing everything we can to expedite the processing of an unprecedented number of refunds and future cruise credits during this challenging time. We ask for your continued patience as we work through each booking carefully. Due to the unique nature of this situation, we are unable to use our usual automated process. Our team is working hard to manually process this large volume of requests while working from home. This is our commitment to ensuring each and every booking is handled accurately and as efficiently as possible, in hopes of avoiding any further frustrations for you, our valued guest. We also want to share that we have extended the book-by and sail-by dates associated with our Future Cruise Credit (FCC) offer. Guests who elect option 1 to defer their cruise fare refund and receive 125% FCC will now have 12 months to make their new booking for any cruise sailing prior to December 31, 2022. If you originally selected option 2 to receive a refund only and wish to change to option 1, please contact us at the appropriate office: As always, we thank you for your understanding and hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe during this uncertain time. We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations on board one of our ships in the future. Best regards, Seabourn
  11. As reported by the Seychelles news agency, they have banned all cruise ships from visiting the island for 2 years. Although the ban is actually "only" until the end of 2021 meaning 18 months in total. Obviously this doesn't bode well a cruise industry trying to find a way forward. Seychelles' two-year ban on cruise ships understood even by businesses that will suffer financially (Seychelles News Agency) (14 May 2020) A two-year ban on cruise ships by the government of Seychelles has been welcomed even by sectors of society in the island nation that depend on the arrival of tourists for their livelihood, though some businesses say the decision will lead to tough economic times. The ministry for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine said the ban is part of measures to prevent and minimise the impact of another outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. When announcing the measures last week, Minister Didier Dogley said the ban takes effect immediately and will last until the end of 2021. According to Dogley, the measure is in line with the World Tourism Organisation which is the United Nations’ specialised agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. “The Seychelles Ports Authority appreciates the fact that the government has made a prudent decision to mitigate the impact that COVID-19 may have in the medium term. It is to be noted that the cruise industry has been a major catalyst by which the COVID-19 has spread throughout the world,” the chief executive of the authority told SNA on Thursday. Ronny Brutus added that the decision will impact the revenue streams of the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA), “but it is important to recognize the fact that the risk factor of a resurgence of the COVID-19 in Seychelles far outweighs the opportunity cost of not having cruise port calls for the next two years.” Brutus said that port Victoria remains the only gateway to the economy and government cannot afford to compromise this strategic point of transit for trade and commerce which connects Seychelles' maritime industry to the rest of the world. The chief executive added that “port Victoria has won multiple accolades as the Best Cruise Port of the Indian Ocean and currently holds this title.” “In the context of cruise port calls, the global outlook for the industry indicates the cruise sector will have to endure a very slow recovery trajectory which highly depends on a reliable and effective means to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. It is with optimism that the Seychelles Ports Authority looks beyond the two-year restriction, towards brighter and safer cruise seasons whereby all stakeholders associated with this interesting aspect of the tourism industry can bounce back stronger and more resilient,” concluded Brutus. Minister Dogley explained that since the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to contain its diffusion are taking a heavy toll on the tourism sector, the government has taken several measures, including financial, to ensure that tourism-related businesses can survive and stay afloat during the COVID-19 difficulties until the tourism industry picks up. But what implications does this ban mean for other businesses in Seychelles - 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean? The chief executive of the National Botanical Gardens Foundations said the decision is understandable. Raymond Brioche told SNA that the gardens – which sees many visitors during cruise ship season – will need to find alternatives to generate revenue. Brioche added that the foundation will need to be innovative and create other activities.
  12. I think you are pretty dismissive of the humble burger. Nothing wrong with a prime beef patty grilled medium rare, topped with some mature cheddar, fresh tomato and lettuce a nice dressing and popped between 2 brioche buns. I enjoy a good homemade burger at least once a month usually washed down with a cold beer although nothing wrong with a Coke also. I'm also slim and healthy and enjoy my food.
  13. After reading that link from JP1320 I'm now slightly more worried. " Cruise giant Carnival alone says it has been working on getting money back to more than 1 million people." What would be the average spend per pax across the Carnival brand? $2/3000 (equates to 2-3 billion dollars in cash refunds) Thats a lot of cash to find in these times. Hopefully I'm way of the mark on the average spend and someone will correct/reassure me
  14. Ok, these are exceptional times and to be fair, it's not only the cruise industry that can be accused of highway robbery. Try getting a refund from an airline. Many will not entertain a cash refund and are only willing to give a voucher. Some hotels are trying to go down the same route. Some (not all) travel agencies will only offer a rebooking for a later date or the dreaded voucher. There are plenty of industries where overcharging is rife. Grab a beer from a mini bar in the Hilton, Buy a bottle of water at an airport etc. I also thought (maybe wrongly) that cruise ships were well regulated when it comes to marine pollution. All ships have sewage treatment plants onboard, waste management is governed by international maritime laws, all ships have an environment officer and crew etc . Maybe I'm the one being too simplistic but I really don't think its only the cruise lines holding on to our money.
  15. I know, its strange, I've been using VPN's for years and never encountered any problems accessing sites. All the other Cruiselines work fine, just Seabourn, must be some kind of glitch on the site.
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