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  1. We are doing Woodwind from 8:30-11:30 and then Bonaire Vista Tours starting at 12:30. That tour is 3-3.5 hours and only $35 per person.
  2. We are doing the opposite to be able to do the 2 tours in 1 day. We are snorkeling with Woodwind in the morning and then a tour afterwards.
  3. Consider an Airbnb. They are cheaper than a hotel. You can get a full apartment instead of just a small room
  4. Try Airbnb. We got a great deal for our sailing December 1, 2019 before and after the cruise.
  5. TerpsBball. Love the name!!!! We are also from Maryland. Our daughter graduated from UMD 2 years ago and our son is a senior there right now. We have season tickets for football and basketball. Nothing beat the Maryland flag coming down "the wall" at Xfinity... GO TERPS!!! We will be sailing on the Freedom of the Seas on December 1. Enjoyed your review. I read that you mentioned about new menus. Has it changed much from what they had before? Did the ship seem crowded?
  6. Thank you. Good to hear. I was worried that I needed to rush off the ship and hope not to miss the tour. Now, I have a little bit of time.
  7. We are sailing on the Freedom of the Seas on Dec 1. When we port in Curacao, we are scheduled to arrive at 8:00 AM. Is that ship time or local time? Does the ship time change to match the port time? We are taking Irie Tours and they said that the tour begins at 9:00 AM local time. Does that mean we have 1 hour once the ship arrives? I wanted to be safe than sorry and not miss this tour nor any other tour we have scheduled. thank you
  8. Great review. We will be on the FOS December 1, 2019.
  9. We don't sail until December. I just looked and it is not offered for me right now. How much was it per person?
  10. Are you on a 3 day cruise? If on a 7 day, does it specify which 3 days you have the drink package?
  11. Josh, Take good care of the Freedom of the Seas. We are getting on when you get off. 😀
  12. At first I was going to sit and wait a little bit and watch prices but as Zach stated, "supply and demand" so I started looking at different options thinking that the prices may continue to rise. Well, we booked our flights last night. I played around with the dates and it is definitely going to work out for the best. Here is the scenario: If I would have booked the original flights i looked at yesterday (outbound on Saturday 11/30 and return Sunday 12/8) on SW, it would have cost me $673 per person. The cheapest price on the day that SW released their schedule would have been $550 per person. Now, I booked the outbound leaving Friday and returning Monday for $500/per person. I was able to save $173 per person and now have 2 extra days of vacation in SJ. With having to pay for 2 extra nights, we still come out +$100. that will go toward food. Thanks everyone for your help and opinions. it helped. Trying to book air fare is a big game and sometimes you just need to get lucky and find a good price or when to decide to pull the trigger and book the flight
  13. What is everyone's opinion on Spirit Air? I know they nickel and dime you to death but if you can get a good deal including the baggage and seat choosing fees, is it a decent option?
  14. The part that is going against me is that we are flying to SJ the Saturday just after Thanksgiving. The airlines almost always jack up the prices during the holiday travel time. I know a price point I am trying to get around. If it hits near there at any time,, I will pull the trigger and book the lfights.
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