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  1. We noticed this as well. LOVED the Bistro and knew about it before the start of the cruise due to our researching the ship. Dan
  2. I suspect that the Oasis class Windjammer was forced to do this because when they tried to let the crowds manage themselves (like with RCI's other classes of ships) it resulted in a mad house, or over capacity on Oasis class. Other classes of ships aren't forced to do this, but there is no arguing that it can get very busy (and frustrating) looking for a table for a group of 5 to 7 that we typically have. One thing I don't remember about the Oasis class Windjammer... when you are finally let in, do they find you a table? If not, how did they gauge when to let you (or others) in? Is it a capacity issue? Dan
  3. Play fair now. 🙂 ANY ship is packed around the pool during a belly flop contest, or any pool contest for that matter. Dan
  4. I had forgotten about the lines out the door of the Windjammer until the previous poster mentioned it. I also experienced that. The only time we’ve ever had lines out the door of the buffet On any ship was the oasis. Having said that the oasis class is a beast unto itself. I would not let crowds keep you from trying it at least once. Dan
  5. I beg to differ. The ship that felt the most crowded of all that we’ve sailed on was the Oasis. We have primarily sailed voyager and freedom class and one celebrity solstice class. I haven’t run the numbers of the public space versus number of passengers but it just felt like there were people around all day, everywhere, all hours of the night. Perhaps it was just our cruise but yeah it was one thing that I noted. Hard to find nearly as many quiet spots to yourself. It did not ruin our cruise but crowds and a few other negatives have steered us away from the oasis class. We would sail oasis class again but only if there were no other good alternatives OP there is really only one way to find out for yourself. Many absolutely love the oasis class. We still had a fun cruise on that ship. We just prefer other ships Dan
  6. Thank you all for the suggestion! We are now in the process of booking with Stingray Sailing for our upcoming cruise. Dan
  7. Quick question, how do you get from Port to their catamaran? Do they provide transport or do you need to grab a taxi? Thank you! Dan
  8. Yeah I've repriced our March 2020 cruise twice now. Between our three cabins I've knocked over $1750 off our original fare. Dan
  9. Your comment about the buffet is exactly why we bring small hand sanitizers with us into the buffet and apply it after going up to the buffet after we're seated, prior to touching our silverware. We reapply if we go up to the buffet again. Even if everyone sanitizes or washes before coming in, who knows how many have wiped their noses, coughed in their hand, sneezed in their hand,and then touched tongs, food etc... We're NOT germophobes, but I don't want to get sick on my cruise if I can help it. We spent to much $$$ on the vacation and have been super excited far too long to have it ruined by that. Dan
  10. Regarding Labadee. It's unfortunate that you went to Adrenaline beach, as like you said it's rocky and windy. The rocks are like little land mines out in the water. I've cut my foot on the bottom while walking out in the water there. Didn't see it coming. Our favorite beach by far is Columbus Cove. It's all soft sand with easy swimming and MUCH lower breeze. Lots of loungers, palm trees, and close to the food and bathrooms. Plus you get a very cool view of the ship in the background. For us, it's a night and day difference in enjoyment. We love Labadee for how relaxing and beautiful it is. We would prefer a little better lunch offering, but it's o.k. Dan
  11. Well said. Anymore I stop them short and just say I'm giving you all 10's. At that point they smile and discontinue, but it gets old. By the last night of the cruise, if we had a waiter/assistant that we don't care for, we would have already spoken with the Maitre D earlier in the cruise to move tables. My time dining is great for this, although we've only had to do that twice, and once was due to table location, not the waiter. Once we find a waiter we like we ask to stay with them. Dan
  12. Really a fantastic review! Just enough information and photos without getting drowned in the details. Thank you! I think we need to give Roatan another chance. We just didn't care for it all that much the first and only time we visited. However, it was rainy/overcast/windy the whole day we were there, so our time at West Bay Beach was NOTHING like your photos. 😂 For us, the water was brown, the waves high (which was kinda fun), and the day was windy chilly. This just goes to show how much weather can impact a beach day. We've had a similar experience at Magen's Bay in St. Thomas. We absolutely LOVED, LOVED it, still our 2nd favorite beach in all of the Caribbean (only 2nd to Trunk Bay in St. John's). Magen's Bay is a gorgeous setting with lush hilly foliage on both sides of the beach and beautiful blue waters with soft sandy beaches that have a shallow entry... However, our friends went a year later and didn't care for it at all! They had a day that was overcast with random rain/drizzles. It can completely change the look of the water, and the feel of the beach. The other thing about Roatan, we booked a whole island tour. (We love to understand the culture of each island). This was good and bad. We got the full experience, but also were able to understand just how poor and run down much of the island is, especially the East side. Guards at gas stations, garbage piled up outside of businesses, just some deplorable conditions. It's just hard to see when we are living in the lap of luxury on a cruise at that same time. Dan
  13. The water provided on the ship for free is not bottled water, but it is filtered and I find it very good. Bottled water is not included with the soda package. Lemonade is available free There is some sort of fruit drink provided at the buffet for lunch and dinners (not fruit punch). I think it may be a mango flavor? I like it. Seltzer is not included with the soda package if I recall correctly (I could be wrong about this). You might want to wait until on the ship and see if there are enough free drinks that your kids would like. If not, buy the soda package then. Dan
  14. Honey, I'm going to step out for some fresh air, I'll be right baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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