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  1. For all of you who are upset about the footstools, I would imagine that there are portable/foldable versions out there that you could bring with you in your luggage, or if you are on the balcony alone, use the other chair as a footstool. It really does bewilder me that footstools are such a hot button topic. Of all the things to worry about on a cruise, but hey I guess folks can prioritize whatever they want. Dan
  2. This is completely selfish on my part not trying to look back at the previous 37 pages to find my answer, but... Can someone list the things that were planned, but were not completed due to the shortened dry dock? Thanks, Dan
  3. Thanks. That is a good suggestion, and they are involved currently. They have watched a good walk-through of the ship, and helped decide one of our excursions so far. (Maya Chan beach in Costa Maya which we loved last time we visited) The good thing is that it's a fairly port intensive itinerary for a 7 night cruise. (Key West, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman and Cozumel). Ports tend to fill up most of the day, so after dinner and the nightly entertainment there really isn't much else needed on those days. All they've cruised is Royal Caribbean (4 cruises) which has tons of entertainment, so I'm just hoping that they adjust well to the more R&R pace of Celebrity. Dan
  4. The one time we sailed with Celebrity on the Equinox, we felt the entertainment in the theater was pretty close to what we were used to on the Freedom and Voyager classes of Royal Caribbean. No complaints Now, talking entertainment as a whole, well yeah there is MUCH less on the Equinox. No rock climbing wall, flow riders, water slides, ice rink, laser tag, Escape room, putt putt golf (all of which the newly Amped Navigator had for our 9 night southern route this past March) I do wish the Equinox had even a decent putt putt golf area, but not even that. We still filled our time relaxing on Celebrity and enjoyed it. We felt the service and food was a small, but noticeable, step up from Royal. I am a little concerned with bringing our kids on the Equinox this upcoming March. They are getting older and don't do as much of the "one and done" activities, but the fact it, Celebrity has almost nothing besides the nightly shows. Dan
  5. I disagree. I don't feel the OP "dished" anything out. Personally, I'm also considering staying away from this part of the forums. I've predominantly posted in the RCCL forums, as that's what we've cruised the most, but we have cruised the Equinox in the past and really enjoyed it. I've been in this part of the forums again just recently because we've booked the Equinox for this upcoming March. I can't believe how "wound tight" some of these folks are, and self righteous truth be told. They take offense when no offense was meant or implied. ...and how about just seeing the humor in every day life? Dan
  6. I'll be interested to see if we have an opportunity to save some money by going non-refundable as well, once we book flights. That's the trigger point for me to be o.k. to book non-refundable. If I've invested the cash for flights then we are going for sure. Dan
  7. As others have said, when I repriced our cruise with 3 perks all it did was add to the price of the cruise (at least as much as the value of the 3rd perk). No thanks. I'm happier with the two selections of Classic Drink Package and $150 OBC for two. I could care less about getting the gratuities paid for because they are coming out of the OBC already. The high speed internet is one of the last things I want on a cruise. We like to disconnect, and only send pictures and photos to friends and family back home when we get to certain ports. Dan
  8. The key word in my comment was "overly" 😉 ...and FWIW I love seeing all ages of passengers on a cruise ship. Young, middle age, old, older... as long as they are having fun and not being a nuisance to fellow guests. I'm a bit of an old soul myself sometimes and love conversations with generations significantly older than me, but I also love dancing and drinking to the latest beats out on the dance floor as well. P.S. I'm hoping I make it long enough to be counting steps to ballroom dances. Dan
  9. Note to self: ...a bunch of seemingly overly sensitive folks in this forum. Dan
  10. Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for a 4 person room with an upper berth. That just looks like a more comfortable option. Yeah, it does look pretty cramped. Not sure why Celebrity chooses that layout rather than upper berths, which just function so much better. I may end up moving us up one deck to snag that room that has an upper berth. It's not that much different of a walk to my parents Veranda cabin. It just adds a flight of stairs in between. I have already shown my kids the room and my 12 year old doesn't care at all and the others said would probably be fine. They really do understand that they aren't in the room much based on our previous cruises. Honestly for them, and my wife and, it's typically for sleeping and getting ready for dinner. Other than that we much prefer the public areas of the ship, even more so than hanging out on the balcony of a Veranda cabin. (nothing against balcony cabins mind you) Dan
  11. Thanks for the advice. March 21, 2020. Pretty full already and very limited for 4. I took your suggestion and I did see one room left that has both the upper berth and the sofa bed. It's about $150 more than what the kids are in now, and it's on another deck so my wife and I would need to rebook that catagory as well, so another $100+. My parents who have a balcony would also need to relocate at over $600 difference, so it's not looking too promising. I'll ask the kids if the situation is a no go, but they are pretty easy going overall and we don't spend a ton of time in our rooms. Dan
  12. Not unusual for there to be 4 in a stateroom. The bathroom on the inside cabin appears to be the same size as the bathroom in the balcony cabin we had on the Equinox last sailing. They aren't the ones having to pay for the cruise. They will survive. :) Our stateroom has a bathroom also if needed. That's the bummer with these Celebrity ships, no connecting inside rooms. Having that connecting door really makes the two rooms feel like one large space with two full baths. Dan
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