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  1. that shot looks like one commonly served in Ireland called a baby Guinness, but we’d have tia Maria or kahlua in the bottom part so it looks like a Guinness in miniature. btw everyone moaning about bare feet on furniture try being allergic to the aloe Vera everyone slathers all over themselves and leaves behind on the furniture... I had a really bad breakout from it on the back of my legs after sitting on a vinyl chair in the atrium on breakaway.
  2. I haven’t been to Barcelona (as yet other than airport transit). I’ve been to other far less touristy areas of Spain and generally had no language issues. Barcelona handles a lot of tourists every year, those of us from English speaking countries tend to be the least likely to speak another language. whenever I have French speaking customers in my family’s shop they’re always delighted to discover I speak their language. if you want to learn the basics of any language there are free apps, I’ve used duolingo in the past. I can understand an awful lot more than I can speak but it is a comfort as a just in case. I’ve used google translate with all sorts of languages when I was volunteering at sports events.
  3. 🤣 I’ve a cousin in Australia who could be mistaken for your twin, she’s in her mid 40s. honestly the age thing is as much genetics as lifestyle. Both sides of mine tend to look younger, and most of the girls don’t bother with makeup much and spend as much time as possible out of the cities. i have friends with parents the same age as mine but look years older... but it’s more commonplace for folks here to have their age underestimated.
  4. I ate at ocean blue on my second cruise, because I was only going to that specialty restaurant I opted against the SDP as buying the package would cost more than paying a la carte. I did get the dining package as a promo for my last cruise and my next, but on the one after I opted for the internet package instead. It comes down to personal preference, knowing the menus and the a la carte pricing could help decide whether you want to take the dining plan or not.
  5. it’s probably more down to his physical appearance and demeanour than specifically tied to his age. He looks elderly in the photos, my mother is into her 70s and looks a heck of a lot younger than him. As a general rule I’d say more Caucasian Americans look significantly older than their calendar age compared to their Northern Europeans counterparts. I say that as someone with lots of friends and relatives from the states and having traveled there a lot! I and most of my cousins regularly get our ages underestimated by a decade or more. I was still getting asked for ID in my 30s (drinking age in Ireland is 18) it even happened stateside much to the amusement of my work colleagues.
  6. I wore flip flops in the MDRs as my feet swelled so badly they were the only footwear that would fit.
  7. There’s more than port canaveral being family dominated causing the extra attention, there’s been a couple of incidents with themed music cruises found to have a lot of party drugs used and found on the ships. I’ve travelled a lot solo, and as I used to work for an American company I traveled stateside quite a bit. I’ve never had any serious quizzing , but as I’ve been there so often the bigger problem was finding the correct stamp or space for one on my passport. In the last 2 years they aren’t even stamping the passport anymore. The only time I got brought off for more was in Germany when I was carrying electronics kit and the wanted to swab it for residue. These days they have the mass spectrometer at the security line. Every so often they’ll randomly swab an electronic device just as a spot check.
  8. I’ve been traveling solo since the mid ‘90s, as l have always looked much younger than I am, I’ve regularly gotten the “wow” reaction. The funniest was in NYC when the restaurant I went to for lunch was usually a family place. The waiter kept checking on me and having a chat when he wasn’t busy. I’m Irish and just hearing my accent tends to prompt conversations with random strangers when I travel to The America’s. On the cruises I’ve done so far it’s been on NCL and the other solos are usually friendly so I’ve found myself hanging out with some of them or finding at least one other of them on my excursions.
  9. My first was on Escape, I’d booked my second within a week of getting home I had such a good time.
  10. And that is why I never do water slides.. first time I ever went on one at local holiday village I had someone land on my head because they came down so close behind me.
  11. My friends haven’t finalized their travel plans as yet, I was looking for the info to help inform that planning. They’re traveling to/from the states whereas I’m coming from Ireland. I couldn’t book the same week as them due to work so the day they finish is our overlap. Given how early the ship docks we should be able to catch up for a half day.
  12. I’ve a cruise booked on Epic out of Barcelona in May next year. I’ve a couple of friends who will be disembarking the day I will embark. We’re intending to meetup for a while before I get onto the ship. however, I would like to know how early I can drop off baggage safely, or should I leave it stored at my hotel until I’m ready to actually check-in at the port. I’m assuming the setup at Barcelona port will be similar to Miami, where bags are dropped kerbside and you don’t bring them into the pier terminal with you for checkin.
  13. Two solo cruises book, NCL epic in May ‘20, and NCL Breakaway in Mar ‘21
  14. A pin exists for every card, usage of it is determined by your issuer. I’ve used a pin for both credit and debit cards for 30 years. The credit card back then I only needed the pin for atm transactions in the pre-chip era. You may only have received a pin with the very first card you were issued and through lack of usage forgot it’s existence. basically the advice is to check with your bank/card supplier and find out if there’s a pin and if so get it re-issued to you. I’ve had a number of American customers caught out by our payment terminal requesting a PIN they’d never used for the card they tried to pay with. Also the behavior of the card terminals doesn’t just vary by country, it also varies by card processor. Our previous terminal would take American Express cards but not Apple Pay, the current one refuses AmEx but will take Apple Pay (up to a €30 limit).
  15. As someone that deals with a lot of USA customers at a store in Ireland there can be some idiosyncrasies. in ireland there’s a €30 per tap transaction limit, and once you hit a daily limit the card will require a pin/signature (usual daily limit is between €100 & €300).This also applies for Apple Pay, virtual credit cards and google pay depending on the restriction set by the card processing provider. Make sure you know your 4 digit pin... we’ve had them here for donkey’s years, long before chip & pin was introduced. I’ve had customers who didn’t know what their pin was and had to borrow a card from a friend/family member to make their purchase. if you want to use a signature please put a signature on your card, otherwise you won’t have a leg to stand on if you try to claim your card was used fraudulently. Businesses in busy areas have neither the time nor inclination to ask you for a photo ID.
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