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  1. What about people who don’t drink, or drink very little? Do you think that it’s right for them to subsidise those who do?
  2. ‘How long do the launch prices usually last before they start going up? When are the summer 2022 cruises likely to be launched? Les.
  3. It’s okay in Safari as well.
  4. ‘I think I’m correct in saying you have to telephone the number on the page to purchase.
  5. ‘You can see them here... https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/webcams
  6. Because that what the P.O.S.H people do... Port Outward Starboard Home For the sun. Les.
  7. ‘Also the possibility of the sea becoming rough while you’re asleep and you getting wet 🤣
  8. ‘I’m sure they wouldn’t cancel a cruise unless it was totally unavoidable as it would be very expensive to do so, but I’m just saying that having read this thread from the beginning it appears that mechanical problems have been ongoing for a while, so it is probably not an easy fix. If I was booked on any upcoming cruise on Brittania, I would have my fingers crossed. I accept that not everyone will feel the same way.
  9. ‘I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Dave, because if I was on that one I would be very nervous indeed having read this thread. 😐
  10. ‘Well I for one thoroughly enjoyed you waffle! 👍. Excellent review, thank you. Les.
  11. I’m glad it’s not just me! 🤣
  12. ‘I think if it was me I’d be looking for another TA, you need to be able to rely on these guys to do what they say they’re going to do. Have a good cruise. Les.
  13. I had the some problem last year, although I didn’t book through a TA but direct with PandO. I simply phoned PandO and they added my middle name. I suspect you may need to do this by getting your TA to make the change though. Be aware that PandO do state that the name on the booking must be EXACTLY the same as on the passport, so it is quite important. I’m sure other people who use TA’s will give you their experience in due course. Les.
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