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  1. been 5 weeks... where are those tests? Hell, wheres that Roche test you brought up
  2. How is it that Korea is testing 20,000 people a day then? What are they using? Do you think China shared with them and kept it a secret from the rest of the world? With the way the administration hid from this, I expect nothing for at least 2-3 months
  3. Cute that you believe that. If this was true, they would have been making them months ago
  4. Is there any problem bringing this onto the ship since it is a bottle of alcohol and all?
  5. Well what i was thinking (without knowing the times) is if the rain forest thing is first thing, like 730am and it says 4 hours, then I would be back at the ship by noon. If the ship doesnt leave until 4pm that gives 4 hours so if i went right away and spent maybe an hour at the distillery it would leave plenty of time before 4. This isnt a decision that i would really even need to make in advance I think
  6. Hey all, I'm thinking about excursions on an upcoming cruise and the Bacardi tour sounded interesting. I notice the price is $52 a person which includes a ticket and transportation. Does it include anything else? If i'm looking at the correct stuff, I can book the tour myself for $15 and theres a shuttle that costs a dollar a person from the port. Am i missing something? Is there any reason to book this through the ship and not just on my own? That's a 250% markup and I can't figure out what it gets me. The other excursion i was looking at was the El Yunque rain forest drive. Is this a better excursion? Can anyone tell me about their experiences on either of these? I see the drive is a 4 hour time frame and we're in port for 9 hours. Seeing that the distillery is about a 20 minute drive, lets say we got back to the ship from the rain forest with 3-4 hours till we disembark does it make sense to do both or is that just thinking crazy?
  7. hey I just realized I never checked back in with you. Did this work out? Or did you get caught
  8. What about a name brand drink? Should i assume another buck or 2 for like Bacardi over some generic whatever there is or maybe a glass of quality (but not crazy) scotch?
  9. Going on a Symphony cruise in a few months and debating the drink package. Whats the average cost for like a mixed drink or just some whiskey straight up these days?
  10. I'm not looking to game the system on purpose... i legit have a cabin all to myself right now and may or may not have someone join me. No idea if they would want the package or not so I am looking at costs. But I know that if I buy it today I pay full price for the drinks today, just not sure how things work when the cabin adds another person since they weren't on the original purchase.
  11. Right now i have a cabin all to myself. If I buy the drink package today and add another 21+ to my room in lets say 2 months how does that work? Does another drink package need to be paid before the reservation is official or does it just get tacked onto the room charges at the end of the trip?
  12. Well I look forward to your update to this thread in July to see if you got away with this loophole. I got plenty of time before my cruise
  13. So you go with a party that needs 3 rooms and 1 person wants to buys the package... those same people are going to share with the people in the other room arent they? By your logic they should just charge everyone on the ship for the package since everyone is just going to share with everyone else.
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