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  1. There was a case on the news recently about some dude in a scooter burning his feet on a Celebrity ship (Silhoutte) and is suing for $6 million. Also recently (2016) another guy lost a case against Carnival. I just dont understand how you don't know the ground is going to be blazing hot. Even around my pool in the summer the light colored concrete is too hot to stand on for any length of time without shoes on.
  2. As you can see on the chart they match levels but not points. So if you are Platinum on RCI, you would be Select on Celebrity. There's really not much value until you hit Elite or Diamond anyway. But even if you get a status match you would still have zero points on that first cruise.
  3. I don't notice much difference now from our first Celebrity cruise in 2011. Generally the food's been very good. Some cruises are better than others and we have had a few bad meals over the many cruises we've taken. But you can get a dissapointing meal any place so I don't let those rare duds bother me much. There are lots of people on these boards that focus way too much on the negative.
  4. And most of the ports are tendered. When going by the Volcano the ship does a 360 so both sides get a view if there is anything to see. I've been 3 times and have yet to see anything so you can't count on seeing any lava.
  5. C for Canadian? Wow, the Canadian dollar must really be worthless lol But then it says USD, so may our dollar has tanked. I dunno 13 mill sounds about right for a bottle of wine on NCL
  6. On our last cruise (the Bliss) we ate in 5 specialties and Cagneys was by far the worst. I got a dry, slightly overcooked, TINY fillet. not bad enough to send back but I've had better steaks at sizzler. I too remember the Cagneys of 10 years ago and it's sad how much it's gone downhill.
  7. We got it on the Star a few years ago it was awful. Out of our group of 12 I think 8 of us got hit. There is no mistaking Noro for an upset stomach. You pretty much just spew uncontrolably from every orafice. Obviously you can get it anywhere and the plane ride is probably more dangerous germ wise than the ship. Do common sense stuff. Wash you hands a lot. Try to avoid contact with railings, elevator buttons, door handles etc. Use you knuckles, the back of you hand etc. AVOID the buffet if there is an outbreak. Go to the main dining rooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menus are great way to spread the bugs so after you read it was your hands (carry wipes).
  8. I've cruised primarily Celebrity for the last 6 years but in the last year or two the prices are making me look elsewhere. I have 2 more cruises booked for this year and one next year and none are on Celebrity.
  9. I've done the Hawaii cruise 3 times and the fall was a little better than the spring but all 3 cruises had great weather in Hawaii. Vancouver was a different story, in Sept is was wet and cold both times and the first sea day was a bit rough. The last sea day on our Spring cruise was also rough and cold when we got closer to Vancouver.
  10. I keep reading "healthier food" in Blu. Maybe I'm just ordering the right stuff becasue I don't find it any healthier than any other venue. A lobster slathered in a butter cream sauce is hardly healthy (especially when I eat 3 of them). And I don't find the portion sizes smaller, if anything I think they are larger, especially the apps. I prefer Aqua but I would not pay much more for it. I've gotten it Aqua a few times when I saw price drops that brought it down to regular veranda costs or less in one case. My last cruise I upgraded from an OV to Aqua for $50/pp just prior to final payment. Concierge is just complete scam I don't see any value in that at all. Again I take it if it's the same or less than a regular veranda. I suppose if you actually use your balcony a lot the foot stools are nice, but I'd much rather have that fancy shower in the Aqua cabins.
  11. The food in the MDR is very good but the specialties are usually much better. On a 13 day you might have a few nights nothing on the MDR menu "floats your boat", perfect time to try a specialty. We've had great luck just negotiating a discount onboard so we have never pre-purchased a meal package. Don't be afraid to ask for a deal. If you are flexible with date and time you can usually get 25% to 50% off. We typically ask for a 2 for 1 deal and haggle from there. Sometimes the ship offers discounts, check the daily. There are some good places to eat on Reflection!
  12. ewe, I'm glad I primarily drink scotch!🥃
  13. If a rep told me that I would get it in writing.
  14. I have pretty much the same rule. If I don't get a discount I don't book. On the plus side, I've never not gotten a discount when I asked for one. I always start by offering 50% and they typically come back with 25% off and most times we settle at 30-35% off.
  15. We were on the Reflection a few weeks ago and there was plenty of smoked salmon. I did not see any difference in the breakfast buffet from prior cruises. The Lunch buffet seemed to have less variety on that cruise it looked like it had the same stuff every day with some minor changes. But everthing I ate was pretty darn good.
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