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  1. Just got back from a Panama Canal partial transit and we visited Cartagena. It was my favorite stop. We didn't do an excursion though. When you get off the ship, there's a nice little port area with flamingos and a big gift shop. We walked past there and to a taxi, intending to just take a taxi into the old walled city and explore on our own. Instead, we agreed to let the taxi driver give us a tour. It cost $75 for the 2 of us, and he drove us around and showed us different areas. We went to La Popa (look it up - very interesting), then to the fort, shopped for emerald jewelry, and he dropped us off by the clock tower. We spent about 3 hours walking around the old city and loved it. We stopped for a quick bite to eat, explored, practiced our Spanish, shopped. There was still a lot more to see, but it is HOT AND HUMID. We were there in November, and it was as miserable as Houston in its summertime peak (and that's saying something). Initially I thought I might want to stay longer, but I'm glad we decided to return after 3 hours. The driver met us back at the clock tower and dropped us off at the port where we did a bit more shopping in the A/C. I think this was perfect - we had a glimpse of all areas of the city and plenty of time to spend at the highlights. Cartagena is beautiful and historic - loved it!
  2. Just returned from a Journeys cruise that included a stop in Costa Rica. I do not have a passport and used only my birth certificate and drivers license. In Costa Rica, all I needed was my ship card to return and there were no questions asked.
  3. Haven't been to Bodden's, but I did use Rony's tour to go to Daniel Johnson's and then to West Bay beach. It was do-able and we had a great time, but more time spent in commute.
  4. I felt very safe at all times on a tour, just myself and my son. I would go alone with a guide. While there have been incidents in the past, they are rare and there is a lot more crime and danger in my home town. I'd never think to worry about leaving the house alone in Houston. Roatan is a lovely island with wonderful people, and you should feel safe going with a guide to any of the spots. My mom (75) and her female friend (68), both widows with some limited mobility, went alone and had a great time.
  5. Highly recommend Rony's Tours. I didn't get Rony either, but our guide was excellent and had previously worked on Carnival cruise ships. He was fantastic.
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