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  1. Interesting can get 40-50% off, the D+ BOGO perk doesn't seem so special.
  2. Does anyone know if 2 days is the max can deviate? Can you do 3 days?
  3. That batch of reservations may have some odd sailings with a charter in the mix so taking longer to sort out. It was similar on 3 day Harmony cruise after a 4 night charter, everything later than normal.
  4. If RCCL won't ever call a helicopter for you are in a dire medical emergency, even if explain you have insurance coverage for 150K medical evacuation, then really you aren't getting what hoped for in a medical emergency. So, really, if buying it mainly for medical evacuation, b/c regular insurance policy have covers travel to other countries and travel insurance secondary to primary, the piece of mind for medical evacuation (or injury might have on a ship on any day have had a drink or two) might not be worth the premium. Insurance companies need to pay their expenses related to covered payments to insureds, a sales staff, buildings, profit, etc.
  5. It seemed like it was for a photo shoot and related to charter sailings, not full, around the superbowl time but I was curious if any from the charter would post about it (haven't seen anything but didn't really look). If RCCL really thought they were ready for two Oasis ships there (not sure what else they can do to prep) they wouldn't have Oasis sailing in April to Nassau and an at Sea day on a 3 night. Symphony and Harmony individually docked the days Oasis could, in theory, visit if they were willing to put two Oasis class ships on the island. Some sailings have two CC stops; I'm sure for a bahamas trip they'd dock Oasis if they thought they could handle it. OT - The Oasis sailing was cheaper than a comparitive 3 night on Navigator that went to CC. Coco Cay sailings generally demand a premium. Oasis must have sucked up a good amount of cruising demand b/c now the Navigator going to CC significantly less than the Oasis and it's the cheapest weekend to get to CC on the Navigator.
  6. That website seems more accurate than some but has also been off. Lots of things could be rearranged by then even if intial ship itineraries have them there. They aren't even putting two Oasis size ships on the island even tho they can dock easily, or Oasis/Anthem together. I'd think they'd tackle that and test the island with 12k that way before doing 3 ships.
  7. Yep, Mariner very nice ship and better to be solo ship on CC, a rarity these days. That said, check a few different sources b/c sometimes they shuffle ships around or one site will be more accurate than the other. (or call RCCL) If you like slides, Navigator hard to beat. I don't like body slides and this is the only RCCL ship that has two slides with mats and coaster floats.
  8. I too take out insurance for the big remote possible expenses of needing med evac or serious injury in port or ship. That said, I see so many loopholes that I doubt it's worth it. They will deny an injury claim if had alcohol, ship won't really send a helicopter for you in medical emergency, opting to get you off at next port, and medical coverage is secondary to primary coverage and need doctors signatures and paperwork.
  9. Are there sailings staying 12 hours at Coco Cay? 12 seems too long for one day but two days of 6 hours sounds too short even if it's a sailing with 2 stops.
  10. I just looked up parking info to see if any reference to overflow (there isn't) and noticed up to $25/day. Wow.
  11. Whatever you pay for access you wouldn't want an overcrowded, can't get bar service or a beach chair experience, so............ RCCL needs to raise the price until only capacity numbers choose it. The alternative is to cap the number of passes sell, which they do but would probably prefer not to turn customers away.
  12. Never heard of it but might be early access for limited people to the waterpark for some extra money, similar to semi-private surfing lessons. Those were always held at weird hours so I'm guessing the waterpark would be very early in the morning. Perhaps without promises of much else operating in the way of food and beverage.
  13. Maybe none of the pax from China had it and this will not be a big deal. But if they did, this could be one of those moments look back on "remember where you were" when learned pax walked off Anthem and the US got started on a massive epidemic that killed many and tanked the economy etc. Or perhaps that's too dramatic, just so many unknowns and so dependent on China for medicine and medical supplies, scary stuff.
  14. Exactly, I have to say it's better to be cautious. I dare say China and Japan are handling this better than the US could if we get a massive outbreak. We aren't building a 1600 bed hospital in 2 weeks. Super inconvenient but safer to cancel next weeks cruise and hold pax on anthem until know what they are dealing with.
  15. This really stinks, encouraging the exact wrong thing, they've canceled sailings and are refunding money, right? I guess they don't want people to lie and say they've been exposed as an easy way to get a refund if they want out for some other reason. That's the only thing I can think of. Would be nice if there is a way to test people who say they've had contact with someone from China/HK, have them get to the port or some other location much earlier, quarentine them while running a test kit on them, let them on if they test negative. I have no idea how long they take to get results back but if they are keeping pax on the Anthem until tested, I'm guessing it's not a long time to get results.
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