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  1. ‘Well I for one thoroughly enjoyed you waffle! 👍. Excellent review, thank you. Les.
  2. I’m glad it’s not just me! 🤣
  3. ‘I think if it was me I’d be looking for another TA, you need to be able to rely on these guys to do what they say they’re going to do. Have a good cruise. Les.
  4. I had the some problem last year, although I didn’t book through a TA but direct with PandO. I simply phoned PandO and they added my middle name. I suspect you may need to do this by getting your TA to make the change though. Be aware that PandO do state that the name on the booking must be EXACTLY the same as on the passport, so it is quite important. I’m sure other people who use TA’s will give you their experience in due course. Les.
  5. ‘You could always rotate them so they look upside down on your desktop, then they should logically appear the correct way round on here. 🤔
  6. ‘Not sure if this is what you meant, but you might find it useful.... https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/ports/
  7. ‘Nope, still the new site here also on an iPad Pro. It doesn’t matter whether I use my shortcuts or google search 🤷‍♂️
  8. ‘I’m still seeing the new site ☹️
  9. I’ve just looked again and there are balcony cabins available on A,B, and C deck (see screenshot below as an example). The red buttons don’t have any text on them for me either but they mean Continue. The exclamation marks seem to denote no availability. I agree that is not really fit for purpose at the moment, so let’s hope P&O are trying to fix it behind the scenes... but don’t hold your breath 😂. if you’re happy with everything except for cabin selection it might be best to call to book where they will be able to advise you which cabins are available (or use a TA of course).
  10. I’ve looked at all three sailings for Ventura in September this year and I there are balcony cabins still available on all three. I would think you’re probably looking at N926, which seems to be the most heavily booked. Have you tried looking at all parts of the ship as it’s certainly true that midships seems to be fully booked? Les.
  11. ‘I totally agree with you John. The new site leaves a lot to be desired, I was merely trying to show how to how to get to where you can select a specific cabin, which is what quite a few posters seem to be frustrated with. Les.
  12. ‘Quite a few people seem to be having trouble finding out how to select their cabin, so I’ve done a step by step guide that will hopefully help some of you. I’m using Safari on an iPad Pro. It does appear that you can’t change/select your cabin on sailings in the near future, unless anyone knows different, but I did a dummy booking for a random cruise in December this year to test this method. 1. Select the cruise you’re interested in. 2. Select Book Now (if it isn’t there just scroll down a little and it will magically appear). 3. Enter the number of passengers. You will then see the price for the cruise. 4. Scroll down and select Upgrade Now to Select Fare. 5. Scroll up a little and select Change Cabin. You will then see the screen (part of which is shown below) for changing the cabin type, deck, position, and number. Les.
  13. I’m also using an iPad and I can see webcams from Arcadia, Oceania, and Ventura. Les.
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