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  1. If this process sounds unbelievable, believe it. Demand is that high. If you want to visit, take the time to do " practice runs" and be ready the day you need to order.
  2. This thread has strayed far off the original topic. Let me give a few comments I love Seabourn. But i find it obnoxious that Seabourn can not tell you in advance what nights are formal nights. I like to plan things - spa appointments, dining reservations, excursions. If a given evening is a formal Night, it will influence those plans I enjoy TK Grill. It adds variety to our cruise dinners. The food is of a similar quality (at least!) to the main dining room and well above the casual experience Of the colonade. The chicken was wonderful. I have never felt pressure to buy up the wine. But since the TKGrill is often a highlight of our dinning week, we often do. I enjoy scheduling TKGrill on the embarkation evening. I find the main dining room can be a bit disorganized with new guests and often new staff. The Grill is A consistently Relaxing experience we did the Grill one formal night, With another couple. I had a formal dinner jacket, my wife a long dress and similar attire by our companions. It was lovely. We left the Grill before dessert and had dessert and coffee in the man dining room. An idea I heartily recommend and plan to do again.
  3. We used https://transfer-service-ch.com. it was pricey, but very efficient. Picked my wife and I up at 7:30 am in Basel At the dock and was at the airport in about an hour. Car was a Mercedes Limo. Cost was 280 euros. Others took a taxi to the train and then train to airport. With 2 weeks worth of luggage I did not want the hassle. Probably would have saved $100 or so, but for a vacation costing over $20K it was not significant.
  4. I Had the location before I arrived. But I did Not really check it on the map. I had assumed it was the same location we had docked In 2018. Bad assumption. When we were in Amsterdam in 2018, my daughter met us and she stayed at the Renaissance . It was about a 10 minute walk from the dock. So this cruise, we stayed at the Renaissance for 2 nights Pre Cruise. Great location and great hotel. Walked to everywhere When it was time to go to the ship, I Was not going to schlep 2 weeks worth of luggage even that short distance we would have to walk. so we took a cab. I was surprised when I gave The driver the address and it ended up being about a 15 minute drive. But my point is this: if you are planning any sightseeing in Amsterdam, get a hotel near what you want to see. Invest in the taxis. Your time is too valuable. Another point - most cruise lines have pre-cruise hotels. If you book one of them, the transfers from airport to the hotel and hotel to the port are often included.
  5. Be careful we have been to Amsterdam twice on Uniworld. One time we were docked within walking distance of Central Station, the canals, Anne Frank House etc. The last time ( April of 2019) we were a good 20 minute cab ride from the tourist areas. Amsterdam is getting very crowded with river cruise ships. My advice: take a cab or train from the airport to a nice hotel in the middle of what you want to see. Then take a cab to the ship. How much are you spending on the cruise? $20k. Will a $20 cab ride break the bank?
  6. Try under your spouse/roommate's name
  7. Where did you find it? Is there a list of all cruises?
  8. How do we know anything is what we are told. Cheap vodka poured into Kettle One bottles? Grand Mariner in the soufflé or cheap orange liqueur? Did that comedian in the club really appear on Conan? Am I going to spend my vacation Playing detective or chill out and enjoy?
  9. "Hygienically cleaning" the soap bottles? I could not imagine calculating the likelihood of some random disease being passed on via the pump on a soap bottle. Infinitesimally small.
  10. The fine print in the information about the referral program is concerning. It says "Offer is not combinable with third party Shipboard Credit offers. ". Our travel agency gave us on board credit for our upcoming cruise. Does that mean we can not receive any credit for being a referrer?
  11. I'd be interested in understanding your "Pet Hate". I am reasonably sure the hosts of the hosted table are relatively high ranking crew members. We have dined with the ship's doctor, comedian, lecturer and cruise director - never "the guy who peals potatoes." All have been great experiences. I am also sure you can simply ask not to be invited to a hosted dinner. and they will honor that request. As for the timing, those late calls are likely due to someone cancelling late in the day and a desire to have a full table by offering it to others. Again, I am sure a "please do not invite us" would be honored.
  12. Look at it logically: why would a cruise line that provides unlimited “free” wine charge you for not consuming that “free” wine?
  13. Another vote for PK travel. Excellent. (also handled our transfer to the airport)
  14. On our Uniworld cruise starting in Antwerp, we had the ship transfer from the airport. A crew member took our bags from the car to the lobby. The hotel director took us to our room. 3 minutes later the bags were delivered- by the Captain! Such is the life on a 100 person ship with a small crew.
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