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  1. I think you just have to look a little harder, or consider how Royal is now spending their money on the kids . For instance, the Navigator just got two waterslides added, laser tag, and an escape room, all of which my kids vastly enjoyed more than DreamWorks material. Royal has tons of activities for kids. To me, DreamWorks felt like an afterthought anyway versus everything else that was already available. Dan
  2. For those that are "on the fence" about this class, I would recommend giving it a try. For around $30, it's worth it to try once IMO. It's unique It's informative It's interesting It's fun to eat your results (if you like sushi) Dan
  3. It was in my cruise planner for our cruise on the Navigator a few weeks ago. I'm guessing it depends on the ship though. Dan
  4. Great photos! I think it depends on the person. I have no problem getting down that low without fins. I’ve injured my flexor tendon before with fins, and I just don’t like having them on my feet. To each their own though. My wife loves them Dan
  5. We've done both the standard island tour, and a custom tour with Bernards and it's been fantastic both times. Highly recommend it. They are the first tour operation we ever went with that drove us around most of an island and gave the history, all the while stopping at great beaches and fun locations. After Bernards, we've looked for similar tours on all the islands we visit. I love that style of touring, and getting a better appreciation for each Caribbean island that we visit, rather than just plopping at one beach for a while and then returning to the ship. We've done that and enjoyed it too, like Magens Bay on St. Thomas, but sill prefer a full tour. Dan
  6. Agree OP. Watch for towels charges! A couple of weeks ago on the Navigator, we would have been erroneously charged $125 for towels (5 towels total) if I hadn't reviewed our paper invoice the last day of the cruise. It didn't show up until the morning of debarkation. We made sure to check in, and check out towels properly. ...and $25 for one of those ratty old Royal Caribbean towels? Are you kidding me? I wonder how many passengers RCCL is profiting from with these "errors"? Dan
  7. I don’t remember parasailing being offered in particular . I could be wrong but I don’t remember that. Nachi Cocum is it’s own stretch of beach, very nice beach, but not like the built-up area where Mr. Sanchez is at . It is a much more relaxing place Dan
  8. There are typically 8-9 entrees every night (including the ~4 "classics" that are offered very night) No way there were only 4 options. The menus are fairly common across the fleet. Dan
  9. I'm actually impressed that the Majesty stacked up as well as it did all things considered. That says something for Royals care for their entire fleet IMO. Dan
  10. Thank you!!! It was our best cruise yet. Yes, that burger was at Kite City, the food truck located on the beach just south of town. You could still see our cruise ship in the distance from the beach. Granted, we were very hungry by that point at around 2pm, but my son also got the same burger and still says how great it was. https://www.google.com/maps/dir//12.1341172,-68.2798469/@12.1346257,-68.3477123,12z Dan
  11. I would look to RCCL's other line, Celebrity for longer itineraries. They seem to cater more to that. Having said that, and having just sailed the new Amped Navigator on a 9 night to the ABC islands, I'm really bummed that the Navigator is only doing 3 and 4 night sailings to the Bahamas for the foreseeable future. It's by far our favorite ship in the fleet now. Can't wait to see how they "Amp" the other Freedom and Voyager classes. Dan
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