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  1. I hope they know what they’re doing. They’ve lost about 45% of their market cap since the beginning of the year. They’re starting to look leveraged.
  2. I’d love to see them add a indoor/outdoor Playmakers at the back area opposite of Izumi. I love those wings. But then again, when they start redesigning and adding new venues, they usually start designing in new staterooms too, so maybe it’s better off left alone.
  3. The one time I tried, I succeeded. I called the D+ desk and requested to be switched from Oasis to Allure, which was sailing the next day from the same port. It was when they turned the Viking Crown Lounge into a suites only area. I gave them a multitude of reasons why that change disappointed me. The D+ rep understood and after she spoke to her supervisor, I was switched to Allure. I should mention I was denied on the first try, I waited a day and succeeded on the second go.
  4. Filetto di Manzo Rustico & Gamberetti alla Ligure. They are always too happy to bring me both. 🙂 I do remember the good ole' days of a plate full of freshly shaved prosciutto... I would love to see them bring the slicer back.
  5. I wouldn't cancel just yet but I wouldn't go buying any non-refundable flights either. Like others have said, if it's still like this in 2021, then it's probably going to far more widespread and we have a bigger set of problems. But if it is still around and still mostly isolated in SE Asia, Royal will cancel your sailing and you'll be refunded.
  6. It’s either that or they are only now testing positive for a virus they caught prior to the quarantine. It must be a terrible situation for everyone on that ship. I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I know I’d be going nuts at this point.
  7. Agreed. They're going to need a lot of Brillo Pads for that ship. 😉
  8. Another 39 cases on Diamond confirmed today. It appears there is a missing variable which the health officials have yet to figure out. Either the crew, the food aboard ship and/or the air. It would be interesting to know if there is a correlation of where the newly infected people are located on the ship. Possibly inside cabins or on a certain deck or region of the ship. I would hope they must be looking at all of these factors to try and figure out why "isolation" doesn't appear to be working to stop the spread.
  9. This is true. I’ve been denied making changes to many past bookings, just to wait a day or two and get it done with a rep and supervisor willing to listen and make an exception to the rules. It’s a good idea to be heartfelt, not demanding - Not to say you weren’t.
  10. I don't believe RCI made this decision lightly or is happy about it either. You all do realize how much they have invested in the Chinese/Asian market over the last ten or so years? This is probably the last decision they wanted to make. They are alienating a people and market they have built trust in and created a growing relationship with. I'd bet they know more about what is going on then most of us and have been consulting with Governments all over the globe to come up with this decision. My guess is they aren't any more happy about this than anyone else, but this is the reality of the situation.
  11. Agreed! The sliders are great there too. Oh, and love the wings!
  12. That seems a little over the top at the moment. I can see temporarily suspending Asian itineraries now and until further notice as that region seems to be where the bulk of the virus is spreading.
  13. Putting myself in your scenario, I'm certain I would have made the same call. I couldn't imagine being stranded halfway across the world for an unknown amount of time, for something beyond my control.
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