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  1. Useful information John, I wasn’t aware of that as I haven’t been involved in a launch event as yet (but eagerly awaiting October). I assume that 5% is only available during the initial launch period, how long does that usually last for? Les.
  2. Thanks Pete, I’ll probably do that but I thought I’d arm myself with the community’s experience before doing so. Les.
  3. I’m not yet a peninsular club member as I’ve only done one 7 night cruise so far, but I do have a 12 night trip booked for June ‘20 which would obviously then make me a member. If I book a trip now for November’20 which has the 5% club discount will that automatically be applied to my new booking after my June ‘20 trip, or will I not get it as I am booking before I’m a member? Hope that makes sense. Les.
  4. Could well be, but it actually went right into the mouth of the river then turned around
  5. Looks like an “oops wrong way” moment to me 🤣
  6. Just edit it and delete all the text.
  7. Lottie, thanks for a very comprehensive and useful review. I have been considering Fred as they sail from my home port of Tyne which is within walking distance for me, and you may well have just convinced me to give them a go. Thanks. Les.
  8. Can’t help you with your travel insurance, but in case you haven’t thought of it can I suggest you check your house insurance as well as I know ours require us to notify them if we’re going to be away from home for more the 30 consecutive days. Les.
  9. Shhh....don’t tell them that! 🤐 😆
  10. I stand corrected. Note to self, if I have one of these cabins wear swimming trunks to bed 🤣 Les.
  11. Did you get wet then?... Only joking 🙃. Best advice I can give you is to study the deck plans and ensure you are surrounded by other cabins above, below, and around. Avoid being adjacent to white spaces on the plans as you can’t be sure what they are. Choice of cabin is very personal, but a little bit of work and you can find the ideal location for you. Link to deck plan below (scroll down to see them). https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/oceana/2
  12. I think people are getting confused. If you’re doing a Southampton round trip the 23kg limit is per suitcase and you can take as many suitcases as you wish. The weight limit is purely to avoid injuries to baggage handlers. Others may be able to advise for fly cruises.
  13. Excellent idea, don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself instead of fighting with it every time! 🤦‍♂️
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