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  1. You think that's bad, just wait for the second quarter. At least first quarter they had sailings in January & February.
  2. The company said any return to service would include "enhanced operational protocols and social gatherings guidelines." I'll be interested to hear about these protocols and guidelines to minimize any chance of an outbreak. One person ended up getting over 800 people infected on Diamond Princess, many of which were infected after everyone was quarantined to their staterooms. If they really do restart August 1st, it's probably going to take a few months of virus-free sailings to prove to me cruising is going to work when there is no vaccine. But if they get to sailing and within weeks there are sick passengers and quarantined ships with no ports taking them back, then this rush to restart could very well sink the entire cruise industry for a very long time. I personally think the states allowing restaurants and bars to reopen over the last week and coming days are our guinea pigs. If it works for them, and there's no "second wave" caused by the rush to reopen, then there's a chance this might work.
  3. It does take a while. I cancelled a refundable reservation w/$750 deposit on March 21, I received the deposit refund on April 25th.
  4. I can see the next names of their next two ships now... Morgan of the Seas Stanley of the Seas.
  5. Yes. Clearly, this is their solution for not having a rainy day fund.
  6. I would think very few ships will make the eastern crossing unless RCI sees evidence that Europe will open up in the late Summer. Very possible any ships returning West could be empty ships. Just my guess though, difficult to predict day to day, much less 3-6 months from now.
  7. So what does it say then? It wants me to download to see it and I don't make a habit of downloading some thing when I'm not sure of it's source.
  8. Whomever is the closest bartender at the time. 😉
  9. Cancelled a refundable booking on 3/21. I haven’t seen squat yet. I assume I’ll eventually get it back or they’ll file and It’s adios deposit.
  10. Nineteen days ago I cancelled an Oasis (refundable) sailing for a aug/sept. Still no refund on my CC... told the same as others that it could take 30 days or so. Starting to get the feeling I’ll never see that deposit again.
  11. Totally agree. It will be 1) Oasis 2) Quantum 3) Freedom class ships, if I had to guess. Then, slowly bringing the rest of their ships online. Even so though, not sure how long if will be before the ships are sailing 100%+ full. I have a feeling all the cruise lines will have a difficult time filling the ships when they all start to come back at the same places, at the same time.
  12. There will be cruises after all of this, whenever that may be. Someone will eventually sail all those ships out there, if the original entity(ies) fail. The industry has been unwilling changed, for years though. I don’t see any doubt about that. As far as RCCL, I feel they will end up about where they were before Freedom of the Seas - around 2006 passenger levels. Maybe I’m being optimistic? I also think they’ll be back to marketing towards loyalty again, as opposed to new customers as they’ve done for the last 5-10 years. It could take a year or two before “new” costumers start coming back to cruising.
  13. Good point. I still hold the tickets... they'll be good sooner or later. 🤞
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