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  1. I read today that the taxi's were blocking the Uber's from coming to pick up their passengers in protest. Could get interesting. Thankfully, we do not fly into SJ until the end of November. They have over 1 month to battle it out.
  2. This is the 1/2 day Fantasy tour: Half Island Tour Sunrise Tour: 9AM - 1 PM | Sunset Tour: 2PM - 6PMThis tour will take approximately 4 hours. We will take you to see Aruba’s highlights: Aloe Vera Factory California lighthouse Alto Vista Chapel Ayo or Casibari rock formations Natural Bridge Bushiribana gold mill ruins Along the way you will see our world famous Fofoti tree, traditional Aruban houses, the Haystack Hill (Hooiberg), and wild life (such as iguana, local birds, etc).
  3. How was the actual tour? Which one did you do?
  4. We will be in Aruba in early December. trying to decide which tour to take. Aruba Fantasy Tours (half day tour) or ABC Tours (Cave Pool and North Coast Explorer tour)? The ABC Tours will be in a Jeep. Aruba Fantasy Tours is in a small van. Both are 4 hours and cost around the same price. Anyone have experience taking either.
  5. Were there also taxis that would take you around the island? We decided to switch from the morning (3 hour) to the afternoon (4 hour) snorkeling tour with Woodwind. We need to see if there are any tours that are around 2-2.5 hours in the early morning to make the 12:00 Woodwind tour. If no tours fit our schedule, we will need to just grab a a taxi to take us around the island.
  6. I found a few to checkout. it seems that most of the tours are pretty similar to each other. Bonaire Vista Tours, Bonaire Photo Shoot and VoyagerBonaire Tours
  7. Are you on the December 1 Freedom of the Seas sailing? the afternoon tour is over at 4 and we need to be back on board by 4:30
  8. We will be there on December 5. The difference in price between the 3 and 4 hour tour is only $10. Well worth the money. I am going to email Ulf to get more details about the difference. I really want to fit in an island tour if we can. We love to get a taste of every island we visit.
  9. Did you stop at 2 spots for snorkeling or 1? How was the drift snorkeling? I am not a very good swimmer and use a snorkel vest to feel comfortable in the water. Just having to drift (float) would be great. Dierdre will definitely keep an eye on me LOL. I already emailed voyagerboanire to ask for the times of their tours. I would like to do the combi tour. Were there any stops you felt were not worth the time? Might see if we can do a private tour (depending on price) that would fit our schedule and still see the highlights of the island. I have been in contact with Woodwind. They have 2 tours that day to accommodate people. the morning tour is from 8:30-11:30 and the afternoon tour is 12:00-4:00. Our ship is in port from 8:00-5:00
  10. Hoopster, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts during your stop in Bonaire. When you did the Woodwind tour, was it 3 or 4 hours? Now that I have seen what you did on your tour with voyagerboanire tours, I need to compare them to what is seen on the other tours I have looked at.
  11. Currently, we are booked on Woodwind from 8:30-11:30. Their afternoon (4 hour) snorkel tour begins at 12:00-4:00. I want to find a land tour from 8:30-11:00 or 11:30 and be dropped off near where we would pick up Woodwind. I would love the extra hour to go snorkeling. If we stay with the Woodwind morning tour, I have looked into Bonaire Vista Tours and Bonaire Photo Shoot. I have not checked out voyagerbonairetours yet from Hoopster's post. Those are all in the afternoon. None that I have found are early morning that would fit our tight schedule. That is the reason I may have to go with a private person and go where we want in our allotted time.
  12. I am looking for the exact same tour. I found a few but their tour ends too late. We are currently booked on the Woodwind morning tour (8:30-11:30) but want to try to go on their 12:00-4:00 tour.
  13. Were they tour companies or just grabbing a taxi? I found 2 different companies that will be at the port trying to fill up their vans but they are a little too long to fit everything in. Also, concerned that these companies say the tours are 3 hours long and may be delayed starting as they try to fill up their spaces. Tours I have taken in the past have just taken the people that signed up with them and immediately started. I would not have the luxury if they spend an extra 30-45 minutes trying to fill up.
  14. Hello, In early December we will be on the FOS. One of the ports is Bonaire. We are thinking about maybe just finding someone at the port to take us on a tour of the island. I know there will probably be many people offering to take us on a tour. Are they trustworthy? When you book with a private tour company, they know that if you would miss your ship or have a problem, people here on CC would say something which could ruin their reputation and severely hurt their business. With a taxi driver, they may not care less . We are currently scheduled to do the 3 hour snorkeling tour with Woodwind in the morning. We would like to take the 4 hour tour in the afternoon I have been looking online and through CC (Bonaire thread) for short 2-2.5 hour tours in the morning but can't find any. A few I found would not get me back in time for the 4 hour snorkeling tour. This thread gets much more activity than the Bonaire one. Hoping it does not get removed. Thank you for your help
  15. If it is truly unlimited and there is no time limit in between drinks, why do you need 2 cards.
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