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  1. I have used this company many times and it is very easy to use their app to design your Photobooks, and the results are fantastic. The only downside is that they do tend to bombard you with emails once you have used them once, although you can always unsubscribe.
  2. Have a fantastic cruise Andy, only 7 months for me. Les.
  3. I agree, however there are those of us who like mugs that would probably hold the equivalent of two “normal” sized mugs and just can’t get on with the ones P&O supply. If you saw what my sister uses you would understand as she uses a pint mug for her tea. Now that’s a bit big even for me! 😂
  4. I like a decent sized mug of tea as well. Take it from me that they will be too small for you, so pack your own, but maybe not your best ones in case they get damaged. Les.
  5. Disgraceful behaviour. I’ve never personally experienced it but, sadly, it doesn’t surprise me 😔
  6. No. It doesn’t sound you’re using a very good TA, I suggest you use a specialist online cruise TA.
  7. I was departing from Mayflower and if I’d realised how long it would take to get there from the gate I wouldn’t have bothered, but the ship looked so close 🤦‍♂️. My advice would be to get a taxi.
  8. It wasn’t shut last year when I went through it.
  9. I don’t think you’ll see all cruises on “My Cruises” until April next year. According to the post by Rupert2251 which I have pasted below it is a phased launch... Key dates: My P&O Cruises will go live at 8am (UK time) on the following dates: • Britannia - Tuesday 29 October 2019 • Azura - Monday 4 November 2019 • Iona - Monday 11 November 2019 • Aurora - Monday 11 November 2019 • Oceana - Monday 11 November 2019 • Ventura - Monday 18 November 2019 • Arcadia - Wednesday 20 November 2019 Which cruises will go live on My P&O Cruises: From the below 2020 cruises guests will use My P&O Cruises, when it goes live. • Britannia - Friday 14 February 2020 (B004 >) • Azura - Friday 21 February 2020 (A004 >) • Iona - Thursday 14 May 2020 (G003 >) • Aurora - Friday 28 February 2020 (R002 >) • Oceana - 16 February 2020 (E004N>) • Ventura - Tuesday 17 March 2020 (N004 >) • Arcadia - Sunday 12 April 2020 (J002 >) Before My P&O Cruises goes live, these guests will still be able to use Cruise Personaliser. However they won’t be able to book any shore experiences, Select Dining or spa treatments in Cruise Personaliser – they will need to wait until My P&O Cruises is live.
  10. I did it for 10 years when I was self-employed. No holidays and only the very occasional day off. Like most things you get used to it and get into a routine. I’m glad I don’t still do it though, but if I I hadn’t I wouldn’t be in a position to spend my retirement cruising. 😀
  11. Rather than starting a new thread, why not look at the thread pinned to the top of the thread list. It will keep you occupied for several hours, and hopefully answer all your questions.
  12. I think you’ve made a typo there, it should be salt, vinegar and gravy surely 😂... and don’t forget the scraps. But I fear we may be drifting a little off topic now 🤔
  13. What do you mean “old”? We still have those up here in the north 😋
  14. Tipping is no longer required or expected on P&O, although some will continue to tip for service over and beyond.
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